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A shell that makes a large explosion on impact. Hold the Shoot button to charge it, then release to fire.
— Cannon Shot • Blaster Master Zero
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A Cannon Shot in flight just outside the dungeon in which it is acquired. Note the ballistic travel angle impossible with SOPHIA III's other munitions.

Cannon Shot is an alternate charge shot for SOPHIA III's main cannon in Blaster Master Zero. It is gained in Area 6 after clearing out the "Peeper's Den" enemy rush room. (In Destroyer Mode, it is instead acquired from the "Cell Rejection" enemy rush room in Area 8.)


Like its predecessors, Cannon Shot merely fires basic cannon blasts when the Shoot button is tapped. When held for at least ~1.2 seconds, a green reticle appears at the projected impact point, with location depending on SOPHIA's cannon angle and the surrounding terrain. Once the Shoot Button is released, 1 SP is consumed to fire a shell that follows a ballistic trajectory, arcing toward where the cursor was pointing. As this shell has a larger terrain hitbox than other cannon shots, it can only be fired through openings which are at least 2 blocks wide.

Cannon Shots explode on impact in a roughly 8-tile diameter area, breaking red stars and damaging both direct targets (those hit by both the shell and the explosion) and enemies caught in the blast based on main cannon power. Damage per direct hit is equivalent to the shooting power of the main cannon + 7 Normal Shots; damage per indirect hit is equivalent to the shooting power of the main cannon + 3 Normal Shots/1 Crusher Shot:

  • Hyper Shot: 9:2 image ratio (direct); 5:2 damage ratio (indirect)
  • Crusher Shot: 10:3 damage ratio (direct); 2:1 damage ratio (indirect)

If the Crusher Shot chip is also installed, Cannon Shot's explosion will break blocks within its blast area. Regardless of whether the Crusher Shot chip is installed, care must be taken to land Cannon Shots a decent distance away from SOPHIA III, as it will take 2 notches of damage if caught in the blast itself. The sheer recoil of firing a Cannon Shot helps with this somewhat, pushing SOPHIA back 2 blocks if fired from a stationary position or 1 block if fired in motion.

Launch a shell that explodes on impact
— Cannon Shot Description (SOPHIA Zero) • Blaster Master Zero

Sophia Zero fires empowered Cannon Shots instantly with no on-screen maximum, a doubled blast diameter (16 tiles), and no knockback or self-damage from being caught in the explosion, making them an effective (if expensive and still hampered by lack of vertical reach) area-denial ordnance. (Attempting to fire empowered Cannon Shot while at zero SP will instead fire an empowered Crusher Shot.) Proportional damage to direct targets is reduced to ~200% of empowered Crusher Shot damage while proportional damage to indirect targets is reduced to ~133% of empowered Crusher Shot damage.


Related Quotes[]

CANNON SHOT: With this main weapon, you can hold down the Shoot button to charge a shot, then release it to fire. It's a powerful shell that explodes in a wide, destructive blast upon impact with its target. There may even be things that you can only destroy with this shot. The shell fires in an arch, so make sure your angle is properly set before you fire. Also, watch out behind you, because there's some kick-back when firing. Make sure you're nowhere near the blast, too. You definitely don't want to get caught up in that.
— Eve