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Eve is a deuteragonist in the Blaster Master series; she serves as a support droid for Jason and SOPHIA in the Blaster Master Zero trilogy.


Blaster Master Zero[]

Jason discovers Eve unconscious in the underground residential ruins and Sophia's equipment reacts strangely to her. She reveals that she has lost parts of her memory and has intimate knowledge of Sophia's mechanics.

After Eve is found, she becomes Jason's co-pilot in the SOPHIA III, and can give Jason information about the MA and other advice during their journey. During this time, while she's alone in SOPHIA III, she managed to gain access to a databank that is biometrically coded to her. SOPHIA III recognizes her as "Android Nora-2057: Eve" and restores her memory, though this temporarily cuts her off from Jason.

When Jason returns, Eve doesn't talk to him about these events for a while, but eventually, she finally opens up to him and tells him the truth about SOPHIA III, herself, and Fred, and their mission to hunt down mutants wherever they may be. Jason offers his assistance to hunt down the mutants, which Eve reluctantly accepts.

After the Underworld Lord is defeated, Eve thanks Jason for his help, but renders him unconscious and leaves with SOPHIA III. During the final battle, SOPHIA III was infected by the Mutant Core, and Eve tried to get SOPHIA III safely away so she could activate its self-destruct and destroy it. But before she can do so, the Mutant Core completely overtakes SOPHIA III, turning it into Invem Sophia, and traps Eve inside.

Jason tracks down Eve with the aid of Sophia Zero, but Eve, thinking she's hallucinating, tells Jason to stay away. Jason refuses and battles Invem Sophia, managing to do enough damage to it that he can get inside and free Eve. With Eve safely out of harm's way, Jason destroys Invem Sophia, destroying it and the Mutant Core once and for all.

Afterwards, Jason and Eve celebrate their victory together under a beautiful starry sky. Jason would end with a final dialogue saying "Eve, there's something I want to tell you...", implying a love confession.

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

Following the events of Blaster Master Zero, it is revealed that the Mutant Core left behind a series of mutant cells within Eve's body. She began to rapidly mutate on the right side of her body, growing an elongated arm, one of her eyes being visibly corrupted, and a number of blue-tinted infections visibly grew across her body. Jason searched the underground for a cure, to the point where Sophia Zero and his Blaster Rifle were breaking faster than Eve could fix them, but there were no leads to be found.

Jason concluded that if a cure did not exist on Earth, it might exist on another planet, more specifically Planet Sophia, where Eve and the SOPHIA MAs originated. From the remains of Sophia Zero (and thanks to an unspecified accident), the two created Gaia-SOPHIA, the first Earth-built MA, capable of theoretically unlimited space travel thanks to its Gaia System.

As the crew lands on Planet Flosante, G-SOPHIA's Hover module suffers a critical failure, forcing the crew to scour the planet for parts to repair it. After dispatching several mutants, they finally fix the module and can move on to the next planet. Throughout the exploration, Eve consistently displays trouble staying conscious, as even with G-SOPHIA's energy and life support, she still struggles to keep the mutant corruption at bay.

On Planet Montoj, Eve and Jason meet another Metal Attacker pilot, Gonbei. After the two fight, Tae and Eve interrupt, making Gonbei realize the whole ordeal was a misunderstanding. Tae and Gonbei mention that their MA, Kuebiko, was heavily damaged. Eve offers their resources to Tae's delight, but cannot directly assist due to her circumstances. Eve and Jason assist Gonbei and Tae with Zavira, Gathervira, and their requests before moving on.

Approaching Immigration Ship L-229, Eve spends most of the journey unconscious. Jason comes to realize he needs an extra power source for G-SOPHIA, as all the sub-weapons and modules, while necessary for exploration and combat, leave less energy to allocate for Eve's life support. Eventually, Jason manages to obtain the Burn Spark which would allow Eve to properly come back online. By the time she did, Eve was in time to see Jason battling against the mutant-controlled Defend Them All.

On Planet Stranga, Eve mentions feeling unwell, possibly due to the weird electromagnetic fields on the planet, while Jason and Fred seemingly display no symptoms. Eventually they meet Kanna and Kenwood, the pilot and support droid of the MA Eir, with the former attacking them almost immediately after the introductions. Following the fight, Kanna forces them to retrieve three fruits to get the Access Key to the next dimensional tunnel. When they return, Kanna admits she didn't actually know where the Access Key was, but used the fruits and a flower attached to her head to create a potion for Eve to feel better. After the defeat of Cerbeboss, the two assist Kanna again by retrieving a certain plant for her that apparently shot off into space.

In Area D, G-SOPHIA is attacked by the Garuda and its pilot Leibniz. Leibniz mocks Jason for keeping a "broken doll" like Eve around, angering him and leading to a battle. Following the attack, Jason and Eve flee to safety. After reaching orbit, Eve reveals that, as the support droid of the G-SOPHIA, if Jason had attacked someone like Leibniz did, she is be programmed to deactivate or even self-destruct the MA as MA's are not supposed to fight one another. She wonders why the Garuda's support droid would fail to stop the attack, with Jason adding if it even had one. Later, while on foot, Jason faces Leibniz alone. After Leibniz falls, he becomes despondent over the fact that Jason wouldn't throw Eve away, with Jason noting it being as if Leibniz wasn't actually talking to him.

On Planet Divido, Eve and Jason meet Tesset who, at the time, was separated from her Metal Attacker Atom and her partner Stein. After their conversation, Tesset is separated from the two by the powerful dimensional rifts on the planet. After Jason and Eve make their way across Area-D to Divido's other side, they encounter Stein, however Eve quickly notices his communication system isn't active, and Eve sets about manually activating it while Jason fights Atom. After Eve succeeds in activating the communications, Stein apologizes for his attacks, as he did not realize people were aboard G-Sophia and thinking it was a Mutant Attacker. Eve and Jason assist in defeating Dig-Rawler and getting Stein a booster.

After finishing their work on Divido, the two make their way to Area G, where they are once again accosted by Leibniz. He continues insulting Eve, and learning of Jason's work across the universe, mocks him for coming to "save" Area G. After a brutal clash both in MAs and on foot, Leibniz mocks Jason, telling him it would be better for him to take what Jason holds dear before Planade-G does, just as it took everything from him.


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 2.

Jason and Sophia land on Planade-G, but Eve quickly warns Jason that, should they destroy Planade-G, the energy stored inside would tear the universe asunder. Jason uses the Gaia System to drain Planade-G of energy, ultimately defeating it, but they are be caught in the resulting surge from its death.

Bad Ending[]

Should the player not collect the three Emblems, then Eve, Jason, and Fred end separated in Area Ω. Eve realizes that she failed to help Jason, and simply stood back as he handled all the hard part of the work. She thinks back to the other MA pilots and their partners, and wonders if they had something the G-SOPHIA crew were lacking. With her corruption spreading without G-SOPHIA's energy, Eve calls to Jason one last time as her consciousness fades.

True Ending[]

Should the player collect the Emblems, Eve would lay in Area Ω, thinking about how she always leaned on Jason for everything. After a few moments, she realizes that Jason may be in trouble, and she needs to go to his aid and save him. She rises, surprising even herself with her energy and determination. Traversing Area Omega on foot, Eve even manages to use her I-HIX to fight mutants using some sort of "purification energy."

After a battle with another Dig-Rawler, Eve finds the broken pieces of a Blaster Rifle. Her mind immediately goes to the worst-case scenario before she realizes that it's a different model from Jason's. A few areas later, Eve encounters Leibniz and Garuda, with the former ready to scrap Eve, alone and without an MA. Suddenly, Eve notices something further ahead, which happens to be a girl and another MA. The girl introduces herself as Elfie, a support droid. She explains that while fighting alongside her pilot Roddy, they were sucked into Area Omega. They bumped into the Mutant Cocoon, a beast said to be even stronger than an Overlord, which damaged the MA and separated the crew, leaving Elfie to fix things by herself. She asks if they've seen Roddy somewhere, but verges on tears when she recognizes the broken Blaster Rifle Eve holds as his. Leibniz begins to panic, demanding Elfie to stop mourning since she and Eve are just supposed to be "dolls". Elfie's response on how sad he himself must feel cuts deep, however, and he begins to go hysteric. Elfie simply responds that her spirit is all that remains, since her injuries from the Mutant Cocoon became fatal after she tried working on her MA. Leibniz is shocked until he receives a report from Garuda that Elfie has no readings, nothing resembling a sign of life. She is, for all intents and purposes, a lingering spirit, and proof that even support droids have souls.

In deep thought, Leibniz reveals the purpose of the Emblems to Eve. They are actually "All-Purpose Interplanetary Markers", capable of opening a wormhole to the corresponding MA from anywhere in the universe. He tells her not to lose them until she finds Jason again, then leaves claiming he has some business to attend to. As Garuda flies away, Elfie invites Eve to pilot her MA, since she cannot do so as a spirit. As Elfie fades away, she leaves the words "May 'bravery' guide you-" as Eve boards the MA, now named Andreia.

Traveling in Andreia, Eve finds Fred, collapsed but still alive. As the G-SOPHIA's support lifeform, Fred has an innate sense of where it is at all times, allowing Eve to find it.

Eve finds Jason and G-SOPHIA, turned into stone in front of the Mutant Cocoon Drolrevo. Fearing the worst has come to pass, she's relieved to find there's still a faint vital sign coming from Jason. Eve battles Drolrevo, but cannot keep up with the mutant's regeneration. In theory, Andreia's Acceleration Blast could damage it enough to slow its healing, but it's been locked due to previous damage and firing it now would destroy the MA, assuming Drolrevo even gave Eve an opportunity to charge it. Just as all seems hopeless, a transmission comes in from the other MA pilots. Apparently, Leibniz stopped by each of their planets to tell them that the G-SOPHIA crew needed their help, and they're on their way. Sensing an opportunity, Eve continues to fight to try and damage Drolrevo a bit more. As the MAs Kuebiko, Eir, and Atom come barreling through wormholes, Eve overrides the safety on the Acceleration Blast. While she regrets destroying Andreia like this, Elfie's spirit whispers in her ear, reassuring that their memory will live on in Eve. As the MAs distracted the Mutant Cocoon, Eve charges Andreia's Acceleration Blast, enhanced with her own purification energy. The resulting blast rips Drolrevo's exterior and miraculously frees Jason and G-SOPHIA. The battle is not yet finished however, as the Cocoon breaks to reveal Drolrevo Mastro, the Mutant Cocoon's true form. Unfortunately, the Acceleration Blast has all but wrecked Andreia, and Eve is left with no recourse but to pray for Jason's success.

Triumphing against Drolrevo Mastro, the G-SOPHIA crew finally reunites. They thank the MA pilots and their crews as they all return to real space, where the G-SOPHIA crew gazes upon planet Sophia. Jason and Eve reminisce on their journey, and remark on how they've already accomplished their goal, since it seems Eve's purification-boosted Accel Blast also apparently removed her mutant corruption. Just before the credits begin to roll, Eve begins to say, "Jason, there's something I want to tell you..."

Blaster Master Zero 3[]

After Jason and Eve defeated Drolrevo, they repaired and upgraded Gaia-SOPHIA into "Gaia-Sophia SV". Upon landing on planet Sophia, they are attacked by the Sophia's Army, Sophia Force (SF). The fight renders Gaia-SOPHIA SV inoperable. Jason and Eve are captured and separated from each other. One day, the base which holds Jason is under attack by mutants. Jason breaks free from the prison and retrieves his MA and Fred. When he arrives at the gate of the base, he encounters Kane Gardener, the commander of the SF. After a brief fight against each other, Kane talks to Jason privately, telling him Eve disappeared and lets him escape. Thereafter, Jason sets off on another adventure to find Eve and the reason behind her disappearance.

After Jason escapes from the SF and teams up with Leibniz, he receives a garbled transmission from Eve telling him to use the new Vision Reversal Visor (VRV) system to cross into the alternate dimensions. Before Eve disappears, she also leaves recordings of how Jason's new equipment works.

Following the defeat of Dual Kirkal, Jason picks up a sample of Eve's DNA. Which confuses both him and Leibniz, since Eve is technically a robot, and thus shouldn't have organic components like DNA. Seeking further details, Jason contacts Kane, who tells him to go to the NORA Satellite Zone and give the DNA to Jennifer, his wife and a brilliant scientist.

Upon entering the station and giving Jennifer the DNA, Jason finds out that Eve is, for all intents and purposes, is now a mutant. To prevent further corruption, whatever the "purification energy" did to cure Eve converted her from a gynoid to a flesh-and-blood body, which unfortunately is more mutant than human due to the still existing mutant cells. Jennifer further theorizes that Eve disappeared into super-dimensional space through one of the ruptures that have recently opened, and if further exposed to the "reversal" forces within the space, Eve may eventually adapt too well to the force, and be unable to exist in real space. Kane adds more bad news, saying that if this theory is correct, then Eve really has become a mutant, and before long the Sophia Force will be clamoring for her destruction. Refusing to give up, Jason recalls that Planet Stranga's unique flora is toxic to mutants, and believes that a cure may exist there.

Retrieving a Nu-Nasae Herb from Stranga, Jason hands it over to Jennifer, hoping her analysis can find a cure for Eve. That's when Kane chimes in, stating the SF have a lock on Eve's location. She's inside the Forbidden Sector, where Kane once defeated the Invem leader Goez. Moreover, they've detected a signal belonging to none other than the Mutant Core, causing the already overaggressive SF to believe Eve is working with it for some nefarious scheme. Jason resolves himself to save Eve at any cost, even if Sophia's entire army must become his enemy. Meanwhile, Jennifer finishes her analysis, granting Jason two upgrades based on the Nu-Nasae Herb's anti-mutant properties; the Counter Barrier to protect his MA from dimensional distortions, and the Elemental Blaster, a weapon that could save or destroy Eve depending on Jason's "heart". After some more advice from her and Kane, Jason moves towards the Forbidden Sector.

As Jason goes deeper into the Forbidden Sector, Jennifer contacts him with analysis of Eve's DNA. Turns out, at the moment Eve became a mutant-adjacent lifeform at the same time as the destruction of Drolrevo, Eve somehow inherited Drolrevo's ability to rule over all other mutants, basically becoming a new "Mutant Queen." Leibniz mocks Jason for how this whole thing reeks of irony, that support droid made to resist mutants will become their new leader, but the human remains resolute in finding any means to save Eve.

As Jason goes down the 2nd elevator of the sector, Jennifer messages him with the complete analysis of Eve's DNA. They've found out the truth behind the mutant incursion; In response to the SF's capture of their new "Queen", the mutants invaded Sophia and took Eve into super-dimensional space, and are continuing to keep her there for protective purposes. Worse still, Eve's body has begun acclimating to the space, to the point where she may transcend the bounds of human, mutant, or any other lifeform, becoming an entity of super-dimensional space without a physical body. She assures Jason that the Elemental Blaster and his "heart" have a chance at deciding how this ends, when Kane interjects with more bad news. Sophia's government has deemed Eve the new Mutant Core, codenamed "Invem Queen", and are gathering forces to destroy her. Jason and Jennifer are shocked as Kane declares his resolve to protect Sophia, even if he must slay his own daughter to do so. But then Kane continues to speak. By his authority as the commander of the SF and their assault on the Forbidden Sector, he deems the presence of Jason, codename "Blaster Master", to pose an unacceptably high risk of compromising the assault operation, and orders its postponement. Jason wonders if Kane can simply do this literally last-minute, but Kane assures Jason that he'll take responsibility for the matters to follow, and bids him to rescue Eve.

When G-SOPHIA SV crew finds Eve, they were shocked to see that Planade-G is still alive as the Mutant Core, Bloodstained Planade-G. Moreover, it's trapped Eve in a shell, seemingly piggybacking her authority as "Queen" to control the mutants. All Leibniz can see is a chance for a front-row seat to the destroyer of his home and Lucia, needing to be calmed down by Jason. Bloodstained Planade-G is critically damaged in battle, escaping into super-dimensional space with Eve. Before the G-SOPHIA SV crew can follow, the MA breaks, having finally pushed past its limits. With the MA trashed, and Leibniz's suit unadapted for super-dimensional space, Jason must fight the Mutant Core alone.

Pouring all his "heart", Jason frees Eve by finishing Bloodstained Planade-G off with the Elemental Blaster, the sheer force and energy consumption destroying his helmet and suit. To everyone's surprise, Jennifer tells them all that Eve is still the Mutant Queen. Kane can't let Eve live as the Mutant Queen, so he prepares to destroy Eve with the SF. Leibniz, realizing that Eve doesn't want to be cured, tells everyone to ask Eve why. Eve explains that if she dies, the mutants will go on a uncontrollable rampage, so she will instead guide them into super-dimensional space before sealing the ruptures, permanently separating people from the threat of the mutants...and Jason and Eve with them. Kane and Jennifer agree with her choice, the former making a nonaggression agreement; If Eve takes the mutants to super-dimensional space with her and never interferes with real space again, Sophia and the SF will never intrude on super-dimensional space. Lebniz asks Jason if he's okay with this, leading to one final choice.


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

This choice will determine Jason, Leibniz, and Eve's fate.

Bad Ending[]

Jason couldn't reach Eve and was forced to let her go. Afterwards, Kane was able to clear the misunderstanding the Sophia Force had of Jason and Leibniz. Several years later, Planet Sophia has decided to formed an interstellar union with the other planets starting with planets that were part of the MA Project. With Jason's and Leibniz's help, Earth has agreed to join the union. Unknown to everyone, Jason has a feeling that Eve is watching them from Super Dimensional space.

True Ending[]

Activating the VRV system without his helmet, Jason "reverses" Eve's heart to draw out her true feelings. She confesses that she wanted more than anything to spend the rest of her days with Jason, but knew that so long as she held the fate of the "Mutant Queen", there was always a chance the peace they've fought so hard for would be ruined once more. Eve looks back with tears in her eyes as she proclaims her love for Jason. He promises to one day reach her in super-dimensional space, and she walks into the portal, holding those words in her heart.

Some time later, a dimensional rupture opens on Earth. Thinking that Eve has broken her promise to never interfere with real space, Kane takes his Metal Attacker to the ??? Area, having salvaged the VRV system from Jason's broken helmet.

After Kane defeats Gonbei, Eir, Atom, and Rising Garuda, he finds Jason. Jason explains that while Eve did open a dimensional rupture, they're not planning an invasion, nor can the mutants overcome Eve's command and invade of their own volition. This is merely fulfilling a dream of theirs with the Mutant Cocoon they've dubbed their "Cradle of Hope." Kane replies that even so, Eve reneged on her nonaggression agreement, and thus the SF have ordered Kane to destroy both her and Jason. Both MA Pilots, refusing to back down, prepare to fight.

Before a victor can be decided, the Mutant Cocoon beams with light. Eve reappears, calling forth two lights that she calls "Elfie" and "Roddy". Shocking Kane, the two explain that the Cocoon was a vessel to allow them to birth purely human children, without passing on her traits as a super-dimensional lifeform and the Mutant Queen. Even as Eve's existence is slowly becoming one with super-dimensional space itself, the two desired to leave behind a lasting physical legacy. Acknowledging Kane's remark that their children cannot persist in super-dimensional space, they explain the rupture on Earth is purely to send their children to grow up there, on Jason's homeworld where the two of them met. All this was at Leibniz's prodding, even as the two themselves had long since given up on making children. (Note that Jason and Eve never found out Leibniz was a woman). They also go on to explain that they have another duty to accomplish; defeat the "Lightning Beings", Divergent Lifeforms that do not submit to Eve's will and rampage with abandon. Though their children will be lonely without their parents, their hearts will still be connected. Eva taught Jason that way back when.

At these words, Kane makes an official statement: As Jason and Eve did not open the dimensional rupture as a prelude to a mutant attack, and if anything, are preparing to assist against a brand new foe, Sophia and the SF see no legitimate reason to instate aggressions upon them or super-dimensional space. He also takes this moment to give some advice, chiding them for so easily giving up on the idea of living together with their children

Off-screen, Leibniz returns to pick up Roddy and Elfie. Leibniz tells Jason and Eve that if they couldn’t find a way to live in normal space, he will tell them they both died. Afterwards, Jason, Eve, and Fred board SOPHIA-J1, blasting off to secure the peace they've struggled so much for, and for a way to be with their children across dimensions.

Other Appearances[]

Worlds of Power: Blaster Master[]

Eve makes her debut as an original character in the Blaster Master novelization. She first appears in the deep pit that Jason jumps down while chasing after his frog, Fred. She accompanies him throughout the first part of the quest, but ends up being captured by the Plutonium Boss. Eve gives him the Gun, shows him how to pilot the Sophia 3rd, and generally educates him about the Plutonium Boss's plans.

Eve is the closest English equivalent to her true name, which is Yvtrkijz. Hailing from another planet, known as Signar-el, Eve has a poor grasp of English and its linguistic subtleties, as seen with her struggle in understanding various slang phrases. Well-trained by her father, a leading "astroscientist," she is the youngest winner of the Red Nova Science award for her theories on intergalactic life forms. Her studies in this field led to her discovery of Earth. It was here that the Plutonium Boss made itself known; listening in on her transmissions to Signar-el, it realized it had found a new source of plutonium, and fried Signar-el in a catastrophic flash of nuclear power. Eve, knowing that she had inadvertently led the Plutonium Boss to another defenseless planet, followed it to Earth and had planned to take it on herself with Sophia 3rd, when Alex and Jason showed up.

Eve is a serious, straight-forward person who expects others to be observant to their surroundings to catch on quick. She's bluntly honest, and absolutely driven to defeat the Plutonium Boss. Physically, she has long red hair and freckles, appearing like a typical American teenager.

Blaster Master: Blasting Again[]

BMBA jasoneve codiekitty

Eve pictured alongside an older Jason in Blasting Again’s instruction manual. The game marks both the first time the Japanese games recognized the American Blaster Master lore, and her first physical depiction.

Eve is the wife of Jason and mother of Roddy and Elfie. She does not make a physical appearance here, only a spiritual appearance, having died of an unknown illness 5 years before the events of the game. After Elfie is kidnapped by Kaiser, Eve replaces her as Roddy's spotter. When Kaiser is defeated, Eve's spirit ascends into the sky, proclaiming that she can finally be with Jason, implying that her spirit had been on Earth since her death.

Luminous Avenger iX 2[]

More in-depth information is available on the Azure Striker Gunvolt Wiki.

The Blaster Master Zero series Sophia crew in their Blaster Master Zero 3 appearances appears in Luminous Avenger iX 2 as a crossover DLC boss to challenge Copen the Luminous Avenger iX. The DLC went on sale on March 10th, 2022 for $7.99 USD or €6.99.

Although Eve doesn’t interact with Copen at all, she will use her power to shield and heal Jason and slow down Copen’s movement while singing.


  • Eve does not have an official surname. However, since Blaster Master Zero indicates that her parents are Kane and Jennifer Gardner, her full name is presumably Eve Gardner.
  • Eve is implied to be poor at cooking. During a conversation with Jason regarding the Gaia System's creation, she describes the preceding accident as "just like when I mess up a recipe in the kitchen!" to Jason's (internal) consternation.
    • Even before the release of Blaster Master Zero 2, this is implied via the official artwork made to celebrate 100,000 downloads of Blaster Master Zero, showcasing life with the Sophia crew. One panel shows Eve attempting to add a box of radioactive material (which incidentally looks like the one that mutates Fred in the original Blaster Master) to a pot, but is stopped by a very panicky Jason.