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This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 2.

Inter-dimensional space... It seems to be the interval between each and every dimensional space. This looks like the mutants' nest... Is this where they invade from? If I can get this data to Sophia, there could be a breakthrough.
— Eve

Area Ω (Area Omega) is the final area of Blaster Master Zero 2. This area does not exist on the Space Map, and is more like one gigantic level similar to areas in the original Blaster Master Zero.


Unlike other Areas, which usually require defeating the mutant boss and obtaining the Access Key in order to access the next Area (excluding Mockrantula, who gives Hover, instead allowing the player to access Area B simply by defeating it), Area Ω has additional criteria in order to get there. Unlike the previous game, accessing Area Ω instead only requires the player to obtain all three Emblems, one from each Metal Attacker Pilot (excluding Leibniz); missing any Emblem will result in obtaining the bad ending: the Dimensional Tunnel to Sophia becomes unstable and becomes a black hole, taking Jason, Fred, Gaia-SOPHIA, and Eve with it; they have all been separated in inter-dimensional space. Eve comes to the realization that, even though they destroyed Planade-G and prevented a super-dimensional explosion, their journey was all for nothing. She will reminisce about Jason briefly, during which Jason's fate is shown: he and Gaia-SOPHIA are petrified. Eve will then hint to the player that they need to interact with the MA Pilots. She calls out the Jason one last time before eventually perishing. After the screen goes black, a transmission comes in, but it is unstable, and much of what is being said is covered in static; there is enough information from the transmission to determine that it is addressed to Jason about a mutant threat on Earth. This transmission is received by Leibniz, who begins to laugh at the irony that Jason ended up just like him, with his support droid gone and home planet under mutant invasion, before eventually falling silent. Unlike the previous game, there is no credits roll, and the player is taken back to the title screen.

Should the player have collected all three Emblems and defeated Planade-G, this cutscene will go slightly differently. Instead of showing the characters separated, Eve will reminisce about Jason, this time showing the moment in Blaster Master Zero when Jason had originally rescued Eve. She thinks about how it was so easy to rely on him. When her reminiscing is over, she thinks about how she can change the future, and that now it's her time to save him. She gets up off the ground, and makes it a clear goal that she will go to save Jason. From there, the player now controls Eve, and the adventure through the mutant nest known as Area Ω begins. Like with Area 9 in the game before, once in Area Ω, there is no turning back. (In EX Character Mode, defeating Planade-G immediately sends the guest character to Area Ω without any story explanation or prerequisites.)