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Evil Eve is a mid-boss in Blaster Master Zero 3 that Jason first confronts upon arriving in Sophia Metropolis. All subsequent appearances of her throughout the game are normal enemies that spawn within Super-Dimensional Space.

Physical Appearance[]

Evil Eve is a mutant clone of Jason's support droid Eve, with a similar face and torso (closely resembling her BMZ1 design with shorter hair), except with this creature possessing red eyes and pale white skin. These features are the only human-like qualities of this mutant, as her arms and tail are comprised of a blue organic slime-like compound. Her legs appear even less humanoid in design and resemble a completely separate mutant in itself, depicted as two mutant heads with a gaping maw and sinister blue eyes (as opposed to Eve's cat face kneepads) capped off at her thighs descending into long stilted bio-mechanical legs.

General Information[]

Evil Eve appears as the first boss fight in Sophia Metropolis. Defeating her grants Jason with the Rushing Attacker. Throughout Jason's journey within Super-Dimensional Space, he will confront Evil Eve on multiple occasions, but only as a normal enemy.


Evil Eve has two methods of attack. In the boss fight, 3 to 5 clones will generate, all of which will attempt to home in on Jason's position and will continue to attack him until dispatched. An additional mutant clone will remain in a stationary position and proceed to create a spherical barrier around him which will greatly inhibit his movement, allowing the other clones to move in on his position.

As a normal enemy with Super-Dimensional Space, the Evil Eve clones follow the same attack pattern. The only exception to their appearance here is that the player will not initially see them on screen, as they will randomly spawn in the current room via a green wormhole. Any player not playing attention to the clones spawning leave themselves open to an immediate attack.


When the battle begins, only one Evil Eve clone appears in the arena. Destroying her with the Cross Wave gun will make short order of her presence. Five more clones will then generate, attempting to move in on Jason's position. Use of the Lock-On Striker or High Diffusion will quickly eliminate them. These also work well to eliminate any of the stationary clones that generate the movement inhibiting barrier around Jason. They can also be destroyed with a properly timed use of the Reflex Striker.



It is worth noting that the fin-like appendages branching from Evil Eve's lower body greatly resemble those on the back of Kaiser, the main antagonist of Blaster Master: Blasting Again. This may be completely coincidental in design, despite Blaster Master Zero 3 containing a number of references and allusions to Blasting Again, to include the birth of Jason and Eve's children, Roddy and Elfie, as well as the mass number of rogue Lightning Beings that pose a future threat to the Earth, as explained by Eve at the end of the game.

Evil Eve and Kaiser Comparison