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Eva Gardner is Kane Gardner and Jennifer Gardner's biological daughter, and an apparent resident of the NORA Satellite Zone in Blaster Master Zero 3.

Physical Appearance[]

Eva is a child that has blond hair and blue eyes. She looks almost identical to Eve, her "sister", and even has a cat theme to her look as well.


As Eva is a kid she is very playful. When ever her father Kane is around he teaches her all about being a Metal Attacker pilot and she has adopted some of Kane's behavior to her playfulness according to Jennifer, for better or worse.

Plot Role[]

Blaster Master Zero 3[]

Eva first meets Jason at NORA thinking he is a intruder. When she realizes Jason is not a intruder and is looking for her mother Jennifer, she calls her mother over. As Jason leaves for Planet Stranga, Eva playfully says she is firing a Homing Missile at him from the Metal Attacker-styled buggy she wheels about in. Jason goes along with her and asks if that was another warning shot only for Leibniz to grumble at the notion of a Homing Missile being a warning shot. Eva remarks that Homing Missile doesn't always hit their targets which Jason comment on the irony and the two unintentionally criticize a nearby Jennifer. Jason asks Eva what she thinks about being away from her father, Kane, as a result of his ongoing command of Sophia Force. The youth replies that they will always be together because they are a family.

Following these conversations on the initial visit to Jennifer's lab, Eva remains as a non-interactive asset, rolling around in her tiny Metal Attacker stroller.

True Ending[]


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

Jason will mention the talk he had with Eva as one of the reason why he thinks his and Eve's children will be alright, despite having to be raised a dimension apart from their parents.


  • The comment Eva makes about Homing Missiles not always hitting their targets is a call back to the Classic series, particularly a mix of their slow tracking and collision issues.
  • Eva is the only character in the BMZ Trilogy who does not appear in the website or in the Japanese VA trailer.