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On gaming platforms other than the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch, Achievements (on Sony PlayStation family: Trophies) are assigned to completing various gameplay tasks in Blaster Master Zero, Blaster Master Zero 2, and Blaster Master Zero 3. Broadly these encompass defeating each game's bosses and viewing each game's endings in sequence, though some are assigned for exploring assorted quality-of-life or challenge features.

Achievement list order is based on the Steam Community listings for each game, as they are most readily accessible without requiring a game purchase.

Blaster Master Zero[]

Icon Name Task Trophy Grade (PSN)
THE FOREST DESTROYER Defeat the boss of Area 1. Bronze
THE TOXIC VERMIN Defeat the boss of Area 2. Bronze
THE UNCONTROLLABLE ENGINE Defeat the boss of Area 3. Bronze
THE EARTH-SHATTERING TYRANT Defeat the boss of Area 4. Bronze
THE ABYSSAL PREDATOR Defeat the boss of Area 5. Bronze
THE FORBIDDEN WEAPON Defeat the boss of Area 6. Bronze
THE PLANET EATER Defeat the boss of Area 7. Bronze
THE ULTIMATE METAFIGHT Defeat the boss of Area 8. Bronze
SOPHIA SUMMON Summon SOPHIA-III from a Retry Point. Bronze
Mutant Scum Never Learns! Obtain every Key Item. Silver
MEMORIES OF THE METAFIGHT View the True Ending. Silver
EVE'S DECEPTION View the Normal Ending. Bronze
BOSS BLASTER Clear Boss Blaster Mode. Silver
DESTROYER Clear Destroyer Mode. Silver

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

Icon Name Task Trophy Grade (PSN)
SOPHIA WARP Use Fred's wormhole to return to G-SOPHIA. Bronze
THE WEB OF DESTRUCTION Defeat the boss mutant on Planet Flosante. Bronze
THE MOUNTAIN OF CHAOS Defeat the boss mutant on Planet Montoj. Bronze
THE METAL GUARDIAN Defeat the boss mutant on Immigration Ship L-229. Bronze
NORA MA-06 Defeat EIR. Bronze
THE PLANET DESTROYER Defeat the boss mutant in Area E. Bronze
NORA MA-03 Defeat ATOM. Bronze
THE DIMENSIONAL GLUTTON Defeat the boss mutant on Planet Divido. Bronze
THE NOMAD BERSERKER Defeat Leibniz in Area G. Bronze
THE PARASITIC DEATH STAR Defeat the boss mutant in Area G. Bronze
Beyond the Furthest Reaches See the True Ending. Silver
Strongest in the Universe Obtain every item. Silver
A Future Out of Reach See the Bad Ending. Bronze
Dumb spud! Trample more than 40% of the farm in Dungeon 1 on Montoj. Bronze
THE LEGENDARY TAKEYARI MASTER Defeat powered-up Gonbei. Bronze
G VS G Set all of Garuda's Enhance Flags, then defeat it. Silver
NORA MA-07 Defeat fully-powered Garuda at Area G. Bronze

Blaster Master Zero 3[]


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

Icon Name Task Trophy Grade (PSN)
Planet Sophia Warp Summon Gaia-SOPHIA SV from a Retry Point. Bronze?
Pinnacle of Mutant-Blasting Action Survive against Metal Attacker at Sophia Force Base. Bronze?
Inside-Out Activate the VRV System for the first time. Bronze?
Two Sides of Horror Defeat Dual Kirkal in the Sophia Metropolis. Bronze?
Sophia Force Challenger Clear an SF Dungeon in Super-Dimensional Space. Bronze?
Steadfast Bulwark Defeat Adminator Z-21 in the Mass Driver Facility. Bronze?
Subspace Sprinter Defeat Mantipede in the NORA Satellite Zone. Bronze?
Supreme Planet Buster Defeat Metal Cerbeboss on Planet Stranga. Bronze?
Reversal Become a frequent user of the VRV system and acclimate to super-dimensional space. Bronze?
Pulsating Core Defeat Bloodstained Planade-G in the Forbidden Sector. Bronze?
Leibniz Rising Defeat Rising Garuda in Area ???. Bronze?
Life in Super-Dimensional Space See the true ending. Silver?
Blaster Master Win the final battle while piloting SOPHIA-J1. Bronze?
Life as a Human See the normal ending. Bronze?
Warrior of Sophia Win the final battle while piloting Metal Attacker. Silver?
Careful Collector Collect every permanent upgrade in the game. Silver?
Beyond the Metafight Defeat Kane and Metal Attacker at Sophia Force Base. Silver?
Gaia System Master Recover all of the Gaia System's energy in one fall. Bronze?
Blaster "Master" Zero Unlock all other achievements. Silver?