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Consume SP to fire a terrain-piercing laser and cluster bomb simultaneously. Hold the SHOOT button to auto-fire.
— Auto-Cluster (Sub-Screen)

The Auto-Cluster (abbreviated as A-Cluster) is an alternate firing mode for Gaia-SOPHIA's main cannon in Blaster Master Zero 2. It is found on Planetoid C-1.


While the Shoot button is held down, Auto-Cluster fires a stream of terrain-piercing lasers, at a fire rate of 15 shots per second and an SP cost of 1% SP per shot (15% SP per second), and also fires cluster bombs in a slight parabola behind G-SOPHIA at the same rate of fire. This Main weapon has an on-screen shot limit of 18 lasers.

Lasers are randomly fired at one of two power levels, with a ~20% chance of a high-power laser being fired instead of a low-power laser.

  • Low-power lasers, which take on only the primary energy color of the MA (green for G-SOPHIA), deal 1/5 G-Crusher Shot damage.
  • High-power lasers, which rapidly oscillate between primary and secondary energy colors (green and red for G-SOPHIA), deal 3/5 G-Crusher Shot damage.

Cluster bombs always deal 3/5 G-Crusher Shot damage, but have variable horizontal speeds which are not affected by G-SOPHIA's movement. On flat ground, bombs will land between ~0.5 and ~3 blocks behind a stationary MA.

Due to the random distribution of low-power and high-power lasers, laser DPS (damage per second) is ~4.2x G-Crusher Shot damage on average (12 shots fired at low power and 3 shots fired at high power) but can go all the way down to 3x G-Crusher Shot damage (15 shots fired at low power) or all the way up to 9x G-Crusher Shot damage (15 shots fired at high power). Cluster bomb DPS, on the other hand, is always 9x G-Crusher Shot damage, though this damage output cannot be realized outside of point-blank range.

Auto-Cluster is one of four counters against normal Garuda, neutralizing its three-way shots with its lasers, and will set the spark attack's Enhance Flag during the Planetoid G-1 refight (setting Enhance Flags for all four attacks is required to trigger full-power Garuda and acquire the "G vs G" and "NORA MA-07" achievements in Blaster Master Zero 2's Steam version).

Related Quotes[]

The "AUTO-CLUSTER" is an alternate weapon for G-SOPHIA's main cannon. Hold the SHOOT button down to fire repeatedly at the cost of SP. A single shot doesn't have much power, but it is capable of piercing terrain. It also fires a cluster bomb from SOPHIA's rear, so it excels in keeping every angle covered. It's especially effective against crawling enemies and is very useful when you're surrounded.
— Eve