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A mutant is throught to be responsible for the dimensional distortions. However, it is rarely seen, and since it is capable of traveling through the distortions, its location is difficult to pin down. Defeating it will be a perilous journey as it leaves a trail of distortions in its wake wherever it goes. The few remaining inhabitants of Divido have no chance of defeating it, as they are already suffering under the ecological upheaval of the planet.
— Dig-Rawler Description • Blaster Master Zero 2 website

“The Dimensional Glutton” Dig-Rawler is a boss mutant from Blaster Master Zero 2, appearing on Planet Divido and in Area Ω. It is the mutant responsible for the dimensional distortions on the planet. Upon its defeat in Planet Divido, it will drop the last Access Key, which is needed to access Area G, and if it's defeated in Area Ω, it will drop a broken Blaster Rifle.

Physical Appearance[]

Dig-Rawler is a huge, six-eyed, mutant with teal plating all around it, around its mouth are twelve large fangs, which are under and over the mouth in a circular fashion. When it opens its mouth, it will reveal a large row of small, but very sharp teeth.


Dig-Rawler starts in the middle of the boss room and can move up or down in between attacks, though the boss will never move all the way to the bottom of its lair. While at its lowest position, the lair's pillars will automatically retract and cannot be raised until the boss mutant moves away from this position.

Dig-Rawler can fire bouncing energy shots from all six eyes at once without opening its mouth. All eyes become Counter targets while charging up energy shots; however, executing ranged or bullet-reflecting Blast Counters will merely interrupt or nullify the attack without dealing any damage to the boss.

Dig-Rawler's other attacks require it to open its mouth, rendering it vulnerable to damage for a short time:

  • While not at its lowest position, Dig-Rawler can gather energy and discharge a devastating beam blast for several seconds which covers the entire room. The only way to evade the attack is to hide behind one of four pillars at the bottom of the lair which can be raised or lowered via a nearby switch.
  • At any position, Dig-Rawler can spit out two urchin mutants or shake the room and cause rubble and urchins to fall down from above. In the latter variant, shadows on the ground will indicate where these hazards will make impact.

Sometimes Dig-Rawler will roar at the pilot, opening its mouth without performing any attacks.


Jason: This armor is tough... Even the WIDE BLASTER can't get through it!

Eve: You'll need to aim for the inside to damage it. Wait for it to open its mouth before you attack, but... It will attack at the same moment, so make sure you time it right!
Jason: Between its attacks and the shooting spikes, it's hard to get close...
Eve: Can you try to knock its attacks back? You know, like...ka-pooow!

Jason: Knocking attacks back... Huh, that just might work. I'll remember that.
— "Dig-Rawler" Eve Chat (Area F)

Dig-Rawler is vulnerable while its mouth is open, with two conceits: first, it takes very little damage from any of Jason's Gun levels or sub-weapons; and second, when opening its mouth in the far north reaches of the arena, it is actually charging up to unleash a devastating screen-filling beam blast. Avoiding the beam weapon requires standing behind one of four pillars on the south side of the arena that can be periodically raised by impacting a switch with any weapon, while actually damaging Dig-Rawler for effect requires using high-knockback weapons, such as Whip strikes or Grenade Bombs, to push the periodically-spawning urchin-like mutants into its gullet.