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This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

Area ??? (also known as ??? Area) is the final main stage of Blaster Master Zero 3 on the True Ending path. As shown by the pre-stage map similar to the original Blaster Master Zero, this stage is actually planet Earth's super-dimensional space, also known as Area 9.


To unlock Area ???, spend a certain amount of time in the super-dimensional versions of top-down dungeons. You'll know when you've hit the time requirement when a dialogue is available where Leibniz comments on how long Jason's been in super-dimensional space. Defeat Bloodstained Planade-G and when prompted, activate the VRV System. Insufficient time spent or not using the command locks you into the Bad Ending.

Some time after Eve leaves for super-dimensional space, a man wearing a helmet like Jason's wielding the VRV System enters Area ??? in his SOPHIA III-styled MA (the weapons and Life/Energy UI are even rendered in bar format like in BMZ1 and Andreia in 2. He remarks that the super-dimensional space here isn't as intense as planet Sophia's, so he doesn't need the Accel Charger just to survive, and sets about tracking down "her."

As the pilot proceeds through the area, he comes across dimensional ruptures. Shocked at their appearance, he believes Eve broke her promise to never interfere with real space, and that neither Sophia nor the SF will stand idly by.

Using the VRV System to phase in and out of super-dimensional space, the pilot is stopped by several familiar figures; Gonbei, pilot of Kuebiko. Kanna, pilot of Eir. Stein, pilot of Atom. All fellow MA pilots charged with fighting the mutants, yet they stand in the man's way as a favor from a friend. He overcomes them nonetheless, his skill more than making up for the technically superior specs of each MA.

After overcoming each of the three MA pilots, the pilot of SOPHIA is once again stopped. This time, by none other than Leibniz. The two banter for a bit, before the pilot declares his determination to pass. These words make Leibniz change tracks, as he briefly ponders over Lucia, his lost partner, and the things he failed to protect. Even so, he of all people, the "Nomad Berserker", was asked to protect something precious. Leibniz too declares his determination to stop the pilot no matter what it takes, gripping his helmet with such force that it shatters, revealing her feminine facial features and the scar on her eye. She invokes the name of her new craft to end SOPHIA's journey, Rising Garuda. But even the reborn Garuda is insufficient to stop SOPHIA, and she's forced to retreat via wormhole. (note that while the players can see Leibniz is a girl, no characters in-setting know her true identity)

Finally reaching the end of the area, the pilot stands before none other than Jason Frudnick, and his new MA, SOPHIA-J1. Jason wishes that the man standing before him never entered this place, before revealing the pilot's identity; Kane Gardner, commander of the Sophia Force, and pilot of Sophia the 3rd a.k.a. "Metal Attacker." Kane is shocked at Jason's new appearance, blaming it on the VRV System, but Jason explains that the fault lies in his Accel Charger; while it DID help him survive the super-dimensional space beyond Earth, it also forced his body to adapt to the space just like Eve did, until he too became a super-dimensional lifeform, unable to subsist in real space. Yet he doesn't regret the choice he made, giving up his humanity to be with Eve and protect "them." Kane sees the giant mutant cocoon he dubs the "Cradle of Calamity". Jason tells him it's all that's left of Eve after she transcended even a physical body, a "Cradle of Hope" for them.

When the dimensional rupture on Earth is brought up, Jason tries to assure Kane that the mutants cannot defy Eve's will, but Kane retorts that Sophia, the SF, and all planets part of Sophia interstellar union will not see it that way. The only thing they'll see is the "Invem Queen", Eve, violating the terms of her nonaggression agreement by infringing on real space once more. What's more, he's received an order from the SF to destroy Jason and Eve, trying to leverage it with his scolding as a father. Jason remains steadfast, acknowledging he and Eve have done something wrong, but are going to see it through anyways, for the sake of their dream. Sensing irreconcilable differences, the two square off in their MAs.

The match is a close one. SOPHIA-J1 has all of the systems and weaponry of its predecessor machines, further enhanced by Jason's ability to leverage homefield advantage and help from Fred and Eve. Meanwhile, Metal Attacker has the veteran Kane at the wheel, using his honed skills and knowledge of everything his machine can do to even the field. Just as it seems as though Jason is about to be pushed back, the Cradle begins to glow. Kane wonders if he's too late, but Jason rejoices, calling out to Eve as she reappears from the Cradle. The two celebrate their reunion before Eve calls down two lights, with the names "Elfie" and Roddy".

The lights turn out to be twin children, much to Kane's astonishment. It's explained that the Cradle was made so that Jason and Eve could safely create completely human children, free of their parents' super-dimensional lifeform traits, and particularly Eve's "Mutant Queen" trait. It was their dream to leave a physical legacy, as Eve nears the point where she will evolve into an entity of pure thought, completely one with super-dimensional space itself. Already, she lacks a physical body, so she cannot even hold her children in her arms, even as they are right in front of her. This was also the reason for the rupture that opened near Earth. Besides the fact that the children are not adapted to survive super-dimensional space, they wanted their children to grow up on Jason's homeworld, where the two of them met. They tell Kane that they'd already given up on having children before, but Leibniz egged them on to do it anyway, even so far as to gather the other MA pilots to stall Kane.

The other reason for sending the children away is because a new threat lurks on the horizon. A group of mutants known as the "Lightning Beings" refuse to obey Eve and continue to rampage across the stars. Even if the two of them can't be there physically, they can at least protect the world and universe they'll live in. Kane gives some advice as a father, that the children will undoubtedly be lonely without their parents around. Jason responds with something that Eva taught him in one of their talks; family is always connected by their hearts, no matter how far away they are. Eve promises to be there if the children are in danger, and apologizes to Kane for breaking her promise to him.

Kane responds with an official statement; Contextualizing Jason and Eve's actions as part of preparations to face an even greater foe, there stands little reason for Sophia or the SF to try and invade super-dimensional space, or for them to try and attack Jason or Eve. Jason is thankful, but Kane has one last admonishment. He admonishes both of them, for already giving up on the idea of being a family together with their children. Even across all the battles he got into, Kane always had at the corner of his mind the idea of not just protecting his family, but being able to be with them. Kane remarks on how he never expected Eve to go through what she did when he and Jennifer sent her into the stars, but is proud of how she's grown and what she's done alongside Jason to secure a bright future for everybody. Jason thanks Kane for granting him an irreplaceable family, and the power to protect what he holds dear. Reminding them to go send their children and protect the future, Kane bids them farewell, his final words, "Godspeed! Blaster Master!"

After the credits roll, Jason and Eve are speaking in super-dimensional space. They've already sent Elfie and Roddy to Earth, entrusting their care to Leibniz. The two laugh over the pilot proclaiming that if they never come back, he'll tell the kids they died. Fred ribbits, which Eve somehow translates as him saying things will be fine as long as they're still alive. With those words, the crew hop into SOPHIA-J1, and blast off to secure a future for their children to be happy, and for all of them to be a family.