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Transforms the MA into a quasi-fluid before rushing forward. While transformed, the MA can pass through certain walls and fences. Tap the sub-weapon button repeatedly to maintain speed.
— AQUA SHIFT (Sub-Screen) • Blaster Master Zero 3

Aqua Shift is a sub-weapon granted by Jenifer in Blaster Master Zero 3's NORA Satellite Zone. Originally an ability meant for MA-02 Andreia, but was not finished in time for the tank's deployment.


Similar to the Spark Tackle and Burn Spark, it is a sub-weapon that envelops the tank in an element (in this case, water) while propelling the tank forward. Unlike its predecessors, it is incapable of inflicting damage on its own, but in exchange is impervious to almost all forms of damage and can pass through mesh fences and Stranga's plant pipes. Repeated presses of the sub-weapon button on the ground allow for continuous use.

Additionally, if the tank runs into a source of electricity, such as electrified mesh and the Ignition Spark, the water will be enveloped in electricity and allows the dash to inflict damage while active.