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Biby is an insect mutant that appears in Blaster Master Zero.

Physical Appearance[]

Biby resembles a large bee-like creature with transparent wings and oversized fangs.


Blaster Master Zero[]

Bibys first appear in Area 2, where they appear in groups of three to six. They always appear in a line, with one yellow Biby and the rest green Bibys; the yellow Biby is in the center of the group, and the green ones slowly orbit around it moving counter-clockwise. When they spot Jason, the yellow Biby will slowly fly towards Jason, with the green Bibys extending it's reach. The Striker weapon for Jason's Gun can make short work of the Bibys, as all of them will be destroyed at the same time.

A large group of Bibys appear in the enemy rush room called Biby Legion; after their defeat, they normally drop the Homing Missile for SOPHIA III; in Destroyer Mode, they drop the Ignition Bomb for Jason.

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

While normal Bibys don't directly appear in Blaster Master Zero 2, two large versions called Hexa Biby and Octa Biby serve as the bosses of two planetoids.