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Blaster Master Zero 3 is the third and final game in the Blaster Master Zero trilogy. The game was released on 29th July 2021 and is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and PC via Steam. It will also be available later on the Epic Games Store[1].


After a long and perilous journey through space, Jason and Eve finally made it to the planet Sophia. However, they were attacked by Sophia's army and the Gaia-SOPHIA was rendered inoperable. Jason, Eve, and Fred were captured and imprisoned separately. Before Jason can get answers as to why they they were being imprisoned like this, the base they were held in fell under attack, allowing Jason to escape and recover the G-Sophia. The fate of Jason and Eve... and the fate of Planet Sophia... all revolve around the threat of the mutant scourge. But now, an interdimensional reversal of fate is beginning...

New Gameplay Features[]

Jason now possesses a jet pack in side-view mode, allowing him to descend more slowly in the air. This enables him to cross over larger gaps, and will also mitigate falling damage if used on time. His helmet is also equipped with the new Vision Reversal Visor (VRV) system, which lets him (and Sophia) cross into alternate dimensions on designated spots.

G-Sophia can now warp from one retry point to another, as long as the target point has been previously visited. This can also be used to fast-travel between areas.

Physical Copies/Limited Run Release[]

Just like both BMZ & BMZ2, Blaster Master Zero 3 is also getting Limited Run physical copies for both Nintendo Switch and PS4 with two Editions to choose from. Pre-order starts on June 4 for Five-week. The physical copies comes with Japanese voiceover.

Classic Edition[]

The classic edition of Blaster Master Zero 3 comes with a reversible poster, original game soundtrack, a retro cartridge-sleeve to fit your game case, and include a full-color manual and interior art.

Collector’s Edition[]

The Collector’s edition for BMZ3 comes with a certificate of authenticity, a metal tank figure, art cards, soundtracks, a Commemorative Non Functioning NES Cartridge and everything from both classic editions. The premium box pairs with the BMZ 1&2 Collector’s Edition.


  • Similarly to Blaster Master Zero 2's focus on the letter "G", this game uses a lot of the letter "R". A subtle, white letter R appears in the logo behind the black number 3.
  • Within the logo's 3, there are red, yellow, and purple lines representing the journeys of Jason, Eve, and Leibniz respectively. The temporary transformation of the red line to blue alludes to the events of the endgame scenario.
    • These lines are also present within the game's credits, within additional colors representing the other MA pilots.
  • The game was featured during the Steam Next Fest from June 16 to June 22, 2021[2]. It had a playable demo, containing most of Area 1 and part of Area 2. The demo was also available during PAX Online from July 15 to July 18, 2021[3].


Nintendo Switch ー Ver.1.1.2
PlayStation 4 ー Ver.1.12
Xbox One、Xbox Series X|S ー Ver.1.1.2

  • An issue where sticking to a wall as G-SOPHIA SV under certain circumstances would cause the player to be unable to progress has been fixed.
  • An issue with the controls on the sub-menu screen after settings were changed has been fixed.
  • Some areas where the player may have gotten stuck or out of bounds have been revised.
  • Various other small fixes have been implemented.

Nintendo Switch ー Ver.1.1.1
PlayStation 4 ー Ver.1.2
Xbox One、Xbox Series X|S ー Ver.1.1.1

  • Various other small fixes have been implemented.


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