Eve is the wife of Jason and mother of Roddy and Elfie. She actually doesn't appear in Blaster Master, but that's where Jason met her. She's a beautiful woman with red hair and freckles, but this is her Earth form; her true form is unknown.

Eve is the closest English equivalent to her true name, which is Yvtrkijz. Hailing from another planet, known as Signar-el, Eve has a poor grasp of English and it's linguistic subtleties (she tends to avoid contractions). Well-trained by her father, a leading "astroscientist", she is the youngest winner of the Red Nova Science award for her theories on intergalactic life forms. Her studies in this field led to her discovery of Earth. It was here that the Plutonium Boss made itself known; listening in on her transmissions to Signar-el, it realized it had found a new source of plutonium, and fried Signar-el in a catastrophic flash of nuclear power. Eve, knowing that she had inadvertently led the Plutonium Boss to another defenseless planet, followed it to Earth and had planned to take it on herself with Sophia 3rd, when Alex and Jason showed up.

Eve is a serious, straight-forward person who expects others to be observant to their surroundings on catch on quick. She's bluntly honest, and absolutely driven to defeat the Plutonium Boss. Eve was reimagined in Blaster Master Zero.


Blaster MasterEdit

Eve appears during the ending of Blaster Master for the Wii release, as a sign that she's been incorporated into series canon.

Worlds of Power: Blaster MasterEdit

Eve appears in the deep pit that Jason jumps down while chasing after his frog, Fred. She accompanies him throughout the first part of the quest, but ends up being captured by the Plutonium Boss. Eve gives him the Gun, shows him how to pilot the Sophia 3rd, and generally educates him about the Plutonium Boss's plans.

Blaster Master Blasting AgainEdit

Eve makes a spiritual appearance here, having died of an unknown illness 5 years before the events of Blastng Again. She is depicted with blonde hair in the game and artwork as opposed to red hair in the novel. After Elfie is kidnapped by Kaiser, Eve replaces her as Roddy's spotter. When Kaiser is defeated, Eve's spirit ascends into the sky, proclaiming that she can finally be with Jason, implying that her spirit had been on Earth since her death.

Blaster Master Zero Edit

Eve was reimagined in this reboot. Jason discovers Eve unconscious in the underground residential ruins and Sophia's equipment reacts strangely to her. She reveals that she has lost parts of her memory and has intimate knowledge of Sophia's mechanics.

After Eve is found, she becomes Jason's co-pilot in the SOPHIA III, and can give Jason information about the SOPHIA III and other advice during their journey. During this time, when she's alone in SOPHIA III, she managed to gain access to a databank that is biometrically coded to her. SOPHIA III recognizes her as "Android Nora-2057: Eve" and restores her memory, though this temporarily cuts her off from Jason.

When Jason returns, Eve doesn't talk to him about these events for a while, but eventually, she finally opens up to him and tells him the truth about SOPHIA III, herself, and Fred, and their mission to hunt down mutants wherever they may be. Jason offers his assistance to hunt down the mutants, which Eve reluctantly accepts.

After the Underworld Lord is defeated, Eve thanks Jason for his help, but renders him unconscious and leaves with SOPHIA III. During the final battle, SOPHIA III was infected by the Mutant Core, and Eve tried to get SOPHIA III safely away so she could activate its self-destruct and destroy it. But before she can, the Mutant Core completely overtakes SOPHIA III, turning it into Invem Sophia, and traps Eve inside.

Jason tracks down Eve with the aid of Sophia Zero, but Eve, thinking she's hallucinating, tells Jason to stay away. Jason refuses and battles Invem Sophia, managing to do enough damage to it that he can get inside and free Eve. With Eve safely out of harm's way, Jason destroys Invem Sophia, destroying it and the Mutant Core once and for all.

Afterwards, Jason and Eve celebrate their victory together under a beautiful starry sky.