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BMZ2 Atom

Atom (also stylized: ATOM and referred to as "Mr. Tank" by its support droid) is a Metal Attacker debuting in Blaster Master Zero 2, designation NORA MA-03. It is piloted by Stein and supported by Tesset.

Physical Appearance[]

Atom is colored in a light brown shade, almost like dull brass. Its overall design bears great similarity to 19th century steam locomotives.


Jason: This is all a misunderstanding, but I've got no choice...!

Eve: I'll see if I can do anything. ...But, I'll need some time.
Jason: ATOM's attacks are intense. Do we really have to fight...?
Tesset: U-umm... Jason, Eve... Can you hear me...?
Jason: Tesset!
Tesset: Stein's body, umm...grows high-quality minerals inside it... The minerals are very...high energy. Whenever Stein pops out, Mr. Tank... I mean...ATOM will use those minerals to power up for a bit. When Mr. Tank is in "boost mode"... He's very...powerful... Also...umm.....
Tesset: ............

Jason: ............G-got it. I'll watch out for boost mode.
— "Atom" Eve Chat

Atom's full specs are never specified, but it displays a bevy of weapons during its boss fight. Atom has a high-powered energy cannon on the front that can also project a drill for charging attacks. Its wheels contain a set of boosters similar to Gaia-SOPHIA's Hover Pack that are primarily used for air-to-ground attacks via missile barrage.

Atom's unique ability is referred to as "boost mode." Stein's body naturally generates minerals with a high energy yield, which he inserts into Atom to trigger the boost. While in Boost Mode, Atom takes 1/10 damage from all sources; as well, its mobility and firepower increase drastically, with rushing attacks and missile salvos leaving behind dust clouds that later explode as submunitions. At critical damage levels, Boost Mode will even allow Atom to fire its equivalent of an Acceleration Blast with a mere 2 seconds' charge time and remain mobile while firing it, advancing forward to pin the opponent then finally swinging around for a momentary wide-angle strike at the rear.

A fraction of this might is bequeathed to Jason and the G-SOPHIA team after Stein finally realizes he left Atom's comms unit turned off, in the form of the Full Accel Burst Sub-weapon.

Whether owing to its sheer weight or damage sustained from previously battling Dig-Rawler, Atom is not capable of achieving interstellar flight independently as other Metal Attackers are implied to be capable. After G-SOPHIA's skirmish with Atom, Stein and the MA relocate to Area F-2's landing pad; when Jason encounters Atom at this location, Stein tasks him with retrieving a Booster from Immigration Ship L-229 to remedy the spaceflight issue and help retrieve Tesset (it's not exactly clear how achieving escape velocity assists in the rescue of a Support Droid trapped beneath the planetary surface, between two dimensional force barriers).

Blaster Master Zero 3[]


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

When Atom appears with its crew to bars Kane's path, they retain largely the same patterns as they did before. What complicates matters is Tesset's Harahara attack, which drops a beam from above, and Mr. Mug hopping out chasing Metal Attacker, its punches clumsy, yet punishing.


  • Though Metal Attackers are typically characterized as tanks, Atom is only the second in the franchise to actually move on caterpillar treads (the first being Sophia J-7).
  • Like the rest of the extraterrestrial MAs, Atom is named after a deity; however, it is the only one whose name is also not directly the name of an associated god. Instead, its name resembles that of Atum, the Egyptian deity characterized as the birther and destroyer of the universe. The name is less likely to actually derive any meaning from the Egyptian god, and more likely from the pun atom, in reference to the way that the Sophianium that powers it resembles popular depictions of nuclear materials.