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The Elemental Blaster is an immensely powerful sub-weapon created by Jennifer Gardner using the Nu-Nasae Herb, and carried by Jason in Blaster Master Zero 3. Much like the Acceleration Blast, it's used to destroy especially powerful mutants with a massive beam blast. However, it has similar properties to the version that Eve used in the climax of Zero 2, having the ability to turn Jason's "heart" into energy for the beam.



The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

Jason fires the Elemental Blaster in order to destroy Bloodstained Planade-G and cure Eve, but the backlash practically scraps his suit and helmet, taking the VRV System with it. The blast destroys the former but fails to cure the latter, because Eve doesn't want to be saved, a possibility that Jason did not consider.


The Elemental Blaster is a "superweapon-type" ability that that costs nearly all of Jason's Life and Gun Levels (explained in-universe as drawing directly from his life support systems). The weapon, once selected, has to be charged for ~4-5 seconds before it can be fired, and he can't move while firing the beam. Its high cost means that it's something that he effectively gets one shot with in any given circumstance, but most bosses that this weapon is used against will leave copious life and gun power ups when killed.

Additionally, pressing the sub-weapon button again after firing unleashes a smaller blast following the beam.