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Blaster Master: Blasting Again is the third major release in the Blaster Master series and brings it into 3D. It was developed by Sunsoft and published by Crave Entertainment for the PlayStation in 2001.


In Blaster Master, Jason first encountered the Lightning Beings and their leader at the time, the Plutonium Boss. With the help of Eve and Sophia 3rd, the Plutonium Boss' plans were eliminated. However, the threat of the Lightning Beings continued and Jason spent the next many years defeating them time and time again. Eventually, in between missions and prowling the underground keeping monsters at bay, Jason and Eve formed a family with their two children, Roddy and Elfie.

It was a sad day when Eve died. Several years later, Jason met an untimely death at the hands of Lightning Beings. Five years after the death of Eve, the Earth is plagued by geological phenomenon. Having rebuilt Sophia 4th into Sophia J-7 (to honor the name of their father, Jason), Roddy and Elfie take up the mantle of Earth's protectors at a very young age.

A suspicious bout of activity from the Lightning Beings prompts Roddy and Elfie to investigate. As Roddy takes Sophia underground to battle his foes, he learns that someone has resurrected the power of the Plutonium Boss and that the sequences of events are connected to the alien heritage of the siblings' mother.

Ironically, the vast majority of the backstory of Blasting Again isn't present in any of the previous games and is instead found in the novelization.


Blasting Again moves the Blaster Master series into the realm of 3D, but the core mechanics haven't changed much. Roddy is a little more capable outside of his tank than Jason was in previous missions and will be required to venture outside more often.

Vehicle Mode[]

Sophia's control scheme has been altered to become more tank-like in a 3D space. Holding left or right will make her turn, while pressing up will make her drive forward and pressing down will move her in reverse.

Sophia is now equipped with an auxillary battery that recharges itself; modules pull energy from the battery, removing the need to collect Capsules to keep using them. All modules are mapped to a single button (triangle) and can be activated based on context.

Optional Parts are now upgradable. Prisms that shuffle between the four subweapons increase the maximum energy level of the corresponding weapon, increasing their power and functionality as well.

Roddy Mode[]

Roddy's controls are more simplistic. He has access to napalm, six levels of gun power, and a new Hypersonic ability that draws from its own regenerating Action Points. Roddy Mode mostly takes place inside of labyrinthine gates, where Roddy encounters new enemies, obstacles, and many generators and installations needed to deactivate barriers.

When out in the field, Elfie can instantly transport Roddy back into Sophia.