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Blaster Master Boy, known as Blaster Master Jr. in Europe, is the black sheep of the series. It was released as Bomber King: Scenario 2 in Japan on August 23rd, 1991 (part of the Bomberman series), the sequel to a NES game known as Robo Warrior but was localized in the United States as Blaster Master Boy in February of 1992. As such, it wasn't initially slated to be a part of the series and suffers deeply from it. Jason bears only a marginal resemblance to his first appearance and the gameplay is far more Bomberman than Blaster Master.

Although Jason is present, Sophia 3rd is not.


A nuclear reactor begins to lose control and leak radiation into the world around it. Jason (or Bomberman in the JP version) must delve into the center of the Earth and defeat enemies so he can stop the reactor and save the planet.


The game is played similar to Robo Warrior and Blaster Master, both for NES. The player moves around the screen and must find the key hidden inside a breakable block to make the exit appear. Leaving through the exit will take you to the next level. There are two weapons that can be used: the gun with the A button and bombs with the B button. By pressing the Select button, different types of bombs can be selected, as long as there are some in your inventory.

There are also three items that must be selected in the menu to be used in stages. The lantern will light dark areas, the shoes will let you walk on spikey floors, and the life preserver will let you walk across water. There are bonus room and stairways that can be found that are filled with items. The stairways lead to dark areas and a lantern is necessary to find the items without difficulty.

There are also items with the letter F that allow the character to transform. This can be done up to three times and each time the character dies they lost one transformation. It is unknown what benefits are earned from this.


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