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This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 2.

You damned Mutant Cocoon... So this is your true form!
— Jason

"The Invem X" Drolrevo Mastro (known as Zeog XEFW in the Japanese version) is the true final boss of Blaster Master Zero 2.


As Eve hits Drolrevo with Andreia's Acceleration Blast enhanced with her "purification energy", the resulting blast peels away the mutant's exterior to reveal this creature. It also frees Jason and Gaia-SOPHIA, who were previously turned to stone trying to fight the Mutant Cocoon. Eve is jubilant to reunite with Jason, but the reunion has to be tabled, as the Mutant Cocoon is unlikely to sit back and let them talk. Jason boards G-SOPHIA and takes on the beast. Since Andreia's frame is all but wrecked from the Accel Blast, Eve has no choice but to remain out of the fight, hoping for Jason's triumph.

As Jason finally destroys Drolrevo Mastro, Eve and Fred join him aboard the G-SOPHIA. They return to real space, and thank the other pilots as they return to their respective worlds. Jason and Eve gaze upon their destination, planet Sophia, and marvel how they've already accomplished what they set out for, as Eve's mutant corruption was miraculously cured somehow while they were in inter-dimensional space.


Drolrevo Mastro appears as a humanoid energy being with a loop around its "head", a split tail, and several yellow eyes. In a similar vein to Blaster Master Zero's Multidimensional Overlord (the true form of Underworld Lord), Drolrevo Mastro's body starts purple but changes colors as the boss unleashes different attacks.


Drolrevo Mastro initially has access to five sets of attacks, each associated with one of five colors, and will frequently teleport and dash around the arena in order to bring these attacks to bear. Each set of attacks includes an uncharged attack, which is executed quickly and is typically aimed at Gaia-SOPHIA, and a charged attack, which has a longer wind-up time but covers a larger portion of the arena:

  • Purple: (Uncharged) The boss fires off a volley of 3 large energy shots toward Gaia-SOPHIA in rapid succession. (Charged) The boss fires the first of three shots with increased size.
    • This is the only normal attack set which bears no similarity at all to Multidimensional Overlord's attack set.
  • Red: (Uncharged) The boss shoots a red drill shot at Gaia-SOPHIA. (Charged) The boss slams the ground and send a wave of drills out of the ground in both directions.
    • The uncharged drill shot kicks up a piece of flying debris after hitting terrain which can be boarded for a height boost.
  • Orange: (Uncharged) The boss closes in on Gaia-SOPHIA and discharges an energy burst in a large area in front of it. (Charged) The boss discharges a very large energy burst all around itself.
  • Green: (Uncharged) The boss fires a green orb at Gaia-SOPHIA which grows in size over time and follows terrain. (Charged) The boss fires two orbs from the air in opposite directions.
  • Blue: (Uncharged) The boss fires a blue glob at Gaia-SOPHIA. (Charged) The boss fires four blue globs upward from the center of the arena which land on both sides.
    • Blue globs adhere to terrain and will explode in a 6-bullet spread if not eliminated within a few seconds.

Green orbs, blue globs and red drill shots can all be destroyed for recovery Capsules.

Upon losing ~20% HP, Drolrevo Mastro begins to utilize its supercharged state, manifesting a multi-colored flame aura which shields it from incoming damage and rapidly executing a series of attacks, some of them empowered, in a fixed order:

  1. Blue: The boss splits into four and lines one wall with blue globs.
  2. Purple: The boss fires a horizontal 3-burst of shots from the ground.
  3. Red: The boss shoots a red drill from the air 3 times.
  4. Purple: The boss fires a second horizontal 3-burst of shots from the ground.
  5. Green: The boss splits into two and fires green orbs toward the center from both corners.
  6. Orange: The boss teleports into the air above Gaia-SOPHIA and discharges a large energy burst all around itself after a short delay.

Performing this attack sequence temporarily exhausts Drolrevo Mastro's energy supply, causing the boss to teleport to the center of the arena and power down into a grey form while it recuperates. After it recovers, it briefly returns to its standard attacks before activating its supercharged state once more.


As with prior boss fights, a number of Drolrevo Mastro's attacks can be avoided with well-timed jumps, Burn Spark tackles or Drill Smasher attacks. Drill Smasher in particular works especially well against grounded attacks as Gaia-SOPHIA can also deal significant damage with the Sub-weapon's projectile component.

Drolrevo Mastro's arena has walls on both sides, allowing Repulsion Upper and Recoil Jump to be utilized together for quick SP charges from the Gaia System when flying debris is not being produced by red drill shots which can be leveraged for large charges. As the fight involves a number of destructible attacks, Jason may instead opt to farm capsule drops from these attacks for SP and Life restoration.

Once Drolrevo Mastro begins to use supercharged attacks, Jason may choose to go for the fight's scripted one-shot kill by charging a Full Accel Burst while dodging the boss's attacks --- Auto-Cluster, if available, can be used to speed up the charge significantly, granting the energy sphere damage immunity sooner and freeing up more SP for evasive sub-weapon usage in the event that SOPHIA is cornered during the attack sequence. Once Drolrevo Mastro powers down to its grey form, unleash the fully-charged or supercharged Full Accel Burst to finish it off in one shot.

In the event that the Full Accel Burst strategy is not viable (e.g. Gaia-SOPHIA entered Area Ω with less than 200% SP capacity), use Drill Smasher ground attacks or G-Crusher Shot/Warhead Missiles combo attacks during grey-form vulnerability for massive damage. In between vulnerability states and supercharged attack sequences, switch to Revol-Buster to counter Drolrevo Mastro's rapid movements until it goes down.

Related Quotes[]

Jason: Eve, are you alright?!

Eve: ...I-I'm fine... Fred is safe and sound, too...
Fred: Riiibbit!!
Eve: But...ANDREIA is...! I knew it couldn't withstand the recoil from the Accel Blast...!
Jason: ......!
Eve: I'm sorry, Jason...ANDREIA can't do any more than this...!
Jason: ...Don't worry, Eve! I won't let ANDREIA's sacrifice and your bravery go to waste! G-SOPHIA and I will finish this! Eve, let's do this together!

Eve: ...Yeah!
— "Drolrevo Mastro" Eve Chat 1
Gonbei: Damn! Where did all these mutants come from? There's hordes of 'em!

Stein: Looks like the Mutant Cocoon called for some backup.
Kanna: This is SO not what I crave.
Jason: Is everyone alright?!
Gonbei: Jason! Don't worry about us, keep your eyes on your own fight! We'll keep these ones distracted! This time, we're helpin' you out!
Tae: Y'all won't hear any bellyachin' from me if KUEBIKO gets beat up this time! We're gonna give it to 'em right good!
Stein: You heard them. Leave this to us. Tes, Full Burst! Let's blow them away!
Tesset: I'll give Mr. Tank all my support so he doesn't get too tired!
Kanna: Hey Kenwood, is it okay if EIR gets busted up? Like, totally trashed?!
Kenwood: I do not mind, but in that case we would not be able to return home. Tonight's dinner menu would consist mainly of dirty water, I'm afraid.
Kanna: Barf! No way~ Let's try to avoid that, okay?
Eve: Thank you, everyone...

Jason: Alright, this is it! We can't afford to lose this fight now...!
— "Drolrevo Mastro" Eve Chat 2


  • Drolrevo Mastro's drill attack, which mimics Multidimensional Overlord's red form attack, also happens to resembles Copen's Anchor Nexus in color scheme and shape.
  • "Drolrevo" spelled backwards is "Overlord", and likewise, "Zeog" spelled backwards is "Goez".