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Blaster Master Zero 2 Andreia

Andreia is a Metal Attacker appearing exclusively in the True Ending of Blaster Master Zero 2. Its model number is NORA MA-02.


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 2.


Blaster Master Zero 2[]

While making her way across Area Ω in the hope of reuniting with Jason and Fred, Eve is accosted by Leibniz, who continues to be incredulous at the idea of a "defective doll" possessing her own drive and intends to mercy kill her using Garuda. Before he can open fire, however, a voice calls out to Eve, addressing her as a "fellow" Support Droid. The voice comes from the lingering AI spirit of Elfie, whose partner Roddy and their Metal Attacker Andreia were sucked into the inter-dimensional space of Area Ω and faced heavy losses when attempting to fight the Mutant Cocoon at the Area's core.

Presenting Roddy's damaged Blaster Rifle, Eve gains Elfie's trust to pilot the tank, but Leibniz remains unconvinced of how real her conviction can actually be until Elfie challenges him to scan her - the fact that she gives off no physical or energy readings herself should be proof not only that her "soul" is all that remains, but that Support Droids at large possess them and all the attendant agency as living beings. Relenting after confirming Elfie's hypothesis, Leibniz briefs Eve on the true nature of the Emblems and orders her to remain alive until she can reunite with Jason before flying off.

Finding Fred, Eve brings him aboard Andreia, where he can track down G-SOPHIA, and by extension Jason. They track his signal only to find him and G-SOPHIA turned to stone before the Mutant Cocoon Drolrevo. Eve puts up a valiant fight, but cannot surpass the mutant's regeneration with just Andreia's basic armament, and with the MA's incomplete repairs, she'd only have one shot of the Acceleration Blast before Andreia would become scrap. That's when help arrives in the form of the other MA pilots, who received a message from Leibniz. As the three MAs distract Drolrevo, Eve unlocks and charges Andreia's Acceleration Blast mixed with her "purification energy." The resulting blast rips Drolrevo apart and miraculously frees Jason and G-SOPHIA from their petrification. But reunions must wait, as the Mutant Cocoon's true form, Drolrevo Mastro, reveals itself. Unfortunately, the Acceleration Blast becomes Andreia's very last action, as the frame is wrecked beyond repair, leaving Eve little recourse but to pray Jason triumphs.

Blaster Master Zero 3[]

Between the True Ending of 2 and the start of 3, Andreia's parts are salvaged to repair G-SOPHIA, leading to the creation of Gaia-SOPHIA SV. Jason mentions this early on when asked about the "SV" in the MA's name. This also allows G-SOPHIA SV to use parts originally intended to use Andreia's water-based systems, such as Aqua Shift.

Specifications & Systems[]

Andreia is superficially a blue carbon copy of SOPHIA III, equipped with a blend of its utility weapons and systems and its own exclusive water-themed tools. Its SP bar is likewise rendered in the original 8-notch format, and it has no "powered down" state.

Unlike the last game's transition from Sophia III to Sophia Zero, Andreia does not inherit Life Ups from Gaia-SOPHIA. Instead, retrieving Fred from the rock outcropping just beyond Eve's on-foot start point in Area Ω reveals the locations of four Life Ups exclusive to Andreia, which extend its Life bar by 2 notches each.

  • Crusher Shot: ANDREIA's main cannon. Can destroy some obstacles. The default main gun.
  • Acceleration Blast: Unleashes energy at ANDREIA's maximum output. Press [Jump] repeatedly to charge and fire... But, due to damage to ANDREIA's frame, it is currently locked. Locked due to the state of both Andreia's repairs and Roddy's rifle.
    • Eve eventually overrides the lock and unleashes this ultimate attack with her newfound "purification energy" when challenging Drolrevo.
  • Warhead Missiles: 3 missiles that fire in a wave formation. Press the SUB-WEAPON button to fire. Contrary to its in-game description, behaves as the Sophia III versions, with its missiles traveling endlessly forward and in a total 30-degree spread.
  • Spark Tackle: A high-speed forward tackle. Capable of pushing enemies trapped by WATER BIND. Press the SUB-WEAPON button to activate. Behaves mostly as previously seen, propelling Andreia forward to push water blocks and pass through mutants unharmed.
    • Unlike SOPHIA III's Spark Tackle, Andreia's Spark Tackle cannot be used more than once in mid-air.
  • Water Bind (W. Bind): A water shot capable of trapping enemies. Press the SUB-WEAPON button to fire. A sub-weapon exclusive to Andreia. Fires a slow-moving water ball in the direction of aim that encases enemies in a traversable, pushable bubble for a brief time. Limited to 3 shots on-screen at once.
    • Armaments other than Spark Tackle damage trapped enemies without breaking their encasement, as with those frozen by Jason's Absolute Comet sub-weapon.
    • In EX Character Mode, Water Bind's functionality is instead granted by Ichor Hunter (Copen) or Dragon Water Bind (Empress), and encased enemies are instead pushed via Bullit Dash (Copen) or Burn Spark (Empress).
  • Splash Booster: Press the JUMP button while in mid-air to jump again. Allows Andreia to supplement its 5-block jump height (versus the standard 4-block jump height) with a second ~2.5-block jump in mid-air.
    • Unlike SOPHIA III's Jump Booster option, Splash Booster cannot be used more than once in mid-air by default. However, activating Spark Tackle after jumping once with Splash Booster will allow Andreia to activate the Maneuver a second time in mid-air.
  • Aqua System (Aqua-Sys): A system for converting water into SP. Mirrors Gaia-SOPHIA's Gaia System, allowing Andreia to rapidly recharge SP by submerging itself in pools of water throughout Area Ω.
    • Poisoned pools offer no SP benefit; if there is an octopus acting as a pool's poison source, Eve must exit the tank and smack it with I-HIX before Andreia can jump in and recharge.
    • Outside of clean water, Andreia passively recharges SP at a rate of 2 SP per 3 seconds, but pauses this regeneration for 3 seconds whenever SP is consumed.

Related Quotes[]

NORA MA-02 "ANDREIA"- Its basic operations are the same as the SOPHIA series, but it's been equipped with a range of additional modules. A mid-air jump using water pressure, "SPLASH BOOSTER", and a sub-weapon that can wrap around enemies and create platforms, "WATER BIND". It can even move enemies that have been trapped with SPARK TACKLE... While ANDREIA is submerged in clean water, it will recover SP as well... I wonder if the planet Elfie landed on was filled with water?
— Eve


  • "NORA MA-02" was previously Sophia 3rd's model number when it was superficially remodelled for Blaster Master: Enemy Below, which may explain Andreia's appearance as a blue-colored Sophia III.