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Area E is the fifth section of the Space Map in Blaster Master Zero 2. The main location in this region is Planet Stranga, and it has three moving planetoids to discover, one of which is mandatory for game completion.

Area E is connected only to Area C (requires Access Key 3).


Side View[]

  • Big Mutant Attacker
  • Sunami
  • Grub
  • Capsule Launcher
  • Mother Brain
  • Rainbow Bird
  • Mutant Attacker
  • Fake Life Capsule
  • Fake SP Capsule
  • Fake Retry Point

Top View[]

  • Spread Sentry
  • Orbit Sentry
  • Green GX680
  • Purple GX680
  • Manji
  • Bug
  • Ambusher
  • Shielder
  • Bamboo Turret
  • Pyramid Turret
  • Orb Turret
  • Cables
  • Blue GX680


Planet Stranga[]

Planetoid E-3[]


Planet Stranga[]

Planetoid E-1[]

Planetoid E-2[]

  • Planetoid Map C-4

Planetoid E-3[]

  • Access Key 4