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The Drill Kit is a module that replaces Sophia's cannon with a twisting drill. Its primary purpose is to destroy special blocks that obstruct the path, though it can also function as a subweapon in Blaster Master: Overdrive.


Blaster Master 2[]

In its debut, the drill is obtained in Stage 2 and must be turned on from the pause menu. The drill cannot harm enemies and it temporarily removes Sophia 4th's offensive capabilities. There are only two sets of blocks it can destroy in the game, located in Stages 2 and 8, making it an overall useless module.

Blaster Master: Overdrive[]

The Drill Kit is obtained in the Subterranean Lake. When used, S.O.P.H.I.A. dashes forward a short distance, tearing through blocks and anything in its path. It is more powerful than the default cannon, and is capable of killing all enemies in one shot, but due to its attack method, it is risky to use. While dashing, Sophia has a few frames of invincibility.