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This gear-like machine was created to manage to operations of the factory, however it has been completely taken over by a mutant. It moves between two different shafts and uses massive laser beams and electromagnetic attacks to vanquish any threats. Its armor is strong enough to repel shots from SOPHIA III's main cannon.
— Central Gear Description • Blaster Master Zero website

"The Uncontrollable Engine" Central Gear is a boss in Blaster Master Zero, appearing as the mutant boss of Area 3.

Physical Appearance[]

Central Gear resembles a blue-gray, eight-cogged gear, albeit with one cog missing; this missing cog serves to give Central Gear a mouth area. The gear has purple veins reaching out to the cogs, holding a single red eye, with a vertical slit pupil, in the center. During its attacks, Central Gear’s mouth will extend, showing rows of spiky, orange teeth.

General Information[]

Central Gear appears as the mutant boss of the Industrial Area. Inside its arena is the Hover Pack, which allows SOPHIA III to use energy in order to ascend. However, after picking up the Hover Pack, Central Gear traps the player in the room, with defeating it being the only way out. Its battle is specifically designed with the Hover Pack in mind, and is the first boss battle in the game where the player fights in the tank instead of on foot.


While not an attack, Central Gear can change the platforms the player can use during the battle. There are 21 total potential platforms, split evenly among three rows, that Central Gear can manipulate; usable platforms are orange, while platforms in the background appear green. Central Gear has six possible positions it can be in: top, middle, or bottom, as well as left or right. When in the middle, it can perform one of two attacks. It can shoot eight purple energy balls, each separated by 22.5°, in a half-circle rotation; the fourth energy ball will be shot horizontally, and the eighth energy ball will be shot straight down. The other attack it can perform is producing four gears from its mouth. These gears will reappear at the opposite side of the arena, where each can then travel down one of four rows; more gears usually enter the row the player is at. When Central Gear is at the bottom, it can gather electricity in its mouth and shoot out a purple laser, during which it performs a 90° sweep upward; it is initially angled 45° below the horizon so as to be able to hit anyone on the floor, so the laser only actually reaches 45° above the horizon. Central Gear can also perform this attack when in the top position, aiming upward before sweeping down, but Central Gear will also drop to the middle position while performing the sweep. At any position, Central Gear can start spinning around while generating electricity; after two complete spins, once it aligns with the player, it will shoot out a bolt of electricity, rotate, and then shoot another when it aligns with the player again.

Platform Configurations[]

Central Gear’s manipulation of the platforms is a main part of the fight, and can sometimes leave the player at a disadvantage. There are four configurations:

  • Three platforms in the middle of the middle row, two platforms at the left and right ends of the top and bottom rows; this one is always used at the start of the fight.
  • One platform in the middle of the middle row, one platform at the left and right ends of the top row.
  • One platform in the middle of the top row, two platforms at the left and right ends of the bottom row.
  • Seven platforms in the top and middle rows.


Looks like its body has some really thick armor. Find the gaps in the armor and attack its core! Finding a way to pierce through its armor and directly attack its core would definitely make your life easier...
— Eve

The only way to damage Central Gear is by attacking its core; the actual gear is immune to all attacks. Usually this involves shooting into Central Gear’s mouth to hit the core, however, SOPHIA III can use Warhead Missiles, Homing Missiles, and Laser Shots to pierce through its armor and directly attack its core, albeit with the former two using up SP. It is generally best to be in the middle row of platforms when possible, as the middle is Central Gear’s most common position. When performing its energy ball attack, the player can either simply choose to jump over the fourth shot and fire Warhead Missiles and Laser Shots, or can move to the ground and wait for Central Gear to finish shooting, after which the player can aim directly upward and release Crusher Shots into its mouth to hit the core. When performing its gear attack, the player can simply turn around and shoot down any approaching gears. When performing its laser sweep, the player simply has to avoid it if coming from the bottom; if coming from the top, the player can either get underneath Central Gear and use Warhead Missiles and Laser Shots, or can try to get in a position near where the laser sweep will end and aim diagonally into its mouth. When performing its lightning bolt attack, it is best to be in a position that is either directly horizontal or at a 45° angle below Central Gear; the player can simply jump over the bolt of electricity once it’s fired, and after the second shot, it is left vulnerable for the player to attack. Central Gear does not have a predictable pattern, and thus, there is no particular way to beat it in a consistent manner. In “ideal” conditions, it can be defeated in less than 30 seconds; otherwise, the battle can usually be completed in less than a minute.

Destroyer Mode[]

The strategy remains almost unchanged, as the battle itself is almost no different; Central Gear now has more than double its normal health, and deals triple its normal damage. Due to the lack of Life Ups, the player is capped at 8 health instead of the maximum 10 at this point; the Homing Missile and Laser Shot are also not available, meaning the player can only use Warhead Missiles to pierce through the armor and directly attack its core. Access to the Shield Mine allows SOPHIA III to block the energy balls and other gears, but it cannot block its laser and lightning bolt attacks.


The following lists show how many shots it takes from each Main Weapon and Sub-weapon to defeat Central Gear.


  • Crusher Shot: 40
  • Laser Shot: 40
  • Maximum Shot: untested
  • Cannon Shot: untested
  • Acceleration Blast: untested
  • Warhead Missiles: 30
  • Thunder Breaker: 24
  • Homing Missile: 35
  • Spark Tackle: untested
  • Shield Mine: untested


  • Crusher Shot: 4
  • Laser Shot: 4
  • Maximum Shot: untested
  • Cannon Shot: untested
  • Acceleration Blast: 1 {instant death}
  • Warhead Missiles: untested
  • Thunder Breaker: untested
  • Homing Missile: 24
  • Spark Tackle: untested
  • Shield Mine: untested

Related Quotes[]

Jason: WHAT THE...?!
Eve: Jason, look up!
— Central Gear Encounter
Jason: What is that gear?! It's friggin' HUGE!
Eve: I know it sounds crazy, but it looks like that's a mutant!
Jason: Crap... did that thing lure us here using that chip as bait?!
Eve: Watch out, Jason! Here it comes!
— Central Gear shows itself


  • Despite being a boss, the player usually cannot fight the second mid-boss, Photophage, until afterward, as reaching Photophage’s dungeon usually requires using the Hover Pack; however, EX Characters are capable of making it over without the Hover Pack, serving as a minor sequence break. If this is performed, Central Gear becomes optional in terms of progressing through most of the game; however, as all items need to be obtained to reach Area 9, skipping Central Gear will result in obtaining the bad ending.