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Dive Gear allows Sophia 3rd, and future incarnations, the ability to move underwater like a submarine instead of sinking like a rock. Unlike the Hover Pack, this item doesn't require a secondary energy source to use.


Blaster Master[]

Dive is obtained in Area 5 from the boss Hard Shell.

Blaster Master 2[]

Dive returns in Blaster Master 2, however, Sophia 4th does not transform, it only gains the ability to move normally through water.

Blaster Master: Enemy Below[]

Dive is once again found in the depths of Area 5, this time obtained from Shellfish.

Blaster Master: Blasting Again[]

Known as Submarine, the Sophia J-7 automatically transforms into a leaner, more hydrodynamic form when it enters water once this extra move is obtained.

Blaster Master: Overdrive[]

S.O.P.H.I.A.'s Dive Kit is obtained in the Sky Tower. It act similar to its predecessors, though energy is required to maintain this form.

Blaster Master Zero[]

Move freely underwater by using the Jump button.
— Dive Gear • Blaster Master Zero series

The Dive Gear Maneuver is once again won from Hard Shell in Blaster Master Zero. While this Maneuver is active (it can be toggled on and off in the Weapon Select screen), SOPHIA III's rear wheels transform into propellers and movement in all directions using movement inputs becomes possible whenever SOPHIA III enters water. Dive Gear functionality is disabled while on the ground or using Wall Climb to traverse a wall or ceiling, but can be re-engaged upon jumping off of these surfaces.

  • Holding the Jump button speeds up horizontal movement, allowing SOPHIA to make headway more quickly against horizontal currents in Area 5. (Dive Gear's vertical thrust is too weak to make headway against vertical currents.)
  • Holding the Adjust Aim button allows for diagonal and vertical aiming (by tapping/holding the Up input). While not holding this button, SOPHIA III will always aim forward.
  • Running into a shore while at the surface of a body of water will cause SOPHIA III to hop out of the water and land on the shore, re-enabling normal movement and air Maneuvers.
    • Only terrain with a top surface at the same height as the water's surface counts as a shore for the purposes of allowing this maneuver to take place.

SOPHIA Zero comes equipped with its own Dive Gear that is mechanically identical to SOPHIA III's Dive Gear, but deploys green thrusters instead of propellers while in low-gravity pockets of inter-dimensional space. Propellers are still deployed for navigation in water.

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

The Dive Gear is installed on Gaia-SOPHIA by default and behaves identically to the previous game's version, though its utility is far more limited as planetary Dive Gear-navigable bodies of water are limited to the channels of water on Planet Stranga, which already behave a lot more like the low-gravity space pockets mentioned above. (Traditional Dive Gear-navigable bodies of water, along with additional anti-gravity regions of water, do make appearances on a handful of side view planetoids.)