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The Emblems are key items introduced in Blaster Master Zero 2. They are small badge-like items resembling a prominent symbol on their donor's armor and/or Metal Attacker parts. They provide no immediate benefit to Gaia-SOPHIA or its crew.


There are three emblems in all, each corresponding to an MA pilot that Jason encounters in his journey. These Emblems are attained by clearing a quest for each pilot that unlocks after defeating the mutant boss of the area.



The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 2.

If all three Emblems are not collected before the defeat of Planade-G, the Bad Ending will play out as Jason's team are all torn from each other in the planet mutant's dimensional collapse into Area Ω. Separated from the others, Eve will lament that the party never took the time to truly learn from their fellow Metal Attacker pilots before collapsing.

If the Emblems are collected, however, Eve is instead filled with resolve to reunite with Jason, Fred, and their ride, and her side-scrolling segment and the path to the True Ending begins.

After Elfie and Andreia are met in Area Ω, Leibniz will tell Eve that the Emblems (now known as Interplanetary All-Purpose Markers) are beacons that can open wormholes to the corresponding MA from anywhere in the universe. He tells her not to lose them until she finds Jason, then flies off.

Later, when Eve is facing off Drolrevo, pondering how she can charge an Acceleration Blast to damage it, Gonbei suddenly butts in the comms alongside Kanna and Stein. They explain that Leibniz contacted each of them to explain how the Emblems worked. Soon after that, Kuebiko, Eir, and Atom all show up, providing support fire to distract Drolrevo until Andreia can fire the Acceleration Blast, charged with her I-HIX's "purification energy".