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"The Iron Firewall" Adminator Z-21 is a mechanical unit that appears in Blaster Master Zero 3 that serves as the boss of the Mass Driver Facility. It is also fought a second time in the Forbidden Sector.

Physical Appearance[]

As observed by Jason, Adminator Z-21 bears a resemblance to that of Photophage, a large mechanical cube with a central "eye" capable of firing multi-shot projectiles at the player. The mechanical markings differ slightly from it's Blaster Master/Metafight and Blaster Master Zero counterpart, as well as the overall color palette, which are predominately green, yellow, and light grey in value. There are also smaller clones of Adminator that populate throughout the battle that contain a similar color palette with the addition of red wiring and various circuitry.

General Information[]

Adminator Z-21 is another Sophia Force robot that guards the Mass Driver Facility. Defeating it will grant Jason with the Disguise Tag that allows Gaia-SOPHIA to be fired from the mass driver cannon in order for the protagonist and Leibniz to make their way to the NORA Satellite Zone. Defeating it during the second confrontation in the Forbidden Sector provides Jason with Security Key 2.


The background of the arena is lined with rows of inactive copies of Adminator Z-21s that present no threat to the player. It is random where the active unit will appear and once it does, multiple panels on Adminator itself will open, revealing it's central eye, leaving it open for attack by Gaia-SOPHIA. During the battle, Adminiator Z-21 is capable of three main modes of attack:

  • Triple Shot: Fires a triple laser spread shot at the player, much like Photophage.
  • Clone Generation: Populates multiple, yet smaller clones of itself that will drop from the ceiling and slowly move along the floor and towards the position of the player. The player is given an indication of where the clones are going to drop based on the appearance of a small pillar of light. Direct contact with them will inflict damage upon Gaia-SOPHIA.
  • Clone Launch: Adminator will spawn in a random location along the floor and proceed to launch a wall of clones upward at the player. The formation of a horizontal green and white laser beam below the player should serve as an early warning that the mechanical unit is about to carry out this attack.


In order to win this fight, all damage must be directed at Adminator Z-21 itself, as destroying any of its clones will not reduce its overall health. Use of the G-Crusher Shot+ will inflict greater damage on Adminator than the conventional Crusher Shot, but is ineffective when Adminator's central eye is not exposed. This can be countered with the Anti-SF Ammo cannon, which will inflict damage regardless of Adminator's eye being exposed. The player should also pay attention while using a cannon such as this, as continual fire will reduce Gaia-SOPHIA's Main SP.

When Adminator carries out its clone launch attack, the player can avoid taking damage by using Hover and remaining in an aerial position above Adminator to prevent being hit by the wall of clones.

The population of the clones that move horizontally across the floor and toward the player can be dealt with through use of Ignition Spark, which if placed and timed properly when they are just below Adminator, will be launched upward, inflicting damage on the mechanical boss but only when its eye is exposed. Another viable approach when Adminator generates the clones is to destroy all but one and continue to direct all attacks on Adminator itself with the Anti-SF Ammo cannon. So long as one clone remains, Adminator will not carry out any other attacks or populate any more clones.