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Wall Climb (Area 6)
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This supercomputer is a weapon from a lost age that was sealed away in the icy depths of the Glacier Area. After being hijacked by the mutants, this ancient weapon will activate automatically when anything enters its range of attack, indiscriminately destroying anything it encounters. It immediately freezes the floor, robbing targets of their freedom of movement, then follows up by attacking intruders with its powerful lasers and mechanical mutants.
— Ancient Freeze Description • Blaster Master Zero website

“The Forbidden Weapon” Ancient Freeze is a boss in Blaster Master Zero, appearing as the mutant boss of Area 6. It later reappears in Area 9.

Physical Appearance[]

Ancient Freeze consists of 25 units. They are all dome-shaped, with 18 being blue and 7 being orange. Like Remote Blaster, they all have gray metallic shells that they can shield themselves with.

General Information[]

Ancient Freeze initially appears as the mutant boss of the Glacier Area. Defeating it grants the Wall Climb Maneuver, allowing SOPHIA III to climb up and down walls and even crawl along ceilings.

Ancient Freeze later reappears in the Alternate Dimension Area as the last of three bosses guarding Key 3 (the first two bosses being Drap Trappers and Photophage).


Ancient Freeze starts by freezing the room, causing the floor to be icy. Afterward, up to four of the units, one on each wall of the room, will have laser sights coming out of their shielded forms; if the player steps into the laser sights, they will disable their shields for ~3 seconds and each shoot a laser. Any other units will be shielded, randomly disabling their shields for a brief period (approx. 1 second). Mechanical mutants also spawn in from the corners of the arena. If the player melts any of the icy floor, Ancient Freeze can open all its units again and refreeze the area, returning the floor to ice and potentially adding spikes to the floor in various locations as well.


Eve: The entire room itself is a mutant... One of them on their own doesn't look too strong, but...
Jason: By freezing the floor and combining with other enemies, it could turn into quite a menacing threat...
Eve: Keep moving and try to find something you can use to your advantage.

As long as the player stays out of the laser sights, they will not shoot. There are also areas near the top corners of the arena that are safe from laser fire and the mechanical mutants. Despite this, it is actually recommended that the player passes by the laser sights at certain times, as Ancient Freeze exposes itself after firing them. Destroying the mechanical mutants is helpful for obtaining Capsules or decreasing the danger of the situation; however, they will respawn if all four are destroyed; they are weak to Diffusion.

Using Reflect, Jason is able to nullify Ancient Freeze’s lasers and stun red units with reflect shots, leaving them open for ~1.5 seconds longer than normal. However, it is not recommended to go about the fight using Reflect exclusively, as even when using mostly perfect reflects, the battle is arduous and very time inefficient.

Using Flame, Jason is able to melt the icy floor, allowing for easier movement and preventing the mechanical mutants from approaching. However, the player should be careful about Ancient Freeze’s ability to refreeze the area, as it can place down spikes, which can catch the player off guard.

As the battle involves multiple targets, of which several are usually lined up, penetrating weapons such as Penetrator or Wave are useful. Wave in particular has the added utility of being able to stun both Ancient Freeze and its minions.

Ancient Freeze is weak to Diffusion, causing it to be stunned for ~1.5 seconds and taking double damage from this Gun attack. Despite this, Diffusion is not optimal due to the sheer number of targets which need to be destroyed.

As Striker can hit all available targets upon hitting one valid target, it is the best Gun type for this boss, being able to wipe out all of the blue Ancient Freeze units at the very beginning at the battle, as they all expose themselves at the time and the blue ones have less health than the orange ones. By crossing the laser sights, dodging and countering appropriately, it can be defeated in less than 25 seconds. If Jason uses Remote Blast at the beginning of the battle, with targets evenly spaced (recommended three targets on the left and right walls, five targets on the top wall, and four targets, two on each side, at the bottom wall), and follows up with Striker, Ancient Freeze can be defeated before it ever gets a chance to attack.

Destroyer Mode[]

Ancient Freeze loses its Diffusion weakness and Wave, Reflect and Striker stun vulnerabilities in Destroyer Mode; however, it can still be damaged by all Gun attacks and Sub-weapons, though it will only drop small Ammo capsules on destruction of its units. Using the aforementioned strategy using Striker, the battle can be made relatively easy. Jason can also target the mechanical mutants (which have no capsule drops at all) with Striker, as they are immune to all Gun types except Flame.

If Jason does not have Striker, he’ll have to rely on lower-level attacks, such as Long Range or Auto, and Sub-weapons. Remote Blast should be used at the beginning of the battle in order to deal heavy damage and make the battle less threatening. From there, the player should damage the remaining Ancient Freeze units with Gun attacks, or can alternatively use properly timed Grenades and Ignition Bombs.


The following list shows how many shots it takes from each Gun and Sub-weapon type to defeat a single unit of Ancient Freeze. Stun means the Ancient Freeze unit will be unable to act for a brief period of time; weapons can only stun every so often in order to prevent the boss from being stun-locked. Weak means the Ancient Freeze unit will take twice as much damage from the Gun than usual; in-game, they flash red, and are also stunned, when this occurs. Sub-weapons do double damage against bosses compared to enemies to mitigate their limited ammo.

Blue Unit[]

Note: Immune to Flash Bomb stuns

  • Blaster: 16
  • Long Range: 8
  • Penetrator: 8
  • Diffusion: 2** (weak) (farthest); 1* ** (weak) (closest)
  • Auto: 40
  • Reflect: 8 (normal reflects); 4 (perfect reflects)
  • Striker: 2** (stun)
  • Flame: 20 (direct only); 8 ticks** (burning only)
  • Wave: 16* (stun) (single shots); 6 (stun) (triple shots)
  • Grenade Bomb: 2
  • Ignition Bomb: 1
  • Turret: 4 (bullets); 1 (explosion)
  • Remote Blast: 1 rocket** (1 call-in)

*Value assumed based on presumed damage of attack and health of boss

**Attack deals increased damage to this boss

Orange Unit[]

  • Blaster: 32
  • Long Range: 16
  • Penetrator: 16
  • Diffusion: 4** (weak) (farthest); 2** (weak) (closest)
  • Auto: 40**
  • Reflect: 8** (stun) (normal reflects); 4** (stun) (perfect reflects)
  • Striker: 8
  • Flame: 40 (direct only); 16 ticks** (burning only)
  • Wave: 32* (stun) (single shots); 11 (stun) (triple shots)
  • Grenade Bomb: 3
  • Ignition Bomb: 2
  • Turret: 8 (bullets); 2* (explosion)
  • Remote Blast: 2 rockets** (1 call-in)

*Value assumed based on presume damage of attack and health of boss

**Attack deals increased damage to this boss