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Drap Traps are robotic mutants that have first appeared in Blaster Master, and later, Blaster Master Zero.

Physical Appearance[]

Drap Traps look like capsules that have a singular pupil that moves around.

In-Game Appearances[]

Blaster Master and Blaster Master: Enemy Below[]

Drap Traps appear in many areas, starting with Area 1. They come in two color variants, grey and red, with red being more durable.

Both variants of Drap Traps will slide directly at Jason should he get near their line of sight. They move quickly, making them really hard to dodge at times.

Blaster Master Zero[]

Drap Traps return again in Blaster Master Zero, once again appearing in Area 1. They follow the same patterns like last time, but now the grey colored Drap Traps are now colored blue and can only move in two directions, depending on their eye's movement pattern If their eye moves up and down, they go up and down, and if their eye moves left and right, they slide in those same directions.. Red Drap Traps can move in all four directions instead of the usual two.

Boss versions of the Drap Traps, called the Drap Trappers, also appear in Area 1, where they guard the Ignition Bomb for Jason.