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The Blaster Rifle resembles a futuristic handgun. As it becomes more energized, its power and versatility go up. It's present in nearly every Blaster Master adventure, held by Jason, Roddy, or Alex. The Blaster Rifle's power level is derived from the suit of its wielder; if the wielder takes damage, the Blaster Rifle's power level drops. At first, the Blaster Rifle has a very short range and low power, but can fire quickly.

Regardless of the Blaster Rifle's power level, it is reduced to a basic peashooter outside of chambers. It's just as capable underwater as on dry land.


Blaster Master[]

Here, and in most of the games following, the Blaster Rifle is simply called the Gun. Collecting GunGun Capsules will energize the weapon up to a total of 8 levels.

  • Level 0: Short range
  • Level 1-3: Long range.
  • Level 4-5: Long range. Rapid fire has been replaced with additional curving bullets that arc around and behind Jason.
  • Level 6-7: Multiple bullets are fired at once, creating a wave pattern in front of Jason. After a short range, the bullets lose their velocity. It's very hard to hit objects directly in front of Jason with this level, or in tight corridors since they collide with the walls.
  • Level 8: Same as previous level, but the bullets travel through objects and do not lose velocity.

Worlds of Power: Blaster Master[]

Jason's Gun is only capable of firing energy bolts and it never alters in power or projectile. It's given to him by Eve on his first on-foot excursion.

Blaster Master 2[]

Jason's gun does not have its own energy source. Instead, it receives a permanent upgrade when Jason collects a power up shared with Sophia in the first stage, gaining rapid-fire properties and the ability to destroy blocks.

Blaster Master: Enemy Below[]

Jason's Gun starts with a maximum of 3 levels, but can be directly enhanced outside the Gun Level with upgrades. Gun 1, found in Area 4, will increase the Gun's power in side-scrolling mode, enabling it to destroy certain blocks, like the Crusher Shot in Blaster Master. Gun 2, an optional pickup in Area 1, will increase the max Gun level to the traditional 8.

  • Level 0: Short range.
  • Level 1-2: Double range of level 0.
  • Level 3: Range extends to line-of-sight.

Blaster Master: Blasting Again[]

As opposed to previous users, Roddy's fully-powered gun isn't always a desired weapon. The short range of the flamethrower simply isn't suitable for many situations. It takes several hits for Roddy to lose any gun power under the maximum level.

  • Level 1: Short ranged, weak shots.
  • Level 2: The energy bullets now have a much longer range.
  • Level 3: The Gun fires a spinning beam that gains width as it travels.
  • Level 4: The Gun's rounds explode.
  • Level 5: The explosions are more plentiful and powerful.
  • Level 6: The Gun becomes a plasma flamethrower. Though short-range, it's damage output is very high.

Blaster Master: Overdrive[]

The Gun is but one weapon in Alex's arsenal. It's moderately strong and has a high rate of fire. The Gun power up is known as a GP Generator, which applies to Alex's other two weapons as well.

  • Level 1: Standard single shot.
  • Level 2: Higher rate of fire.
  • Level 3: Double shots, but lowered rate of fire.
  • Level 4: Increased rate of fire.
  • Level 5: Higher rate of fire, the gun now has a wide range.

Blaster Master Zero[]

Top-Down View Function[]

Like in Blaster Master, Gun Capsules are collected to increase the gun's maximum level. However, Jason can freely use any level of the weapon he has available, not just the highest one. Also, an Energy Guard can be collected that prevents the overall gun level from decreasing when damage is taken. It disappears after one hit, but regenerates over time.

  • Level 0: Blaster - Short range and low firepower. The default gun with a short ~4-block range. Maximum of 2 shots on screen at once.
    • Against bosses which would take more than ~250 Blaster bullets to destroy normally, Blaster's damage output is temporarily multiplied by a factor of 2. (Other Gun levels will continue to scale their damage off of Blaster's original damage.)
    • In Destroyer Mode, enemies will typically gain a temporary Blaster vulnerability if Jason's Gun level is not high enough to have their usual Gun attack vulnerability unlocked.
  • Level 1: Long Range - Fires long range shots. Maximum of 3 shots on screen at once. Deals 2x Blaster damage.
    • A number of common enemies, such as Drap Traps, will be stunned for 1.5 seconds on initial contact with Long Range shots, but will be immune to further stuns for 5 seconds (10 seconds for bosses) if they are not destroyed before the stun wears off.
  • Level 2: Penetrator - Shots pass through walls and terrain. Shots pass through all obstacles, damaging enemies which they encounter. Maximum of 2 shots on screen at once. Deals 2x Blaster damage.
    • Penetrator shots are extremely effective at excavation, instantly destroying all non-ice blocks on contact. (Large blocks normally withstand 3 hits before breaking.)
  • Level 3: Diffusion - Short range, damage increases as the target gets closer. A spread of five enemy-piercing bullets with a short 4-block range are discharged in a 45-degree spread. No shot maximum, but has a minimum delay of ~800 milliseconds between consecutive volleys. Spread damage starts at a theoretical maximum value of 6x Blaster damage at zero range (point-blank), but decreases linearly with distance until it reaches a minimum value of 2x Blaster damage at maximum range.
    • Diffusion is capable of hitting enemies around walls as long as Jason and the enemy are only partly concealed from each other by the wall, regardless of whether the weapon's bullets visually pass through the target.
    • Against bosses which would take more than ~80 minimum-damage Diffusion volleys to destroy normally, Diffusion's damage output is temporarily multiplied by a factor of 2.
    • Taking damage resets shot delays on all Gun attacks, including Diffusion. As Jason can take damage faster than Diffusion can fire (about once every 0.4 seconds), health and Gun levels can be strategically expended to double Diffusion's fire rate for up to 5 shots in a row (6 shots with Energy Guard).
  • Level 4: Auto - Hold the Shoot Button to continuously fire bullets that scatter a bit. The longer the button is held, the more the spread increases (to roughly 30°); however, releasing the Shoot Button instantly resets accumulated spread. No on-screen shot maximum, but has a ~11-block range and a delay of 100 milliseconds between consecutive shots. Deals 2/5 Blaster damage.
    • Against bosses which would take more than ~400 Auto bullets to destroy normally, Auto's damage output is temporarily multiplied by a factor of 2.
  • Level 5: Reflect - Deploy a shield that deflects enemy bullets. While deployed, bullets and solid projectiles (but not enemies or area-of-effect attacks) coming into contact with the shield are returned toward their attackers as high-speed piercing spherical bullets. The green hexagonal shield persists in front of Jason's facing direction for as long as the Shoot Button is held, but has a minimum duration of ~1.25 seconds during which Reflect cannot normally be reactivated. Normal reflected projectiles deal 2x Blaster damage.
    • Reflect also produces a transient bubble shield for the first ~0.25 seconds of its ~1.25-second minimum duration which deflects enemy bullets from all directions with increased lethality until its collapse, returning them as very high-speed piercing waves. Bullets produced by these so-called perfect reflects deal 5x Blaster damage.
    • Successfully executing a perfect reflect allows the bubble shield's duration to be refreshed by tapping the Shoot Button immediately after the perfect reflect occurs. Perfect reflects can be chained in this manner until 1) the bubble shield collapses without reflecting any projectiles, or 2) the bubble shield reflects a projectile, but is not refreshed in time to prevent its natural collapse.
  • Level 6: Striker - A lightning-based shot that also hits nearby enemies. Fires a ball of electricity which passes through walls (but not blocks) and discharges chain lighting on contact with an enemy. Maximum of 1 shot on screen at once. Deals 4x Blaster damage to all affected targets.
    • When a Striker shot hits an enemy, lightning sequentially chains to untargeted enemies (often including segments of bosses with multiple parts) near the most recently damaged target, including those located off-screen, until 1) there are no more nearby enemies within range (or in the current room) to target, or 2) ~20 enemies have been targeted in total.
    • Striker's chain lightning ignores blocks, walls and terrain, though it does not destroy blocks through which it passes.
  • Level 7: Flame - Hold the Shoot button to unleash a flamethrower. Burns enemies for extra damage. Holding the Shoot Button unleashes an enemy-piercing flame sprinkler with a 6-block range and a 100-millisecond delay between consecutive flames. In addition to dealing direct damage, flames ignite enemies for 3 seconds if they are not already on fire, making them take four extra hits of damage (one hit per 750 milliseconds) by burning. Normal flames directly deal 4/5 Blaster damage; lingering flame damage ticks deal 1x Blaster damage each.
    • Against bosses which take more than ~200 burning damage ticks to destroy normally, Flame's burning damage is temporarily multiplied by a factor of 2.
    • The flame sprinkler periodically sweeps a ~120-degree arc in front of Jason at a rate of two full sweeps per 1.2 seconds, shooting slow-moving flames along 7 discrete trajectories relative to the current aim direction.
      • If the Shoot Button is released and re-pressed while one or more flames are still in flight, the sweeping pattern continues based on the most recent position and direction of pattern rotation. Otherwise, if Flame is fired while no flame projectiles are on-screen, the sweeping pattern starts at the center and initially rotates clockwise.
    • Burning damage ticks bypass the invulnerability mechanics of certain bosses (e.g. Ancient Freeze). However, other bosses can end the burning effect early, preventing one or more damage ticks from being applied, by moving out of their own arena (e.g. Drap Trappers) or vanishing (e.g. Crabularva).
    • Flame is the only Gun level which can melt icy floors and destroy Area 4's ice blocks.
    • Jason moves at 2/3 speed while winding up or firing Flame. In addition, whenever Jason changes aim directions while Flame is equipped, the Gun must go through a ~0.25-second wind-up before firing flames once more.
  • Level 8: Wave - Fires a very powerful wide beam. The strongest multi-purpose weapon. Pressing the Shoot Button fires a volley of three piercing shots, composed of one straight traveling projectile and two undulating projectiles with 2-block maximum displacements from the straight projectile, which cross paths at 8-block intervals and damage normal blocks and enemies while in flight. Semi-automatic with no minimum fire delay or maximum on-screen shot count (i.e. fires as fast as the player can mash the Shoot Button). Each shot deals 1x Blaster damage (cumulative 3x Blaster damage per 3-shot volley).
    • In flight, the color of all shots cycles through green/blue/red/orange at a rate of 1 color change per 2 blocks covered by the central shot.
    • The majority of enemies and bosses will be stunned for 1.5 seconds on initial contact with Wave shots, but will be immune to further stuns for 5 seconds (10 seconds for bosses) if they are not destroyed before the stun wears off.

Top-Down View Function - Exploiting Enemy Weaknesses[]

Many enemies and bosses in Blaster Master Zero's dungeons have weaknesses to certain Gun attacks based on the current game mode. Though specific weaknesses are detailed on individual enemy pages, the general weakness types are defined as follows:

  • Vulnerable: The enemy takes Gun damage only from the listed Gun attacks in Destroyer Mode, regardless of the presence of other weaknesses.
    • All other Gun attacks will behave as if the enemy is armored, dealing no damage.
  • Stun: The enemy flashes white and is stunned for 1.5 seconds when it takes damage from any of the listed Gun attacks, pausing its movement and attack patterns for the duration.
    • Stunning an enemy, including with a Flash Bomb, will grant them stun immunity for 5 seconds, doubled to 10 seconds for bosses, after the stun wear off.
  • Weak: The enemy flashes red and takes double damage from the listed Gun attack, in addition to being stunned for 1.5 seconds.

Side View Function[]

In side view areas, Jason's Blaster Rifle reverts to a variant of its Blaster mode with a ~5-block range and a two-shot on-screen limit. Shots from the Blaster Rifle, which damage most enemies for 1/2 Normal Shot damage, are unable to destroy blocks or damage the following armored enemies:

Non-Combat Function[]

In Blaster Master Zero, the Blaster Rifle primarily serves as SOPHIA III's access key, allowing its pilot, Jason, to engage the normally-autonomous vehicle's manual controls. Additional non-combat functions include emergency repair (which triggers during Jason's first meeting with Eve) and authentication at shutter door terminals in areas 4, 8 and 9 (requires collection of external Keys and upload of their data to the Gun).

After Eve heads for the Alternate Dimension Area in SOPHIA III and leaves Jason, Fred and the Blaster Rifle behind, Jason discovers that the Gun also serves as SOPHIA Zero's access key, allowing him to pilot the prototype and pursue the support droid with Fred's help. In Area 9, SOPHIA III continues to recognize the Blaster Rifle, even after its corruption into Invem SOPHIA by the Mutant Core, and will allow Jason to open its cockpit and extract Eve once the Core's hold is sufficiently weakened using SOPHIA Zero's firepower.

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

Combat Function[]

As in the previous installment, Jason may freely select any shot type for the Gun, now called the G-Rifle, that has been unlocked by the acquisition of Gun Capsules, and the Energy Guard makes a return to safeguard against Gun Level loss. Fundamental performance of the Gun has been improved - a Level 0 shot no longer exists and its range in side-scrolling mode has been moderately extended - but many of the higher-tier shot types have been rebalanced to deter over-reliance on a single shot type. (Gun Level firepower in top-down view can be improved further by firing shots while under the effects of Accel Charger.)

  • Level 1: G-Blaster - Fires long range shots. The default top-down shot type. Low firepower, but traverses the whole screen and 3 can exist at once.
    • G-Blaster is the only Gun level that can generate CP (used for Blast Counters) by attacking enemies, replenishing ~4% CP per shot.
    • G-Blaster shots are imbued with an element and inflict additional status effects if they come in contact with Torch Bomb flames (fire), Flash Striker orbs (lightning), or Absolute Comet bits (ice) while in flight.
  • Level 2: Stinger - Fires terrain-piercing shots. Successor to the Penetrator. Shots pierce terrain but will stop when breaking rubble. Rapid-fire has been sped up considerably and 3 shots are allowed on screen at once. Deals 4/3 G-Blaster damage.
    • Hitting enemies with Stinger embeds a projectile for 5 seconds which can be targeted by Flash Striker to electrify enemies. Lightning chains created by this synergy deal 1x/3x/6x G-Blaster damage per second against enemies impaled by 1/2/3+ Stingers at once.
  • Level 3: Splasher - Hold the SHOOT button to fire a spread shot. Range will shorten over time. A combination of the previous Diffusion and Auto Fire attacks, flooding a 45-degree cone in front of Jason with a multitude of weak enemy-piercing bullets. All enemies in the area of effect will take 1/3 G-Blaster damage per tick, with ticks occuring once every ~0.2 seconds.
    • Splasher's initial range is close to half a screen deep, but will diminish as the Shoot Button is held down (or when attempting a new fire cycle after depleting it to this state). Once it is in low power mode, it must be recharged by performing a successful Blast Counter or not firing the weapon for approx. 1 second.
    • Sub-weapons can be used as normal during a Splasher barrage. Blast Counters, however, will interrupt this attack on activation.
    • Splasher's bullet spray will be imbued with the fire element while its origin point is in contact with Torch Bomb's flames, melting icy floors and setting enemies on fire for additional damage over time.
  • Level 4: Seeker - Shots will bounce and home in on enemies they hit. An evolution of Striker, which fires up to 3 slow-moving bullets with a shallow wave trajectory. When a bullet makes contact with an enemy, it turns into a homing projectile that tracks that target for up to 5 seconds, piercing through enemies and terrain in its path in an attempt to bounce off the targeted enemy 4 more times before dissipating. Each collision with a Seeker shot deals 2/3 G-Blaster damage.
    • While Jason is protected by one or more Absolute Comet bits, Seeker's shots are imbued with the ice element and can freeze enemies.
  • Level 5: Absorber - Emits a shield that absorbs enemy shots and converts the energy to CP. A remix of Reflect. Firing projects a wide energy shield roughly 5 blocks ahead of Jason which pierces through rubble and physically obstructs enemies (but not Jason or his other attacks), dealing 4/3 G-Blaster damage as contact damage while in motion. Enemy bullets that impact this shield transform into energy spheres that fly toward Jason and restore part of his CP meter on contact (~15% CP per bullet absorbed).
    • Absorber has a 1-shot on-screen limit, and the shield typically lasts for ~1 second, making it ill-suited for dealing damage to most mutants.
  • Level 6: Whip - Attacks with whip-shaped energy. Can pierce some enemy shields. A melee weapon that strikes 3 blocks ahead of Jason (the first half-block is his hand and G-Rifle, and is not a hitbox) and bypasses enemy shields. Cooldown frames have been equalized across all 8 directions Jason may fire, meaning it does not have the rapid-fire capability Shantae's ponytail has on diagonals. Deals ~8/3 G-Blaster damage.
    • Hitting a projectile with Whip will reflect it back as an all-piercing projectile dealing Whip melee damage, offering an offensive alternative to the Absorber for neutralizing bullets.
    • Enemies which otherwise cannot be countered may present a Blast Counter opportunity upon being made vulnerable by a direct Whip attack.
    • Activating Whip locks Jason into an attack animation lasting ~0.4 seconds by default, preventing him from also activating Sub-weapons or Blast Counters for the duration.
  • Level 7: EX-Charge - Hold the SHOOT button to charge. Fires a weak bullet with a tap of the Shoot button, but can hold input for 1.5 seconds to fire a powerful bullet, resembling Gaia-Sophia's G-Crusher Shot, that pierces through rubble and enemies it kills in one shot, but is stopped by walls and durable enemies. Jason can freely use Sub-weapons and Blast Counters without impacting this Gun Level's charge.
    • While a non-elemental sub-weapon is equipped, uncharged/partially-charged/fully-charged shots deal (2/3)/1x/(~8/3) G-Blaster damage.
    • Having an elemental sub-weapon equipped at the time of charged shot release, regardless of whether it has ammo, will modify the charged shot based on its element (unless otherwise specified, direct damage is unchanged by these modifications):
      • Torch Bomb: The charged shot now explodes 10 blocks out from its origin point or upon hitting an enemy or wall, dealing ~8/3 G-Blaster damage in a small area around the impact site in addition to standard direct damage. Both the projectile and its explosion melt icy floors and ignite enemies for fire damage over time.
      • Flash Striker: The charged shot becomes an all-piercing projectile with increased velocity. It now shocks survivors, causing them to be immobilized for ~0.5 seconds longer on normal stuns (doubled to 1 second longer when a weak-stun is inflicted before the normal stun wears off) until the residual charge dissipates.
      • Absolute Comet: Instead of a single charged shot, the Blaster Rifle discharges a spread of five ice projectiles without any piercing capabilities. Each ice shot deals 1x G-Blaster damage (5x G-Blaster damage per spread) and freezes most enemies on contact, immobilizing them without regard for stun immunity mechanics.
  • Level 8: Wide Blaster (abbreviated as Wide) - High power and piercing potential. Continuous fire will decrease output. Fires an all-piercing wide crescent shot, akin to the original Wave shot but with a consistent width, which initially deals 2x G-Blaster damage and stuns most mutants.
    • This semi-automatic Gun Level decays in shot power whenever multiple shots are fired in rapid succession, down to a minimum of ~1/2 G-Blaster damage per shot. While shot power will gradually return by not firing the weapon for up to ~3 seconds (depending on the degree of power decay), countering an enemy with any Blast Counter will instantly restore Wide Blaster to full power and width.
      • Wide Blaster shots take on one of three widths based on their shot power, providing a visual indication of the current degree of power decay.

In addition to the eight Gun Levels available to Jason, special piercing and point-blank shots can be fired from the Blaster Rifle in top-down view by activating the Reflex Striker and Shift-Up Attacker Blast Counters, respectively, while there is at least one counter target nearby.

Non-Combat Function[]

Due to SOPHIA III's Blaster Rifle being broken by overuse of its Wave function prior to the events of Blaster Master Zero 2, a new model of Blaster Rifle, the G-Rifle, was created by Jason and Eve which serves as the access key for Gaia-SOPHIA. It is unknown whether the G-Rifle has an emergency repair capability similar to that which was formerly possessed by SOPHIA III's Blaster Rifle.


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 2.

Eve collects a Broken Blaster Rifle, with an appearance similar to that of SOPHIA III's Blaster Rifle, upon defeating Dig-Rawler in Area Ω. This Key item, which once belonged to Andreia's pilot Roddy, cannot be used in combat but still serves as Andreia's access key, allowing Eve to control the water-based battle tank as its replacement pilot.

Blaster Master Zero 3[]

Combat Function[]

Unlike previous iterations, an increase in Gun Level will no longer add additional gun modes to the G-Rifle. Instead, five different gun modes are available at all times, which will increase in effectiveness as Gun Levels are accumulated. Also unlike previous iterations, on-screen shot limits are generally eschewed in favor of reload mechanics, removing any fire rate advantage from shooting at close range or toward a screen edge.

  • RG-Blaster (Yellow): Fires a shot straight ahead. Can be charged at max level.
    • Level 1: A very basic blaster with a very short range, similar to Gun Level 0: Blaster from Blaster Master Zero.
      • Base Range: ~4 blocks
      • Base Clip Size: 2 shots
    • Level 2: Range up 1 [shot range extended to screen limits]
    • Level 3: Power up 1 [Adds +50% of base damage]
    • Level 4: Rate of fire up 1 [+1 clip size]
    • Level 5: Range up 2 [+100% shot speed]
    • Level 6: Power up 2 [Adds +150% of base damage]
    • Level 7: Rate of fire up 2 [+1 clip size]
    • Level 8: Enable charge shot
      • Adds a charge shot, similar to Gun Level 7: EX-Charge from Blaster Master Zero 2, with damage equal to 12x base damage. Charged shots deduct 1 shot from the clip when fired, just like uncharged shots.
      • In order to fire a charged shot, the Shoot Button (or shortcut button, if fired via shortcut) must be held down for at least 1.3 seconds, then released. Charge state persists through spin dashes and Blast Counters.
      • Charged shots penetrate walls and enemies which they destroy.
      • For a brief interval after executing Reflex Striker, RG-Blaster will always shoot fully-charged shots, even when the Shoot Button is tapped instead of held and released.
  • High Diffusion (Purple): Fires a spread blast. Range increases at higher levels.
    • Level 1: Fires a spread-out shot of four bullets.
      • Base Range: ~4 blocks
      • Base Clip Size: 3 volleys
      • Base Shots per Volley: 4
    • Level 2: Rate of fire up 1 [+1 clip size]
    • Level 3: Spread up 1 [+1 shot per volley]
    • Level 4: Range up 1 [+4 range]
    • Level 5: Rate of fire up 2 [+1 clip size]
    • Level 6: Spread up 2 [+1 shot per volley]
    • Level 7: Range up 2 [shot range extended to screen limits]
    • Level 8: Power up 2 [+50% damage]
  • Turbo Whip (Green): Attacks with whip-shaped energy. Longer combo attacks available at higher levels.
    • Level 1: A basic melee whip attack. Works the same as its previous iteration.
      • 1st attack has ~3-block range and a narrow hitbox.
    • Level 2: Rate of fire up 1
      • Adds a 2nd attack with a wider hitbox than the 1st attack, but a similar range.
    • Level 3: Rate of fire up 2
      • Adds a 3rd attack with a very wide hitbox and a ~4-block range.
    • Level 4: Stopping power up 1
      • Hitting enemies with Turbo Whip now stops them for ~0.25 seconds, preventing them from moving or attacking for the duration (this operates independently of stun effects).
    • Level 5: Power up 1 [3rd attack gains +50% of base damage]
    • Level 6: Shot eraser [all attacks nullify bullets on contact]
    • Level 7: Power up 2 [1st and 2nd attacks gain +50% of base damage]
    • Level 8: Stopping power up 2 [+0.25 seconds enemy stop duration on hit]
  • Lock-On Striker (Blue): Press the weapon button to lock on. Hold the button after locking on to unleash electricity upon targets.
    • Level 1: Fires a circular scanning pulse which will mark all targets in its range. The targets that have been marked will then be attacked with an electrical shock. Pierces through walls. It is similar to the mode of attack used by Gunvolt.
      • Base Pulse Radius: ~8 blocks
      • Base Lock-on Targets: 2 max
    • Level 2: Lock-on targets up 1 [+1 lock-on target]
    • Level 3: Power up 1 [Adds +50% of base damage]
    • Level 4: Lock-on range up 1 [+8 pulse radius]
    • Level 5: Lock-on targets up 2 [+1 lock-on target]
    • Level 6: Power up 2 [Adds +50% of base damage]
    • Level 7: Lock-on targets up 3 [+1 lock-on target]
    • Level 8: Enable stopping power
  • Cross Wave (Orange): Fires shots with high penetration and power. Leaves a trail of damaging energy in its wake.
    • Level 1: Fires a colorful double-helix shaped shot, which has a limited range. A combination of the Wave and Wide Blaster Gun Levels.
      • Base Range: ~5 blocks
      • Base Clip Size: 1 shot
    • Level 2: Range up 1 [+4 range]
    • Level 3: Rate of fire up 1 [+1 clip size]
    • Level 4: Rate of fire up 2 [+1 clip size]
    • Level 5: Range up 2 [shot range extended to screen limits, +50% shot width]
    • Level 6: Range up 3 [+1 clip size]
    • Level 7: Residual time up
      • Helix trail now deals minor bullet damage on contact with enemies.
    • Level 8: Power up [+50% wave damage]

The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

Though his Blaster Rifle is presumably of Sophian make instead of being consecutively modified like Jason's, Kane Gardner has access to identical firing modes and Gun Level upgrade tracks on the True Ending route.


  • The four colors used by Wave shots in Blaster Master Zero are similar to the four colors which can be assumed by the Multidimensional Overlord during its attacks.
  • When discussing the Wide Blaster in Blaster Master Zero 2, Eve remarks that its output decay is the side-effect of a necessary limiter function on the G-Blaster Rifle, with Jason's overuse of the previous model's Wave shot leading to it being broken after the events of Blaster Master Zero.

Related Quotes[]

Blaster Master Zero[]

Gun Level 0: BLASTER
Firepower and range are rather low. Use this along with your sub-weapons to defeat enemies and raise your gun energy levels as quickly as you can!
— Eve • Blaster Master Zero
Gun Level 1: LONG RANGE
A simple, easy to use gun which, as you can guess, has long range.
— Eve • Blaster Master Zero
It fires projectiles that can pass through walls and enemies, too! Hitting the weak points of heavily armored enemies or destroying multiple blocks with one shot feels really satisfying!
— Eve • Blaster Master Zero
Gun Level 3: DIFFUSION
It fires a shotgun-style blast. It's very powerful at close range, but don't forget that it has short range and a slow rate of fire.
— Eve • Blaster Master Zero
Gun Level 4: AUTO
Hold down the Shoot button for a rapid-fire blast. However, there is some recoil, so good control is important to keep the bullets on target.
— Eve • Blaster Master Zero
Gun Level 5: REFLECT
Release a shield that deflects incoming enemy fire. Time your deflecting well to power it up! But, please remember, this won't do you much good against enemies that don't shoot anything.
— Eve • Blaster Master Zero
Gun Level 6: STRIKER
This fires a lightning-based shot that will also hit enemies that are near the target. Try using it when there's a lot of enemies clustered together. Just be careful of the large gaps of time in between shots. OVERSURGE! ...Wait...what...? ......Why did I say that...?
— Eve • Blaster Master Zero
Gun Level 7: FLAME
Hold down the Shoot button to unleash a devastating flamethrower! Any enemies hit by the flamethrower will catch fire and take extra damage, too!
— Eve • Blaster Master Zero
Gun Level 8: WAVE
It's powerful, it's piercing, and just an all around strong weapon! It's effective in pretty much any situation, so keep that gun level up!
— Eve • Blaster Master Zero

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

Eve: Gun Level 1 - "G-BLASTER". It's not very powerful, but it's simple and pretty easy to use.

Jason: (As I gain energy, my gun, the Blaster Rifle, increases in Gun Level. As its Gun Level increases, the shots take on special properties. However, if I take damage, my Gun Level decreases, so I have to be very careful against strong enemies.) Generally speaking, each Gun Level is stronger than the last, but... Most mutants have a certain Gun Level they are weak to, so... Exploiting those weaknesses in combat is extremely useful.

Eve: That's right! Also, your new Blaster Rifle, the "G-Rifle", has a brand-new feature. Some sub-weapons will bestow an element like fire, lightning or ice to your Gun Level, so make sure you try out different sub-weapons with each of your Gun Levels!
— G-Blaster (Talk with Eve) • Blaster Master Zero 2
Eve: Gun Level 2 - "STINGER". It fires darts that pierce terrain. When the shots hit an enemy, they'll continue flying for a moment. Other than that, it doesn't have any other special features. It could be good to combine with another weapon, so keep it in mind. Hmm...haven't we already met someone else who fights like that?
Jason: I don't know...have we...?
— Stinger (Talk with Eve) • Blaster Master Zero 2
Gun Level 3 - "SPLASHER". If you keep the SHOOT button held down, it will rapid-fire a spread of shots. Its power is low, but it fires many shots in a wide area. Unfortunately, the shots won't penetrate terrain, so it's not very useful in narrow spaces or areas with many obstacles. Also, if you continuously fire for a while, its power output will drop. SPLASHER will restore its power if you let it rest for a while, but... If you perform a BLAST COUNTER, it'll be back to full power instantly. Keep up the pressure by getting lots of BLAST COUNTERS!
— Eve • Blaster Master Zero 2
Gun Level 4 - "SEEKER". The shots chase enemies on contact. While in pursuit, the shots will pierce terrain and damage nearby enemies as well. If enemies give you only a small chance to attack, move quickly, or you find yourself surrounded, give SEEKER a try. However, if you use it on enemies that react to your attacks, you might find yourself in a world of pain...
— Eve • Blaster Master Zero 2
Gun Level 5 - "ABSORBER". It releases a shield that protects you from enemy shots. What's more, the shots get turned into CP when they're, um, "absorbed." You can't use it repeatedly, however, and it's not so useful for actually defeating enemies...
— Eve • Blaster Master Zero 2
Eve: Gun Level 6 - "WHIP". It attacks enemies directly with whip-shaped energy. You can also whip enemy shots to fire them back at the shooter. The whip is very powerful, but its range is extremely short. Don't get yourself hurt while trying to attack. ...By the way, Jason... I'm curious where you came up with the idea for this weapon. I feel like I've seen a girl who used her hair like a whip to attack just like this... Ring any bells?

Jason: Hmm, that does sound familiar.
Eve: The G-Rifle was designed to be a gun that turns energy into projectiles... It wasn't made to hold energy steady at the muzzle. Do you know how hard it was to make this possible, hmm...?
Jason: O-oh... Sorry for asking for something so unreasonable. Thank you for all your hard work.

Eve: ...Hmph. Well, I'll forgive you. This time.
— Whip (Talk with Eve) • Blaster Master Zero 2
Gun Level 7 - "EX-CHARGE". You can charge its shots by holding down the SHOOT button. It can also retain its charge when you use a BLAST COUNTER. If you can master this technique, the EX-CHARGE is extremely powerful. However, the shots it fires when not charged are weaker than the G-BLASTER. Be careful with enemies that don't go down in one shot! It's even more powerful when combined with an element-based sub-weapon.
— Eve • Blaster Master Zero 2
Eve: Gun Level 8 - "WIDE BLASTER". With its large attack area and piercing shots, it's very easy to use in any situation, but before you think, "This is so over-powered!", let me remind you that continuous fire will gradually reduce its power. If your old Blaster Rifle had this safety feature, it wouldn't be broken now, would it?

Jason: We don't know how long this journey will last, so it's better this way.

Eve: When the WIDE BLASTER's power drops, it will recover after a while, but... The energy expelled from a BLAST COUNTER will charge it right up. So if you want to keep using the WIDE BLASTER, get those COUNTERS!
— Wide Blaster (Talk with Eve) • Blaster Master Zero 2