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Blaster Master Zero is a reboot of Blaster Master released on March 9, 2017 for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch, and on the Steam PC video game marketplace on June 14, 2019. It is a collaboration between Sunsoft and Inti Creates that uses a retro style mimicking the Turbo-Grafx 16's style of art and sound, rather than the original NES, game with an expanded scenario and gameplay.


Endless human conflict plunges the Earth into a new ice age. In order to survive, the human race flees below the planet's surface and builds an underground ecosystem. During this time, a strange meteor falls to Earth, but it goes unnoticed due to humanity focusing its efforts on restoring the planet. After several hundred years, the human's have restored the surface of the earth and abandon their underground world for the ages.

Scientist Jason Frudnick discovers a frog-like creature, which he captures and names Fred. Fred escapes and leaps into a strange hole, and Jason gives chase. Inside, Jason discovers the technological wonder Sophia III. Surprised to find the ancient underworld intact, Jason uses the tank's receiver to explore it and track down Fred. While in the old Residential Area, Jason comes across Eve, a mysterious girl with missing memory that possesses knowledge of Sophia.

As the hunt for Fred continues, Eve eventually recovers her memory and reveals that she, Fred, and Sophia III are from a far off world sent to Earth with the goal of eliminating mutants. Eve wants Jason to not be involved any further, but Jason continues to offer his help in defeating the Mutant Lord.

Eventually Jason defeats the Mutant Lord, but during the fight, Sophia III is infected by a mutant core. Not wanting to put Jason in any more danger, Eve renders him unconscious and leaves with Sophia III, intending to trigger its self-destruct mechanism and destroy the mutant core along with itself and her. However, the mutant core's infection progresses too rapidly, and Eve is trapped.

Fred, who was left behind, leads Jason to an upgraded Sophia, the Sophia Zero. With its power, Jason manages to track down the corrupted Sophia III, now known as Invem Sophia. Jason manages to free Eve from Invem Sophia, and destroys it and the mutant core once and for all.

There is a bad ending that can be attained if a player completes the game without collecting all the upgrades for Jason and Sophia III. In this ending, Eve simply leaves with Sophia III without rendering Jason unconscious, and still plans to activate the self-destruct mechanism. It is left ambiguous whether or not she succeeds.

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