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Jason: Area F1... All this sand makes it hard to move.

Eve: The environment was disrupted by the dimensional distortions... Watch your step, and make sure not to get caught in quicksand. G-SOPHIA can avoid sinking with the BURN SPARK or HOVER, but...
Jason: We gotta be careful with our SP consumption.
Eve: Also, don't get distracted by the sand and touch the distortions...

Jason: Got it. I'll stay alert.
— "Area F1" Eve Chat

Area F-1 is the first half to the sixth section of the Space Map in Blaster Master Zero 2. The main location in this region is the desert side of Planet Divido, and it has one planetoid to discover.

Area F-1 is connected via dimensional tunnels to Area C (requires Access Key 4) and Area G (requires Access Key 6).


Side View[]

Top View[]


Planet Divido[]


Planet Divido[]

Planetoid F-1[]