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"The Sanguine Pulsator" Bloodstained Planade-G is a mutant that appears in Blaster Master Zero 3 that serves as the boss of the Forbidden Sector. If the player intends to achieve the Normal Ending, then this confrontation serves as the final battle of the game.


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

Physical Appearance[]

Bloodstained Planade-G appears as a pulsating heart wrapped in a series of blade-like tendrils each with large glowing eyes of varying colors. It possesses a similar color palette to Planade-G in Blaster Master Zero 2, notably its purple core and distinctive red eye on its upper left side.

General Information[]

As Jason and Leibniz descend further into the Forbidden Sector, they come to learn from Jennifer that Eve's destiny was "reversed" the moment that the mutant king, Drolrevo was defeated in Area Ω. The eradication of this mutant boss subsequently caused the reign over all mutants to be passed down to Eve. It was at that moment she became recognized as the "Mutant Queen." With Jason initially refusing to accept Eve's fate, Leibniz proceeds to sarcastically note the irony in the entire situation in that a MA support droid being created to fight mutants has now become the ruler of the mutants themselves. With Jason now beginning to question if everything that they had accomplished was all in vain, Jennifer assures him that the path they took and their concerted efforts to cure Eve of her mutant infection suggested otherwise.

During Jennifer's final report on Eve's DNA, she concludes that the mutant behavior is different from their invasion of Planet Sophia from 10 years prior. Their intent is not to carry out another invasion, but to protect their new queen, Eve. Their presence alone and the creation of dimensional ruptures serves as a safeguard against the Sophia Force to ensure their queen's survival. Jennifer then proceeds to inform Jason and Leibniz that Eve's time spent in Super-Dimensional Space has caused her body to acclimate to that environment, potentially turning her into a being beyond anything mutant or organic, or even into something non-physical. Kane then proceeds to interrupt the conversation to inform Jason that the Sophia planetary government has declared Eve the mutant core, now identifying her as the "Invem Queen", and must ultimately be destroyed. Although Kane's foremost priority is to ensure the protection and survival of Planet Sophia, he still presents the protagonist with the option to either save Eve or let her be destroyed. With his determination unfettered, Jason confidently states that there is no choice, that he trusts Eve and still desires to rescue her. With Kane seeing that as significant risk to the Sophia Force's operation, he attempts to use that as leverage to delay the assault on the Forbidden Sector. Jason and Leibniz proceed into the depths of the mutant infested Forbidden Sector in their pursuit of Eve.


BMZ3 Captured Eve

Eve held captive by Planade-G

As Jason and Leibniz now enter the furthermost reaches of the Forbidden Sector, they shockingly discover that the source of the mutant core's signal is in fact Planade-G. Having survived it's perceived destruction upon the conclusion of Blaster Master Zero 2, Planade-G still exists as the mutant core that has trapped Eve and is now potentially usurping any power of hers to control the mutant lifeforms. Disturbed by knowing that this menace has survived and all the destruction that it has caused, Leibniz erratically provokes Jason to kill Planade-G without hesitation, as it is the only way he can save Eve. Acknowledging that the frame of Gaia-SOPHIA SV is barely remaining intact, Jason engages the mutant threat.


Upon Gaia-SOPHIA SV inflicting a significant amount of damage on Planade-G, the creature proceeds to escape into Super-Dimensional Space, taking Eve with it. Unable to maintain any further stability, Gaia-SOPHIA SV finally self-destructs, leaving Jason and Leibniz without a Metal Attacker that can end Planade-G's existence. Acknowledging that this challenge is one that only he can take on alone, Jason activates the VRV system to enter Super-Dimensional Space one last time to destroy Planade-G once and for all.


Side-Scrolling Mode: During the first half of the battle with Bloodstained Planade-G, the mutant boss will bounce around in a diagonal pattern throughout the arena. During movement, it will also leave behind small globules of its own blood, which will then coagulate into projectiles that fire downward in a diagonal pattern in an attempt to inflict damage upon Gaia-SOPHIA SV. The floor, walls, and ceiling are lined with a series of purple translucent blocks in which any contact that Planade-G makes with them will immediately turn the blocks into a row of spikes, presenting a further hazard for the player.

Top-Down Mode: Much like previous bosses such as the Multidimensional Overlord and Drolrevo Mastro, Bloodstained Planade-G's attacks are dictated based on the current color of its core. It will also continue to move in diagonal and orthogonal patterns throughout the arena while dropping globules of purple blood and executing one of its current attacks:

  • Light Purple: Charges up and proceeds to fire a continuous stream of blood towards the current position of the player for 5 seconds.
  • Blue: Absorbs any remaining globules of blood scattered about that have not been destroyed by the player. Any absorbed blood allows Planade-G to regain health.
  • Orange: Fires off a single slow moving fuchsia-colored projectile towards Jason then proceeds to release an energy ring from the core, causing the projectile to split into 3 smaller orbs that fire off in multiple directions. Any subsequent usage of the energy ring will further divide any remaining projectiles on screen.
  • Green: The mutant boss quickly flies towards Jason's current position in attempt to collide with him. Should Planade-G miss and collide with the wall, it will drop additional blood globules on the ground.
  • Dark Purple: Once Planade-G's health has been diminished, it will return to the center of the arena, just below Eve's cocoon and proceed to charge up and release a massive energy beam which will quickly deplete Jason's health if he fails to utilize his Elemental Blaster before the mutant can execute said attack.

Bloodstained Planade-G is also capable of creating a clone of itself when less than 50% of its health remains. Any scattered blood globules in the arena that have not been eliminated by Jason will amass into one amalgamated solid purple duplicate that will pursue the player as they move about the screen. It is capable of weaponizing itself into a large 4-pronged spiked mass that can quickly inflict damage upon the player. When destroyed, the clone will explode into a pool of purple acid, to which the player is advised to maintain a distance when dispatching the clone.


During the side-scrolling portion of the fight, Bloodstained Planade-G is weak to the de-powered shots of Gaia-SOPHIA SV that are fired when the primary weapon SP has been drained and forcing the Gaia-SOPHIA SV into main SP shutdown mode. Using the G-Crusher Shot+ is advisable to drain your main SP to enter main SP shutdown mode since the G-Crusher Shot+ can both damage Bloodstained Planade-G and drain main SP unlike other primary weapons like the Anti-SF Ammo which Bloodstained Planade-G is immune to. The Ignition Spark will protect the player from Planade-G's blood projectiles, leaving them free to unload their primary shots for its duration.

During the top-down portion of the fight, the colors of Bloodstained Planade-G also correspond to its weapon weaknesses. Therefore, switching weapons to adapt to the situation is highly advisable. It is also strongly recommended to enter this fight with a full weapon gauge, as having the weaker variants of the weapons will increase the difficulty significantly.