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Area F is the sixth section of the Space Map in Blaster Master Zero 2. The main location in this region is Planet Divido, and it has two planetoids to discover. Unlike other areas, this one is split into two: Area F-1, the desert side of Divido and Planetoid F-1; and Area F-2, the glacier side of Divido and Planetoid F-2.

Area F-1 is connected to Area C (requires Access Key 4) and Area G (requires Access Key 6). Area F-2 is connected only to Area D (requires Access Key 5 and completion of Planetoid D-2).


Side View[]

  • Antibody Cell
  • Distortion Worm
  • Sand Octopus
  • Mother Brain
  • Daughter Brain
  • Mutant Attacker
  • Yellow Sunami
  • Snow Octopus
  • Green Sunami

Top View[]

  • Green GX680
  • Fire Slug
  • Blue GX680
  • Puffer
  • Orbit Sentry
  • Spread Sentry
  • Ice Slug
  • Red Orb Turret
  • Shielder
  • Cloak Jellyfish
  • Blue Orb Turret
  • Purple GX680
  • Manji


Planet Divido[]


Area F-1[]

Planet Divido[]

Planetoid F-1[]

  • Planetoid Map D-3

Area F-2[]

Planet Divido[]

Planetoid F-2[]

  • SP Up