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Blaster Master: Enemy Below is a video game developed and published by Sunsoft and released in America and Europe in 2000, seven years after Blaster Master 2. The game was also released that year as MetaFight EX in Japan. This adventure runs very similar to Blaster Master in terms of gameplay, but adds in a password option. Jason gets access to new abilities and items, and even Sophia 3rd gets access to new technology.


Jason is approached by a scientist, who informs him that they've been experimenting with tissue samples from the original Plutonium Boss. The experiments, of course, are now running amok and it's up to Jason to stop them.


Enemy Below operates nearly identically to the original Blaster Master. However, new items enable new options. Additionally, Jason will need to collect a Key in each area to access the catacombs containing the boss.



This mode is enhanced with items that allow Sophia 3rd to jump higher, and give Jason's Gun an extra boost. Jason's health is completely restored when hopping into his faithful tank.


Jason's Gun has a maximum of 3 levels here, which can be increased, but his capabilities remain otherwise more or less unchanged. His Grenades pack a mean punch and are far stronger than the gun, but cannot be rapidly thrown and have a smaller blast radius. Jason also cannot move diagonally anymore.


Jason uses the Power and Gun Capsules for himself, and Hover for Sophia 3rd.


  • Gun 1 and Gun 2, both found on the Gun page.
  • The Launcher, found on the Grenade page.
  • Shotgun

Sophia 3rd[]

Regional Differences[]

  • In the Japanese version, MetaFight EX, the mutant threat is depicted as kaiju-sized in an intro sequence featuring skyscrapers on the planet Theta being terrorized, and where Jason simply resumes his duty as Sophia 3rd's pilot, the Metal Attacker is entrusted to Kane Gardner's descendant, Leonardo.
  • Blaster Master: Enemy Below is compatible with both the Game Boy Color and the original Game Boy. MetaFight EX was instead released as a Game Boy Color exclusive, with the monochrome version of the game locked out via alternate boot screen. Due to this change, MetaFight EX is also incompatible with the Super Game Boy.[1]