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CIRQ SP-1000 is a mid-boss in Blaster Master Zero 3 that Jason encounters in Sophia Metropolis. It is also fought a second time in the NORA Satellite Zone, just outside of Jennifer Gardner's lab.

Physical Appearance[]

CIRQ SP-1000 is one of the Sophia Force's security robots. It consists of a central orange colored mechanical core (grey in the NORA Satellite Zone version) surrounded by a field of dark and lightly colored rotating blades that alternate between clockwise and counterclockwise movement.

General Information[]

CIRQ SP-1000 first appears in Sophia Metropolis. Defeating it grants Jason with a map of area. This SF guard unit is also encountered in the NORA Satellite Zone, this time in a room containing lattice-shaped barriers that will inflict damage upon Gaia-SOPHIA if touched. Defeating this mid-boss will reward Jason with the IX Shredder sub-weapon.


When the battle begins, CIRQ will generate a field of rotating blades around the central core. From there, 4 rows of blades will extend outward, forming an 'X' pattern, proceeding to make a counterclockwise sweep across the room that is capable of adjusting the direction of rotation throughout the fight. Any dark colored blades cannot be destroyed whereas the lightly colored ones can be in order to mitigate any damage to the player so that they may focus their attacks on the core. The central core is also capable of firing a tri-shot of projectiles at the player while they are attempting to avoid or destroy the rotating blades. When enough blades have been destroyed, all of them will detonate, allowing CIRQ to generate a new field of rotating hazards. CIRQ follows the same attack patterns in the NORA Satellite Zone as it does during the first encounter, except it's central core has additional defenses via surrounding lattice barriers.


In order to successfully defeat CIRQ SP-1000, all firepower must be directed at the central core. Use of the G-Crusher Shot+ will quickly reduce it's health while utilization of the Homing Laser will eliminate any nearby rotating blades that can be destroyed. During the second encounter, the player should remain grounded and keep their distance from the central core in order to avoid contact with the lattice barriers. Use of the Anti-SF Ammo is most effective against the central core, as this cannon shot is capable of passing through solid objects.