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Mutant nerve fibers weaved into my suit and cape are able to detect their attacks, and my helmet displays the marker for me. It's an invaluable new tool for fighting the mutants.
— Jason Frudnick • Blaster Master Zero 2

Blast Counter is a special maneuver introduced in Blaster Master Zero 2 and maintained in Blaster Master Zero 3.


The ability works via a mix of mutant nerve fiber woven into Jason's suit and cape providing a pseudo-"danger-sense" and Jason's helmet marking whatever mutant is about to attack. By pressing the Counter button (default: North face button (Switch: X/XBox: Y/Playstation: Triangle)) when a reticle appears above an enemy entering its attack windup frames, Jason will enter a brief moment of time dilation during which he will execute a devastating counter-attack. Blast Counters cost CP, which can regenerate over time, but also fills up by attacking enemies to reward a more aggressive playstyle. Even just one properly timed Blast Counter is also capable of fully restoring the effectiveness of the Gun's normally limited Splasher and Wide Blaster fire modes. (Despite not having in-universe augmentations, both Copen and Empress are also able to perform Blast Counters, though they do not have any unique synergies with their other abilities.)

BMZ2 Mechanics[]

CP Regeneration[]

Counter Points (CP) are stored in a green CP gauge, residing to the right of the Gun level gauge, which is initially full upon entering a top-down view area. Upon using one or more Blast Counters, missing CP passively regenerates, after a ~1.5 second regeneration delay for most Blast Counters, at a rate of ~3% CP per second. No capsules exist for instantly restoring CP; however, passive regeneration may be supplemented by hitting enemies with G-Blaster shots (~4% CP restored per hit) or absorbing projectiles with Absorber shields (~15% CP restored per projectile neutralized).

Counter Targeting[]

Most enemies that shoot projectiles or perform directional attacks will become valid targets for Blast Counters, as indicated by the appearance of a reticle over them, for a fixed period of time before they unleash an attack, with the exact time varying by enemy type. Enemies that are invulnerable before they attack will instead become valid targets for Blast Counters for a short time after they become vulnerable (which may occur after their attack, instead of before it).

Certain types of mutants have no choreographed attacks of any sort and thus cannot normally be targeted with Blast Counters. Against these foes, melee-type attacks (e.g. Whip or Reactive Comet contact) can sometimes be utilized to create a vulnerability period and enable use of targeted Blast Counters.

List of Blast Counters (BMZ2)[]

The following Blast Counters are usable by Jason in Blaster Master Zero 2. Selecting any of these counters in the Weapon Select Screen highlights Jason's cape. (EX characters Copen and Empress have unique Blast Counters of their own --- see their character pages for details.)

  • Reflex Striker (abbreviated as R-Striker) - A powerful COUNTER that fires directly at enemies. The default Blast Counter. Upon activation, Jason spends 20% CP to fire a piercing shot at the foe he is countering, twirling to one side before firing if a direction is being held. Additional foes present can be targeted for no additional CP cost by pressing the Counter button again for each subsequent target within ~1 second of the previous shot. Slows down time to make it easier to dodge attacks using the Blast Counter's evasive maneuver. Can be used without properly countering an enemy for a simple strafe-and-shoot in Jason's facing direction which costs 10% CP; however, the bullet is much smaller and deals only 2x G-Blaster damage when fired without a valid target.
    • Countering enemies with Reflex Striker halts passive CP regeneration for ~3.5 seconds instead of the usual ~1.5 seconds.
    • Using Reflex Striker to counter an enemy will also fire all active Reactive/Absolute Comet bits at that enemy as piercing projectiles dealing 1x G-Blaster damage.
  • Shift-Up Attacker (abbreviated as S-Attacker) - A high-speed dash COUNTER that closes in and attacks enemies from point-blank range. Obtained after defeating Gonbei. Counters enemy attacks by dashing in to fire a point-blank shot, initially costing 20% CP. Contrary to Eve's commentary, firing the shot allows you to dash to another foe at no cost by pressing the Counter button again, regardless of whether the enemy is defeated by the attack. Can be used for dashing without a counter target, allowing for full directional control during the dash, at a reduced cost of 10% CP per dash. Non-countering dashes may be used to navigate the shallow water in Area B's top-down dungeons at normal speed. All dashing movement is subject to terrain obstructions.
    • Enemies in close proximity to the targeted foe can sometimes be caught in the crossfire when Jason executes his point-blank shot; these collateral targets usually take 8/3 G-Blaster damage.
    • Both counters and non-targeted dashes with Shift-Up Attacker do not offer any inherent protection against attacks or environmental hazards during the dash. However, if one or more Reactive/Absolute Comet bits are active when S-Attacker is activated, one of these bits is consumed to grant Jason invulnerability for the dash and allow him to deal 1x G-Blaster damage as melee-type damage to any enemies he contacts.
  • Vector Reflector (abbreviated as V-Reflector) - Reflects all shots within its effective range and fires them back at enemies. Obtained after defeating Leibniz. Creates a field around Jason that reflects enemy projectiles back in the opposite direction, usually along their original trajectories. The closer the shots are when the field is deployed, the stronger they'll be when reflected. Timing for this counter is slightly different (requiring an instinct to press the Counter button after the enemy starts shooting), and CP cost is comparatively higher, 30% CP.
    • Bullets which are reflected within 100%/~75%/~50% of V-Reflector's radius (relative to Jason) deal (2/3)/(4/3)/(8/3) G-Blaster damage.
    • Activating Vector Reflector will also discharge all active Reactive/Absolute Comet bits in a spiral pattern as piercing projectiles dealing 1x G-Blaster damage.

The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 2.

  • Unchained DDF - Unleash a field that dulls mutants' senses. Press the COUNTER button to activate. A special ability Eve unlocks while traversing Area Ω. Using the purification power channeled by her I-HIX, Eve consumes 20% CP to generate a field capable of affecting the nervous system of mutants, slowing them down for 10 seconds and outright stunning any mutants she counters with DDF. This field also temporarily negates any dimensional distortion hazards in top-down segments.
    • Unchained DDF is the only Blast Counter variant that can be engaged in side-scrolling mode, which is vital for outrunning Area Ω's many enemies that rush at her based on being lined up with her.
      • As a result of the CP gauge being functional in both modes, entering or exiting a dungeon does not replenish Eve's CP gauge.
    • Activating Unchained DDF incurs a ~13-second passive CP regeneration delay (all 10 seconds of the slow effect, plus ~3 seconds after the effect ends).
    • Selecting Unchained DDF in the Weapon Select Screen highlights Eve's pulsating heart, which is otherwise not visible on this screen.

BMZ3 Mechanics[]

The Blast Counter system returns in Blaster Master Zero 3, but no longer requires Blast Counters to be actively equipped. Instead, targeted Blast Counters are contextually performed using the Blast Counter button according to which enemy on-screen presently has a counter window. Attempting to perform a targeted Blast Counter without a valid target jams the Blast Counter icon, making the function unusable for about 1.5 seconds.

CP Regeneration[]

Counter Points (CP) are now stored in a yellow gauge, residing just beneath the Gun Level gauge, which is initially full upon entering a top-down area. Upon using one or more Spin Dashes or Blast Counters, missing CP rapidly regenerates after a short delay.

Counter Targeting[]

Basic Blast Counter targeting mechanics are carried over from the previous installment. In addition, Jason obtains several tools which can manipulate these mechanics in his favor:

  • Planting an Unchained Effector paints enemies within its area as targets, allowing Jason to activate targeted Blast Counters without waiting for them to become vulnerable normally.
  • Having the Vivid Sensor mod active increases the duration of Blast Counter targets, making targeted Blast Counters easier to perform.

Spin Dash[]

In addition to powering Blast Counters, CP is used for the Spin Dash maneuver, allowing Jason to overcome conveyor belts and evade incoming attacks. Performing a spin dash consumes ( 100% / (3 + X) ) CP where X is the number of Spin Balancer mods which Jason has obtained from SF Dungeons (there are four Spin Balancer mods to collect, setting the minimum cost at 14.3% CP).

List of Blast Counters (BMZ3)[]

  • Reflex Striker: The long-range Blast Counter, available from the start. Behaves similarly to its BMZ2 iteration, except the user now fires three shots. It may be activated when a counter target is visible, usually when a ranged enemy is about to attack.
    • While Jason is at maximum Gun Level, activating Reflex Striker also upgrades all RG-Blaster shots to fully-charged shots for a very short duration.
  • Rushing Attacker: The melee-oriented Blast Counter, acquired after defeating the boss instance of Evil Eve. Instead of maneuvering the user, teleports them towards the target's hitbox for a melee assault in conjunction with an after-image. This must normally be activated immediately after taking touch/melee damage from an enemy, as indicated by the appearance of a counter reticle on the attacker; successful use replenishes lost Life Energy and Gun Level (though it does not refund lost Life-Energy Guard layers).
    • If Rushing Attacker destroys its initial target, the Blast Counter button may be pressed again within a very short interval to perform a follow-up attack on another enemy on-screen for free. Follow-up attacks may be repeated in this manner until Rushing Attacker fails to destroy an enemy or there are no more enemies on-screen.
    • The IX Shredder can be used to make enemies vulnerable to Rushing Attacker without requiring Jason to take contact damage.
  • Spinning Reflector: The projectile-nullifying Blast Counter, acquired from an optional dungeon in the Mass Driver Facility. Activates automatically during a Spin Dash, projecting a sheld which reflects enemy bullets as piercing wave shots on contact. Once reflected bullets impact an enemy, they turn into gold energy spheres that slowly home in on the player and replenish Sub Weapon energy once absorbed.

The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

The Spin Dash and Blast Counters are available to Kane Gardner in top-down mode while en route to the True Ending, though the Spinning Reflector-empowered Spin Dash cannot replenish Sub Weapon ammo for him, as he already has access to infinite Grenade Bombs.

When fighting against SOPHIA-J1 as Metal Attacker, Unchained DDF is used against the player when the boss first reaches critical health, reducing movement speed until they reach the dimensional rupture and escape superdimensional space using the VRV System.


  • It is not known for sure whether Unchained DDF is a derivative of Ekoro's Doki Doki Field from Blaster Master Zero. Considering the other callbacks to the previous game's EX Characters in Talk conversations as well as the fact that both abilities display the pilot's heart in the Weapon Select Screen, it's not necessarily outside the realm of possibility.

Related Quotes[]

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

Eve: A "BLAST COUNTER" is a powerful counter-attack you can only perform when enemies are defenseless or about to attack you. Just press the COUNTER button when you see the marker appear.

Jason: Mutant nerve fibres weaved into my suit and cape are able to detect their attacks, and my helmet displays the marker for me. It's an invaluable new tool for fighting the mutants.
Eve: ...However, if you don't have enough CP, you won't be able to perform a BLAST COUNTER, so keep close tabs on your remaining CP.
Jason: My CP will restore slowly over time, but I can also recover it by blasting enemies with the G-Rifle.

Eve: Right! Higher Gun Levels will restore even more CP... most of the time. Also, when your SPLASHER or WIDE BLASTER have lost power over time, a single BLAST COUNTER will restore them to full strength. Try not to miss any chances to BLAST COUNTER!
— Blast Counter (Talk with Eve)
The "REFLEX STRIKER" is a long-distance BLAST COUNTER. It fires a powerful piercing shot at its target. When there are multiple COUNTER targets, you can fire repeatedly without costing you additional CP. While it's active, you'll be able to move faster than enemies around you, making it easy to dodge attacks. When you find yourself surrounded, try to use it on enemies that attack you repeatedly.
— Eve
The "SHIFT-UP ATTACKER" is a close-quarters BLAST COUNTER. You'll instantly close in on your COUNTER target and fire a point-blank shot. If the target goes down in one shot, you'll be able to move to a new target right away without spending any extra CP. Even if there are no COUNTER targets nearby, you'll still be able to dash, letting you avoid further attacks. Although in that case, it will cost you some CP...
— Eve
The "VECTOR REFLECTOR" is a BLAST COUNTER that reflects enemy shots. It deploys an expansive, reflective field around you. The closer you are to the shots you reflect, the stronger they will be when reflected. The timing on this COUNTER is a bit different from the others, but it's very useful against enemies that unleash a lot of shots. It drains more CP than other COUNTERS though, so be careful.
— Eve
The power to stop mutants in their tracks has manifested inside me- For now, I'll call this power... "UNCHAINED DDF". If I use it to counter mutants, it will stop them from moving. ...Then, there's the "I-HIX" on my right arm. We made it to support my physical functions as my body was corrupted... But now, it's able to purify any mutant it touches... I can stop mutants with the UNCHAINED DDF, then purify them with I-HIX. I don't know how this happened... but now I can fight the mutants. But most importantly... now I can save Jason...!
— Eve

Blaster Master Zero 3[]

Jason: The REFLEX STRIKER is a Blast Counter specialized in long-range attacks. It can fire powerful shots in rapid succession. It can even shoot as I dodge enemy attacks.

Leibniz: Sounds familiar... Almost like I've been on the receiving end before...

Jason: ...My bad.
— REFLEX STRIKER (Talk with Leibniz)
Jason: The RUSHING ATTACKER is a short-range Blast Counter. When I take damage from touching an enemy, I can use it to escape while firing a point-blank shot. If the enemy is immediately destroyed, I can chain my attack to a new target. It can really clean up packs of weak enemies in a flash. I shouldn't go getting hit by enemies just to get a counter-attack, though. Gotta be careful when choosing how to use it. Best to think of it as a means to recover after taking some damage.
— RUSHING ATTACKER (Talk with Leibniz)
Jason: The SPINNING REFLECTOR is a Blast Counter that reflects enemy shots. It adds an effect during the spin dash that reflects shots. However, it's incapable of reflecting certain projectiles. I'd look pretty silly if I got hit even though I used the REFLECTOR...
— SPINNING REFLECTOR (Talk with Leibniz)