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"The Terrible Reverser" Dual Kirkal is a large mutant that appears in Blaster Master Zero 3 that serves as the boss of Sophia Metropolis. It is also fought a second time in the mutant infested area of the Forbidden Sector. In a first for the Blaster Master Zero Trilogy, Dual Kirkal is one of multiple bosses in this game that is fought in both side-view mode while piloting Gaia-SOPHIA SV and in top-down mode as Jason himself during the course of a single boss battle.

Physical Appearance[]

Dual Kirkal a is six-legged crustacean-like mutant with a predominantly turquoise colored carapace. It possesses four large glowing red eyes on its front, accompanied by a multi-toothed maw above along with a translucent cephalothorax resembling an egg sack. It's front claws are bladed in design, with additional smaller spikes at the tips that it uses as a melee attack during the battle. During the course of the fight, Dual Kirkal is capable of flipping upside down, revealing an underbelly containing a large, glowing red eye surrounded by 12 smaller eyes, giving it the appearance of a whole different mutant, which may contribute to the "dual" properties of the creature.

General Information[]

Dual Kirkal is a mutant capable of creating dimensional ruptures and can travel between normal and super-dimensional space. Upon it's defeat, a perplexed Jason begins to question if that is the special ability of this particular mutant or if all revived mutants are beginning to evolve to the point that any of them are able to create dimensional ruptures. Defeating this boss will grant Gaia-SOPHIA-SV with the Multi Leg maneuvering component. Post-battle, proceeding into the next room is where Jason obtains Eve's DNA.


While fighting Dual Kirkal in top-down mode, the mutant will spew large amounts of a yellow-colored substance all throughout the room in an attempt to slow Jason's movements, leaving him in a more vulnerable state to the creature's other attacks. During the majority of this battle, Dual Kirkal will jump around the room in an attempt to land on the protagonist in order to inflict further damage. While in mid-air, any of Jason's shots from his Blaster Rifle will not make contact with the creature, neither will any of his sub-weapons that he has amassed at this point in the game. While in mid-air, the mutant boss can also flip upside down, revealing it's underside and intention to launch the next string of attacks. Upon landing in this state, Dual Kirkal will launch a volley of blue plasma shots at Jason's current position. It's final melee attack consists of the boss quickly dashing at Jason and using one it's front bladed claws to perform a single slash in a circular motion.

In the second half of the battle in side-view mode and upon returning to super-dimensional space, Dual Kirkal will immediately jump upward and off screen and will proceed to pounce on Gaia-SOPHIA SV's current position. It is also capable of firing the same string of plasma shots at SOPHIA that it during the first half of the battle.


Given that this is the first boss of the game and the player possesses a smaller arsenal of weapons and sub-weapons for both Gaia-SOPHIA SV and Jason himself, the most effective damage can be inflicted on Dual Kirkal in top-down mode by continual shots from a fully powered up Cross Wave gun from Jason's Blaster Rifle while firing off grenades from the Blast Launcher sub-weapon. Use of the spin dash will greatly help Jason to quickly maneuver through any of yellow substance on the floor as well as allow him to evade any of Dual Kirkal's jumping attacks. While the mutant boss is upside down, Jason can also evade the volley of plasma shots through properly timed use of the spin dash. The creature is also open to a Blast Counter at this moment, in which Jason can execute a properly timed counterattack with the Reflex Striker. When Dual Kirkal is about to execute it's slash attack, the mutant will cock it's front left claw backward and begin revving up it's rear claws in preparation for the dash. This should serve as a warning to the player to maintain their distance from the creature and ensure that they have a fully charged spin dash at that moment in order to avoid being struck by Dual Kirkal's slashing attack.

When the side-view mode of the battle commences, Gaia-SOPHIA SV will transport into super-dimensional space via a wormhole. It is here that the player should immediately hop inside the tank, as Dual Kirkal can no longer be effectively defeated by Jason himself. Also at this moment, the player should remain attentive to when Dual Kirkal jumps off screen, as remaining in a stationary position will leave them open to attack when the mutant boss strikes downward from above. Attempting to move along the ground will also slow SOPHIA's movements, as the terrain is lined with the same yellow sludge from the top-down portion of the battle. The player should also keep clear of the top of the screen, as it is lined with the commonly found dimensional distortions that will instantly destroy Gaia-SOPHIA SV upon contact. Since the creature only has one bar of health during this portion of the fight, a combination of the G-Crusher Shot+ and Homing Laser are the quickest means of finishing off Dual Kirkal for good.


BMZ3 Dual Kirkal Concept Art

Concept Art of Dual Kirkal (From Blaster Master Zero Trilogy: MetaFight Chronicle [Limited Edition] Art Book)