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Copen Kamizono is the protagonist of the Azure Striker Gunvolt franchise's 2019 offshoot game Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX, and the first guest character released for Blaster Master Zero 2, implemented with the game's Version 1.3.0 update. Copen was released for download on November 29th, 2019 and was previously announced to debut simultaneously with the game's Steam release. Prior to December 12th, Copen was free to download for either platform; he was priced at US $1.99 afterward.

Appearances and Synopses[]

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

Due to being an extra character, there are no cutscenes or dialogue to explain how or why Copen is going through space, though there is a post-credits image showing him and Lola standing in front of a wormhole with what looks to be Fred sitting off in a corner. His tank, Giant Lola (G-Lola), features a new design instead of being a recolored version of Gaia-SOPHIA, though there is no explanation as to how the Giant Lola has a Gaia System. Beyond that, the Giant Lola functions identically to G-SOPHIA but utilizes unique aesthetics for its abilities (e.g. Full Accel Burst's icon is shaped like Lola's face, rather than Earth).

All Capsules are changed to look more like items from Luminous Avenger; Gun capsules in particular are changed to single Bullit (small) and triple Bullit (large) drops while Ammo capsules are converted to SP capsules. Life Ups and SP Ups are changed to look like Copen's emblem. Major item pickup jingles are unchanged compared to other Extra characters.

All interactions dialogue, such as those with other MA pilots is removed. (Ex: Normally, Kanna demands three fruits that can be grown across Planet Stranga before she gives the coordinates for Planetoid E-3. With Copen, however, the player simply gets the coordinates and the Drill Smasher sub-weapon after the boss fight, no dialogue or fruit-hunting.)


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 2.

This also applies in regards to the Emblems needed for the True Ending. After defeating Planade-G, Copen is thrown into Area Ω to fight his way towards Drolrevo, no sidequests or Emblems necessary. Retry points in this Area cannot be used to summon Giant Lola, so Copen must traverse the entire Area by himself.

Gameplay Changes[]

Compared to Jason's Gun, Copen's "Divider" laser gun rapidly fires beams that can instantly travel the full length of the screen, damaging the first target they hit. In both side view and top-down view, Copen can also use various abilities of adepts he's defeated in the form of EX Weapons, though in BMZ2, these abilities replace certain rewards from bosses and gauntlet rooms. EX Weapons have their own SP bars, which regenerate after a brief period while equipped; SP Capsules may also be collected to restore 10% (small)/40% (large) SP to all EX Weapons simultaneously.

Copen is immune to fall damage, can toggle mid-air hover with the Jump button, and can even bound up walls by rapidly pressing the Jump button on a non-damaging wall. In addition, Copen only takes standard damage from side view attacks (rather than double damage like Jason).

By default, Copen starts every planet on foot. The Giant Lola must be called in from a retry point, but after that, it can be warped to using the "G-Lola Warp" command in the pause menu.

Core Abilities[]

Copen has a number of basic functions, some of which are displayed in the Weapon Select Screen. None of these functions can be mapped to shortcut keys.


Shoots photon laser blasts that immediately hit their target. Shots gain homing properties when locked onto enemies.

Copen's default weapon, bound to the Shoot button. Fires fully-automatic laser beams that damage the first target they hit for 4/15 G-Blaster damage / 1/25 G-Crusher damage (top-down view / side view). While a tagged enemy is on-screen, these beams instead home in on the tagged enemy and deal 2/3 G-Blaster damage / 1/5 G-Crusher damage (top-down view / side view). Travel time is near-instant. Cannot go through walls. Can break blocks and trigger exposed switches.

Bullit Dash[]

Copen is capable of dashing mid-air in six directions (left, right, and all diagonal directions) in any side-scrolling segment using Bullits (the bullet icons beneath Copen's life bar). It costs one Bullit (out of an initial capacity of 3 Bullits) to perform a Bullit Dash, but they are replenished by bouncing off an enemy, wall, or ground mid-dash. Ending a dash in mid-air or bouncing off an enemy (but not hitting a wall while traveling straight left or right) will automatically engage mid-air hover. Bouncing diagonally off of terrain (even spike-covered terrain as long as Prevasion can nullify damage taken) while the Switch Weapons button is held will cause Copen to kick off the wall and start another diagonal Bullit Dash for free; in narrow corridors, this wall-kick effect can be chained to quickly restore Bullits while staying in the air.

Dashing into a foe allows Copen to lock on to it and blast it with homing shots or EX weapons until it dies or the lock-on expires (5 seconds by default). Dashing on the ground does not cost Bullits and can still mark enemies; however, ground dashes, including all top-down view dashes, are much slower than air dashes and will not restore any Bullits on impact. Copen can quick-reload, plunging straight down to the ground if in mid-air, to rapidly refill all Bullits (tap down twice in side view or the Jump button twice in top-down view); alternately, he can pick up Bullit drops in top-down view (replacing all Gun capsule drops) or wait for Bullits to regenerate on their own (~9 seconds for each missing Bullit).

Bullit Dash can be used to press wall buttons (which would otherwise require Recoil Jump) and disable pink barriers (which would otherwise require Burn Spark), but is incapable of melting Planet Divido's snow fields.


Similar to Gunvolt in Blaster Master Zero, Copen can use Prevasion to nullify damage; Copen will leave red after-images as he moves whenever Prevasion is ready to use. While Copen has at least one Bullit, taking a hit will consume two Bullits instead of taking away any Life. This ability will trigger even in response to environment hazards such as pits in Planet Flosante's top-down segments or Planet Divido's dimensional distortions.

Twin Shredder[]

Unleashes a counter-attack where Copen and Lola join forces to shred enemies.

Copen's Blast Counter. By pressing the button when the marker appears over an enemy, Copen and Lola dash across the screen and slash any enemy with a marker on them. CP cost, ~75% of Copen's CP gauge, remains the same no matter how few or how many enemies are shredded; however, the Blast Counter button must be pressed an additional time for each counter after the first in order to prevent Twin Shredder from ending pre-emptively. Enemies that survive being shredded will be stunned.

Activating Twin Shredder incurs a ~1.5 second delay after which Copen rapidly regenerates CP (~12.5% CP per second).

EX Weapons[]

Copen has access to EX weapons in both side view and top-down view and is able to set shortcuts for both views. However, a number of EX weapons are only usable in one view; in addition, as Lola's orbitals are only capable of triggering one EX weapon at a time, activating a shortcut only serves as a quick method for changing weapons.

Copen's Switch Weapons key is already mapped to his Bullit Dash function, so the Change Angle button is used to cycle through EX weapons (tap) or open the Switch Weapons interface (hold) while controlling Copen in both views. Like Gunvolt in Blaster Master Zero, Copen strafes by holding the Jump button.

Stellar Spark[]

Fires forward-facing lightning strikes. Lock on to enemies to have lightning directly strike their target.

Copen's starting sub-weapon which is usable in both views. Consumes 20% SP by default per ~1.75 seconds to fire an array of four lightning bolts, each bolt dealing 1x / 8/5 Divider homing damage (top-down view / side view) every time SP is consumed, in the direction Copen is facing. Can both penetrate and destroy walls, allowing Copen to open shortcuts from the wrong side in top-down view by facing away from the wall and firing. When Copen is locked on to a foe, this weapon darkens the screen and homes in on the foe to shock it directly for double bolt damage every time SP is consumed.

While Stellar Spark is equipped, Lola dons two dark pink bands, and both Lola and her orbitals are colored dark pink.

Orbital Edge[]

Swings ultra-heavy bladed discs at enemies.

Acquired after defeating Mine Mite and is usable only in top-down view. Consumes 15% SP by default to spin two discs around Copen, damaging nearby enemies for 3/2 Divider homing damage (1x G-Blaster damage). Locking on to a foe causes the discs to orbit around it, dealing double damage. Can deal damage to enemies captured by Shroud Spear.

While Orbital Edge is equipped, Lola dons a peaked green band and two green energy ribbons, and both Lola and her orbitals are colored green.

Anchor Nexus[]

Releases thread-shaped energy and pierces through enemies with a tackle attack. Bullit Dashes will automatically target enemies while active.

Acquired after defeating Gonbei and is usable only in side view. Auto-targets Copen's current lock-on or the nearest enemy, causing Bullit Dashes initiated in mid-air to target them for a terrain-piercing tackle dealing 5x Divider homing damage (1x G-Crusher damage). Bullit Dash's lock-on and bounce mechanics continue to apply during targeted dashes. Anchor Nexus costs 20% SP by default to toggle on and will not regenerate its SP supply until toggled off.

While Anchor Nexus is equipped, Lola dons two curved bands, and both Lola and her orbitals are colored grey.

Shroud Spear[]

Fires spears made of a special cloth that captures enemies.

Acquired after clearing a gauntlet room on Planetoid D-4 and is usable only in top-down view. Consumes 25% SP by default to fire a spear made of cloth that deals 1x Divider homing damage (2/3 G-Blaster damage) and captures the first foe it hits, immobilizing them and preventing them from either dealing or taking damage (including contact damage) for ~5 seconds. The only way damage can be dealt to them in this state is via Orbital Edge. Not all foes can be stunned with this weapon, and the captured foe will still block non-piercing projectiles (but not Copen himself). While Copen is locked on to an enemy, Shroud Spear auto-targets that enemy with two spears that pierce terrain until the enemy has been captured and loses its lock-on.

While Shroud Spear is equipped, Lola dons two vertical yellow bands, and both Lola and her orbitals are colored yellow.

Muse's Kiss[]

Fires Lola-shaped spheres of energy. Press and hold the Shoot button to charge.

Acquired after clearing a gauntlet room on Divido and is usable only in top-down view. Consumes 20% SP by default to fire a Lola-shaped projectile. Can be charged for ~0.75 seconds to fire an Idol Mode Lola-shaped projectile, for 100% SP by default, with greatly increased damage and all-piercing capability. While Copen is locked on to an enemy, both uncharged and charged shots will be fired toward that enemy.

While Muse's Kiss is equipped, Lola dons two light pink looped ribbons, and both Lola and her orbitals are colored light pink.

Photon Detonator[]

Fires spheres of energy that burst into huge explosions when they make contact with enemies or obstacles.

Acquired after defeating Atom and is usable only in side view. Consumes 30% SP by default to launch a spark that creates a huge explosion on contact with an enemy or object, dealing 15x Divider homing damage (3x G-Crusher damage). Can be used to break cracked parts of Planet Divido's dimensional walls. While Copen is locked on to an enemy, activating Photon Detonator rapid-fires homing sparks toward that enemy (each spark still costing 30% SP by default to launch).

While Photon Detonator is equipped, Lola dons two angled orange bands, and both Lola and her orbitals are colored orange.

Idol Trigger[]

Save the galaxy with the power of song! Activates Lola's Idol Mode and powers up Copen's abilities.

Acquired after defeating Leibniz and is usable in both views. When activated in either view, top-down view enemies are stunned and Lola transforms into Idol Mode, temporarily allowing Copen to Bullit Dash for free and reducing Prevasion's activation cost to 1 Bullit until Idol Trigger runs out of SP (~21 seconds by default to deplete all SP when activated at 100% SP). Also overrides BGM with an 8-bit remix of Luminous Promise and makes Lola no longer change appearance based on the equipped EX weapon (orbitals will still change appearance normally). Top-down Leibniz and Planade-G takes damage while Idol Trigger is active, and other EX weapons may still be used as normal for the duration.

While Idol Trigger is equipped, normal Lola and her orbitals take on their Stellar Spark appearance but flash white.

Rising Cyclone[]

Releases a cyclone of spiral energy above and below where Copen is standing.

Acquired after opening a key gate on Planetoid B-2 and is usable only in side view. Consumes 25% SP by default to generate a terrain-piercing column of energy for ~1 second. This column damages enemies for 8x Divider homing damage (8/5 G-Crusher damage), breaks blocks and hard rocks (which otherwise require Drill Smasher to destroy) and lifts entities in contact, including Copen, upward several blocks. While Copen is locked on to an enemy, activating Rising Cyclone causes the energy column to appear on that enemy. This EX weapon can only be activated once every ~1.5 seconds.

While Rising Cyclone is equipped, Lola dons three blue rings, and both Lola and her orbitals are colored blue.

Ichor Hunter[]

Fires special liquid bullets that bind enemies. Bound enemies can be pushed using a dash or Bullit Dash.

Acquired after finding Andreia and is usable only in side view. Functionally similar to Andreia's Water Bind, consuming 20% SP by default to shoot liquid globs; on contact, these globs encapsulate enemies in liquid blocks that serve as floating platforms for ~5 seconds and can be pushed by dashing. While Copen is locked on to an enemy, Ichor Hunter shots will be fired toward that enemy.

While Ichor Hunter is equipped, Lola dons two light blue butterfly wings, and both Lola and her orbitals are colored light blue. Unlike the previous weapons, Ichor Hunter originates from Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, rather than Luminous Avenger iX.

Unique Upgrades[]

In addition to having access to the standard Life Up and SP Up upgrades, Copen is able to improve his capabilities with the following unique upgrades.

Extra Bullit[]

Increases Copen's Bullits by 1.
— Item Pickup Text

Copen starts EX Character mode with the ability to carry 3 Bullits at once. Three Extra Bullit upgrades, found on Planetoid B-3, Planetoid C-3 and Planet Stranga, allow Bullet capacity to be doubled to a hard cap of 6 Bullits, improving both defense (due to Prevasion having more Bullits to spend) and mobility.


Doubles the lock-on time on enemies marked by Copen.

Copen normally maintains a lock-on for 5 seconds after hitting an enemy with a dash or Bullit Dash. Collecting Extender on Planetoid B-1 (where Flash Sphere normally resides) doubles that time to 10 seconds.

EX Saver[]

Reduces EX weapon energy consumption by 50%.

Collecting EX Saver on Planetoid A-2 (where Accel Charger normally resides) halves all of Copen's EX weapon costs, allowing them to be used more frequently and effectively doubling the potency of SP capsules.