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Enhanced Fred
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Area 7


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Enhanced Fred is a more powerful version of Jason's pet frog, previously encountered in Area 4. It is the boss of Area 7.


Blaster Master[]

Fred is faster than the frog from Area 4, and is capable of giving Jason a fierce, fiery tongue-lashing. Its attack pattern is as follows:

  1. Four hops
  2. Shoots three fireballs aimed at Jason
  3. Eight hops
  4. Spits three bouncing fireballs
  5. Five hops
  6. Spits three bouncing fireballs
  7. One hop
  8. Shoots a fireball aimed at Jason
  9. One hop
  10. Spits three bouncing fireballs
  11. One hop
  12. Spits three bouncing fireballs
  13. Four hops
  14. Shoots a fireball aimed at Jason
  15. Four hops
  16. Tongue lash
  17. Shoots four fireballs aimed at Jason
  18. Four hops
  19. Tongue lash

Worlds of Power: Blaster Master[]

In the novel, this is actually Fred, or at least the facsimile of; it's actually a Mother Brain with a perfect holographic image of Fred. Fred is found unharmed, along with Alex's Plutarch, after the defeat of the Plutonium Boss.