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Unleash a drill for a drop attack. Capable of destroying hard rocks. Press the SUB-WEAPON button to activate.
— Drill Smasher (Sub-Screen)

Drill Smasher (abbreviated as Drill) is a sub-weapon for Gaia-SOPHIA in Blaster Master Zero 2. It is acquired after defeating Eir on Planet Stranga, which uses its own variant as one of its attacks during the fight.


On activation, Drill Smasher consumes 10% SP to attack downward using a drill appearing from the bottom of G-SOPHIA, with exact effects depending on whether the MA is on the ground:

  • If SOPHIA is on the ground or mired in snow or quicksand, it will spin in place for ~0.6 seconds, digging up 8 energized chunks of earth in rapid succession which each deal 8/5 G-Crusher Shot damage (64/5 damage per volley).
    • Earth chunks are randomly thrown to the left and right of the MA, but will be distributed evenly between both sides on average.
  • If SOPHIA is in mid-air or otherwise not on solid ground or a platform, it will nullify its current vertical momentum (but not its accumulated fall height), then charge downward, or diagonally downward if Left or Right is held during activation, for ~0.6 seconds, damaging enemies on contact for 8/5 G-Crusher Shot damage, punching through both blocks and hard rocks in its path, and accumulating fall height for the purposes of SP restoration with the Gaia System. If this charge ends without hitting a platform or the ground, SP may be spent again for another aerial attack, potentially in a different direction from the first.
    • Hitting solid ground during this charge counts as a ground impact and will automatically trigger the ground attack as well, extending invulnerability for another ~0.6 seconds.
    • Activating an aerial Drill Smasher while still on the ascent of a jump will prevent accumulation of fall height during the attack, nullifying or greatly reducing SP restoration from the Gaia System due to only counting fall height after the charge ends.

Gaia-SOPHIA is invulnerable to damage while executing both ground and aerial attacks, but will be vulnerable immediately afterward, making Drill Smasher the vertical/stationary equivalent of Burn Spark for evading powerful attacks and troublesome platforms. Drill Smasher is required to break hard rocks on Planet Stranga, which are impervious to all other armaments (even a supercharged Full Accel Burst), and trigger water and seed dispenser switches on the same planet.


  • Eve's commentary on the Drill Smasher is less verbose than her commentary on other sub-weapons, partly due to Jason's apparent fixation on the word "drill."

Related Quotes[]

Eve: "DRILL SMASHER" attacks by turning the bottom of G-SOPHIA into a drill.

Jason: Drill...
Eve: Right. The drill will attack downward. As Kenwood mentioned, it's capable of destroying hard rocks. In battle, works best when you use it in mid-air after a jump.
Jason: Drill, huh...

Eve: ...? Yes, drill.
— Drill Smasher (Talk with Eve)