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Removes power limiters from Jason's suit and Blaster Rifle temporarily. Press the SUB-WEAPON button to activate and deactivate.
— Weapon Select Screen Description

Accel Charger, abbreviated A-CHARGER in the Weapon Select Screen, is a sub-weapon for Jason in Blaster Master Zero 2. It is acquired from Planetoid A-2 (revealed after obtaining a planetoid map in Area F) and has a maximum ammo capacity of 10. Selecting this sub-weapon in the Weapon Select Screen highlights Jason's left shoulder guard.


While active (as indicated by Jason's suit turning blue and yellow), Accel Charger consumes 1 ammo per second (deactivating automatically upon attempting to go below 0 ammo) to remove the power limiters on the Blaster Rifle, improving its performance for the duration based on the Gun level currently in use:

  1. G-Blaster: Damage is increased by 50% and the 3-shot on-screen limit is disabled.
  2. Stinger: Damage is increased by 50%.
  3. Splasher: Range decay is removed on initial activation, and the weapon always fires at full range. As well, damage is increased by 50%.
  4. Seeker: Projectiles now bounce off their target 7 times, rather than just 4 times, after the initial hit.
  5. Absorber: Damage is increased by 50% and the 1-shot on-screen limit is temporarily increased to 10 shots.
  6. Whip: Attack delay is removed, greatly increasing maximum attack rate (limited only by how quickly the Shoot button can be pressed).
  7. EX-Charge: Damage is increased by ~50% across all charge levels, and charge rate is approximately doubled.
  8. Wide: Damage and width decay is removed on initial activation, and the weapon always fires at full power.

This sub-weapon applies its effects (and consumes its ammo) even while another sub-weapon is being used, making it a good candidate for mapping to a shortcut button.


The Accel Charger returns in Blaster Master Zero 3, but solely as a lore artifact. Upon first engaging the VRV System to enter Super-Dimensional Space, Jason is initially overwhelmed by the parallel dimension's sheer energy, and reroutes the Accel Charger's power reserves to life support to compensate. The former subweapon is permanently used in concert with the VRV System as a result, granting Jason its color palette when navigating Super-Dimensional Space.


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

While going through the ??? Area, Kane remarks that he doesn't need to use the Accel Charger in the super-dimensional space here since the forces exerted in the space aren't nearly as intense on the body.

When Kane confronts Jason, the latter reveals that the Accel Charger he used to survive the forces of super-dimensional space caused him to undergo the same adaptations Eve did, until eventually he too became a super-dimensional lifeform and could no longer reside in real space.

Related Quotes[]

Eve: The "ACCEL CHARGER" will temporarily unlock your suit's maximum potential. It will raise your physical abilities to super-dimensional levels...

Eve: ...for a short time! Your stock gets drained by 1 for each second of use. Your Gun Level and BLAST COUNTER will become more powerful, but it takes quite a toll on you physically. Don't use it too much, okay?

Jason: ...Got it. I wouldn't want to worry you.
— Accel Charger (Talk with Eve)