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BLASTER MASTER ZERO ARRANGEMENTS & MEDLEYS (ブラスターマスター ゼロ アレンジメント & メドレー) is an album containing arranged versions of selected music compositions from the original soundtracks of the Blaster Master Zero Trilogy. It was released on July 29, 2021 and was only available as an included bonus in Blaster Master Zero Trilogy: MetaFight Chronicle [Limited Edition] for the Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4. With a runtime of 51 minutes 34 seconds, the 6 tracks contain digital and acoustic arrangements by Japanese composer and bandleader of the jazz fusion group Lu7, Luna Umegaki.

Track List[]

Disc I (51:34)[]

  1. Blaster Master Zero (ブラスターマスター ゼロ) - 1:37
    (Composed by Ippo Yamada)
  2. Medley ~ Blaster Master Zero (メドレー 〜 ブラスターマスター ゼロ) - 13:52
    - This track contains a medley of the following compositions from Blaster Master Zero Original Soundtrack:
    01. Black Box (Composed by Ippo Yamada)
    02. The Underground Adventure Begins (Composed by Naoki Kodaka)
    03. Fire the Blaster Rifle (Composed by Ippo Yamada)
    04. Huge Mutants (Composed by Ippo Yamada)
    05. The Mutant's Lair (Composed by Ippo Yamada)
    06. NORA-2057: Eve (Composed by Ippo Yamada)
    07. Moebius Engine (Composed by Hiroaki Sano)
    08. Next Level (Composed by Hiroaki Sano)
    09. The Abyssal Seas (Composed by Hiroaki Sano)
    10. Jason's Resolution (Composed by Aoi Takeda)
    11. Planet Eater (Composed by Aoi Takeda)
    12. Multidimensional Overlord (Composed by Ippo Yamada)
    13. Memories of the Metafight (Composed by Hiroaki Sano)
    14. Shattered Bonds (Composed by Hiroaki Sano)
    15. NVEM MA-XX (Composed by Aoi Takeda)
    16. Smiles Under the Blue Sky (Composed by Kotaro Yamada)
  3. Blaster Master Zero 2 (ブラスターマスター ゼロ 2) - 2:19
    (Composed by Ippo Yamada)
  4. Medley ~ Blaster Master Zero 2 (メドレー 〜 ブラスターマスター ゼロ 2) - 14:26
    - This track contains a medley of the following compositions from Blaster Master Zero 2 Original Soundtrack:
    01. GAIA SOPHIA (Composed by Hiroyuki Sato)
    02. Flosante: Sky High (Composed by Takumi Sato)
    03. Cosmic Cataclysm (Composed by Ippo Yamada)
    04. Interstellar Voyage (Composed by Hiroyuki Sato)
    05. Montoj: Bamboo-Bladed Mountains (Composed by Hiroyuki Sato)
    06. Leader of the "Ikki" (Composed by Hiroyuki Sato)
    07. L-229: Missing Link (Composed by Hiroaki Sano)
    08. Leibniz (Composed by Hiroyuki Sato)
    09. Another Light (Composed by Hiroyuki Sato, Ippo Yamada)
    10. Stranga: Bewildering Flora (Composed by Ryo Yoshinaga)
    11. FLOOOWEEER!! (Composed by Ryo Yoshinaga)
    12. Divido: The Split Planet (Composed by Hiroaki Sano)
    13. Disaster Dad (Composed by Hiroaki Sano)
    14. The Parasitic Death Star (Composed by Ippo Yamada)
    15. Planade-G (Composed by Ippo Yamada)
    16. To Where the Heart Desires (Composed by Hiroaki Sano)
    17. Calamity's Cradle (Composed by Hiroyuki Sato)
    18. Rally Together! (Composed by Hiroaki Sano)
    19. Showdown with Drolrevo (Composed by Hiroyuki Sato)
  5. Blaster Master Zero 3 (ブラスターマスター ゼロ 3) - 2:46
    (Composed by Ippo Yamada)
  6. Medley ~ Blaster Master Zero 3 (メドレー 〜 ブラスターマスター ゼロ 3) - 16:34
    - This track contains a medley of the following compositions from Blaster Master Zero 3 Original Soundtrack:
    01. ロストボックス (Lost Box) (Composed by Ippo Yamada)
    02. ブラストエスケープ (Blast Escape) (Composed by Hiroaki Sano)
    03. 惑星ソフィアの守護者 (Guardian of Planet Sophia) (Composed by Hiroaki Sano)
    04. ガイア-ソフィア スプリームビークル (Gaia-Sophia Supreme Vehicle) (Composed by Takumi Sato)
    05. 表裏転星 (Front and Back Star) (Composed by Ryo Yoshinaga)
    06. カオスドライブ (Chaos Drive) (Composed by Yusuke Sakai)
    07. 超次元への挑戦 (Challenge to the Super Dimension) (Composed by Ippo Yamada)
    08. 深層と真相 (Depths and Truths) (Composed by Yusuke Sakai)
    09. プラネイド-G ティミドロー -イヴを護るための戦い- (Planade-G Timidlow -Battle to Protect Eve-) (Composed by Ippo Yamada)
    10. イヴの答え (Eve's Answer) (Composed by Yusuke Sakai)
    11. ジェイソンの選択 (Jason's Choice) (Composed by Yusuke Sakai)
    12. イヴとジェイソン (Eve and Jason - from BMZ2 OST) (Composed by Ippo Yamada)
    13. アンデレスホリゾント (Anderes Horizonto) (Composed by Hiroaki Sano)
    14. ルシア NORA-2057 (Lucia NORA-2057) (Composed by Takumi Sato)
    15. ライプニッツ ライジング (Leibniz Rising) (Composed by Hiroyuki Sato)
    16. 人機圧倒 (Man and Machine Overwhelming) (Composed by Ryo Yoshinaga)
    17. ソフィア-J1 VS メタル・アタッカー (Sophia-J1 vs Metal Attacker) (Composed by Ryo Yoshinaga, Naoki Kodaka)
    18. 希望の揺籠 (Cradle of Hope) (Composed by Takumi Sato)

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