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Defend Them All was created as a security system to protect passengers aboard the immigration ship. The mutants took it over, and it began to indiscriminately slaughter any lifeform it found. There is believed to be a mutant clone of this machine, similar to the clone of SOPHIA-III known as the "Mutant Attacker"...
— Defend Them All Description • Blaster Master Zero 2 website

“The Metal Guardian” Defend Them All is an exploration fixture and eventual boss of Immigration Ship L-229 in Blaster Master Zero 2. Upon defeat, it will drop Access Key 3, which is needed to go to Area E. “The Metal Armor” Invem Them All, Defend Them All's mutant clone, appears on Planetoid G-2, serving as the third and final boss on the planetoid; it functions identically to Defend Them All.

Physical Appearance[]

Defend Them All is a large defense robot with two large mechanical arms whose hands alternate between three-pronged claw fists and three-barreled autocannons, and a glowing green face that is assumed to contain its eyes. It has green wires on its chest connected to its body to supply energy.

Invem Them All looks exactly like Defend Them All, but with a gray body, pink "eyes," and pink wires on its chest area.


Defend Them All is first encountered at the beginning of Immigration Ship L-229, where it is absolutely invincible to all of Gaia-SOPHIA's current weaponry. It will send its arms out to try and destroy the Metal Attacker, but Jason can trick it into smashing open the force fields that prevent him from progressing. Though the arms cannot be destroyed, they can be knocked back with certain attacks as needed to buy time for moving out of the way.

In the second and subsequent encounters during exploration of the ship, Defend Them All will deploy its arms in cannon mode to attack Gaia-SOPHIA before engaging it with standard claw arms. Arms in cannon mode rapidly fire energy bullets that will bounce off any security barriers they hit. It is best to move out of the way of this attack when it happens; luckily, its tracking is identical to that of the claw arms.

In the final encounter, you directly face Defend Them All, and with the newly acquired Burn Spark, Jason can temporarily disable the large robot's force field.

Eve: You have to do enough damage to destroy that barrier first...

Jason: Got it. I'm sure I can get through it with the Burn Spark.

Jason: [This thing is gonna try to stop me. I have to avoid its attacks and be careful not to shut down.]
— "Defend Them All" Eve Chat

Defend Them All, which requires 80 G-Crusher Shots to the head to destroy, has two attack cycles, each involving shifting the four layers of scaffolding Gaia-SOPHIA must ascend to reach and damage its head. The initial cycle shifts the scaffolding into a maze-like arrangement, where the Metal Attacker must drive to each opposite end of the screen before ascending up the next level, all the while chased by claw arms (which can be pushed back with most attacks or bypassed using Burn Spark). The second cycle features much more open scaffolding, but is accompanied by Defend Them All launching massive volleys of missiles that can be destroyed for Capsules before impacting with the ground or Gaia-SOPHIA. Each attack cycle runs its course for about 15 seconds, after which Defend Them All will dismiss the scaffolding, chase the falling tank toward the ground with sweeping shots from both autocannon arms, and begin anew with the opposite attack cycle. Ascending as quickly as possible after the arms retreat will often allow SOPHIA to start at a more favorable position in the next cycle, reducing the time required to regain a clear shot at the boss's head.

Impacting the force field surrounding Defend Them All with Burn Spark will make its head vulnerable to attack for about three seconds. Switching to other sub-weapons to damage it (unless they are mapped to Shortcut buttons) is ill-advised due to the short vulnerability window; the main cannon in any available mode will suffice. After reaching 80-85% damage, the body will fall to the ground with the head detaching, allowing an easy victory if damage can be piled on in time; if it is not dispatched in another three seconds, the head will float back up to rejoin the body and Defend Them All will progress to the next attack pattern as normal.