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Elfie is the older sister of Roddy, and daughter of Jason and Eve. She's the brains behind Roddy's impetuous nature, and the primary mechanic of Sophia J-7, always coming up with new add-ons.


Blaster Master: Blasting Again[]

Elfie mainly serves as Roddy's spotter and moral support, guiding and directing him in the labyrinthine gates. She develops and delivers Sophia's modules throughout the game.

Midway through the mission, Elfie confesses to Roddy that she feels guilty for the death of their father, as she was his spotter the day he was ambushed and killed.

The Frudnicks' headquarters is infiltrated while Roddy is still underground, leaving Elfie vulnerable. She is wounded and kidnapped by Kaiser, prompting Eve to take over her role as spotter. After she is rescued by Roddy following the defeat of Kaiser, the siblings watch their mother's spirit disappear to be with Jason.


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This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 2.

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

BMZ2 Elfie Intro

Eve meets the spirit of Elfie upon discovery of ANDREIA

A different Elfie appears as a support droid for Nora MA-02 Andreia and partner to MA pilot Roddy. She appears only as a spirit, although she looks normal, aside from her lower body being transparent. She reveals that she was fighting the Mutant Cocoon and she was injured alongside the MA. Once Andreia was [mostly] repaired, she died, leaving the tank for Eve to drive to continue her mission in search of Jason. She also reveals to Leibniz that support droids do have emotions and "soul," which seems to have given him a change of heart, as he instead helps Eve by revealing what the Emblems do and contacts the other MA pilots to help out Eve in Area Ω. Elfie makes a brief appearance during the Acceleration Blast cutscene, appearing on the left side of the screen right before Andreia delivers the finishing blow to Drolrevo.

Blaster Master Zero 3


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This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.


Eve, beholding the gestating Roddy and Elfie.

Following Jason's pursuit of Eve into Super-Dimensional Space, the two of them come together to birth two human children: Roddy and Elfie, presumably named after the pair from Area Ω as remembrance for their assistance in saving Eve. The two children spent an especially long time gestating within Super-Dimensional Space, so that Eve may have time to ensure they are born as normal humans, free of mutation. When Kane Gardner finally pursues Jason following a new tear in the normal dimension, Jason explains that the tear was created for no reason other than to set Roddy and Elfie free into the world. Stuck in Super-Dimensional Space, Eve and Jason cannot follow their children to raise them; instead, they entrust their care to Leibniz, in hope that they may grow up happy and eventually face the eminent threat of the Lightning Beings. With sorrow, Kane agrees to comply with their wishes, and brings Roddy and Elfie to the normal dimension to begin their life as humans. Despite this, their "human" forms remain to be seen.

Post-Blaster Master Zero 3[]


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This article contains information that has not yet been officially incorporated into any Blaster Master game. As such, any information within should not be considered to be strictly true.

Leibniz Roddy and Elfie

Five years after the events in Super-Dimensional Space, Elfie and Roddy remain in the care of Leibniz, having just celebrated their 5th birthday together. It is implied that for this time, Leibniz has kept her, along with Roddy's, origins a secret from them; however, they finally seem ready to divulge the truth. Overall, Elfie's appearance seems to match that of hers in Blasting Again, albeit modified to fit in with the style of the Zero games.

BMZ3 OST Cover

In addition, the cover art for the Blaster Master Zero 3 original soundtrack depicts Elfie as an adult, along with Roddy and Leibniz. In contrast to Roddy's pilot armor, she dons casual clothes, more reminiscent of a support droid's.


Elfie is loosely implied, but never stated, to be adopted. Her age given in Blasting Again is eighteen, placing her birth shortly after Blaster Master. Given the ages of Jason and Eve, it is unlikely, but not implausible, that they started a family at this point. If the date of events given in Blasting Again actually applies to Blaster Master 2, then her birth is more plausible.

The most evidence is provided by a line during Elfie's confession. "Since I was taken in," could imply that she was adopted by the Frudnicks, though it can also be in reference to when she officially joined the 'team' as a spotter under the guidance of Eve, as it was the subject of the confession.

Elfie is kidnapped by Kaiser and his minions shortly afterward, as they continue to mistakenly refer to her as "Eve." This infers that she resembles her mother enough that Kaiser, who knew Eve before the destruction of their home world, could mistake the two, an unlikely scenario if she were adopted.