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Capsules are momentary power-ups that increase health, weaponry, or various operations of a vehicle. They are found throughout the Blaster Master franchise from defeated enemies or broken blocks.

Blaster Master and Enemy Below[]

A gray sphere will recover one unit, and a flashing unit recovers four.


Pcapsule Power capsules are used to recover health.


Gun Acquiring Gun capsules increases the Gun's level.

The Thunder Thunder Break, Missile Multi Warhead Missile, and Hmissile Homing Missile all require capsule energy to fire. Obtaining a capsule grants twenty ammo for the appropriate weapon.


FullHover The Hover Pack burns through energy quickly. When Jason first acquires it, Hover capsules he's found before then determine how much Hover capacity the Sophia 3rd begins with.

Blaster Master: Blasting Again[]

Prisms take the place of Capsules as recovery and ammo refill pickups, also introducing variants that inflict immediate area effects on enemies when picked up.

Blaster Master Zero and Zero 2[]

Capsules of all kinds receive a colorized overhaul for the Zero duology, with small ones recovering one unit of the associated meter, and large ones recovering four. Each destroyed mutant can drop up to one capsule on death, with capsule drop chances varying by enemy type (strong enemies typically drop large capsules more frequently than weak enemies or boss minions).

In Zero only, all large capsules, except for large SP capsules, are replaced with their small variants in Destroyer Mode, and capsule-dropping minions in a number of top-down view boss fights are only allowed to drop a specific capsule type in the same mode --- see individual boss pages for these restrictions where applicable.


Life capsules, the only capsules appearing in both top view and side view levels, recover 1 health/4 health (small/large capsules), as indicated by the P gauge, up to the current maximum. They come in different shapes depending on whether the player is controlling Jason or an EX Character.

  • Jason: Green capsule (small) | Green barrel (large)
  • Ekoro (BMZ): Small heart | Large heart
  • Gunvolt (BMZ): Small drink | Large drink
  • Shantae (BMZ): Small heart | Large heart
  • Shovel Knight (BMZ): Apple | Roast chicken
  • Copen (BMZ2): Small red capsule | Large red capsule
  • Empress (BMZ2): Small bread | Large bread

Side View Capsules[]

The only capsules exclusive to side view areas are SP capsules, which apply their effects to Metal Attackers regardless of whether the MA or its pilot is the one that actually collects it.

In Zero, SOPHIA III and SOPHIA Zero's sub-weapons, maneuvers and charged cannon shots all draw from a mutual SP meter with a maximum capacity of 8 SP. Small SP capsules (blue capsules) instantly recharge 1 SP while large SP capsules (tapered blue barrels) instantly recharge 4 SP.

  • SP capsules collected by Gunvolt also restore 10%/40% of his EP gauge (small/large capsules).

In Zero 2, Gaia-SOPHIA has a fluid SP bar without any discrete chunks. Small SP capsules recover 10% of the default bar and large ones recover 40%. Collecting these capsules directly with G-SOPHIA during a shutdown will instead recover 20% and 80% of the default SP bar, respectively.

  • SP capsules collected by Copen also restore 10%/40% SP gauge (small/large capsules) for all held EX weapons. In addition, the capsules now have a metallic appearance.
  • SP capsules collected by Empress restore 10%/20% DP gauge (small/large capsules) instead of granting SP to D-Attacker. In addition, the capsules now appear as crystals.

Top View Capsules[]

Gun Capsules increase the Gun's maximum level, as usual, up to the maximum level of 8. Small Gun Capsules (small red cross capsules) add 1 level while large Gun Capsules (tapered red cross capsules) add 4 levels.

  • For EX Characters in Blaster Master Zero, Gun Capsules behave identically to Ammo Capsules.
  • For Copen (BMZ2), Gun capsules, which now appear as stray Bullits, restore 1/3 missing Bullits (small/large drops).
  • For Empress (BMZ2), all Gun capsule drops are replaced by DP crystals of the same size which restore 10%/20% DP (small/large crystals).

Ammo Capsules replenish Jason's sub-weapon stocks by 2 for all held weapons (small yellow pouch) or 5 (large yellow pack).

  • EX Characters in Blaster Master Zero instead receive replenishment of their own unique meters (1/4 units for Ekoro, 10%/40% for the others).
  • For Copen (BMZ2), all Ammo capsule drops are replaced by SP capsules of the same size which restore 10%/40% SP gauge (small/large capsules) for all held EX weapons.
  • For Empress (BMZ2), all Ammo capsule drops are replaced by DP crystals of the same size which restore 10%/20% DP (small/large crystals).