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A sub-weapon that emits a bright light that stops enemies in their tracks. May be useful in dark areas...
— Flash Bomb • Blaster Master Zero

The Flash Bomb (abbreviated as Flash) is a Sub-weapon for Jason in Blaster Master Zero. It throws out a bomb that causes an explosion of light, lighting up dark rooms and stunning enemies.


Stops enemies in their tracks with a bright light. May be useful in dark places
— Flash Bomb (Sub-Screen)

The Flash Bomb is obtained from the Obliteration Lasers mid-boss in Area 3. Pressing the Sub-weapon button causes Jason to throw a non-damaging explosive, colored yellow with a green band, that creates a bright flash on impact (usually 0.3 seconds after pressing the button), illuminating dark rooms indefinitely and stunning most enemies (but not Remote Blaster or blue Ancient Freeze units) for 1.5 seconds. Jason can have a maximum of only five Flash Bombs at a time, in contrast to Grenade Bomb and Ignition Bomb's ten-bomb capacities.

While stunned, as indicated by side-to-side movement, enemies have their behavior paused, preventing them from moving, attacking or executing most conditional actions (e.g. Orbit/Spread Sentry retaliatory attacks). However, enemies will still deal contact damage while stunned, and the red Gunner Guards of Area 7 will still trigger a room alert if they are touched or damaged by Jason during a stun. Upon recovering from any stun (not just stuns caused by Flash Bomb) and resuming their previous behavior, enemies will become immune to being stunned again, regardless of the source, for 5 seconds, doubled for bosses.

Due to their ability to light up dark rooms, Flash Bombs are very useful (though technically not mandatory) for navigating certain particularly treacherous areas, such as the dungeon containing Area 3's map. The stunning aspect of this sub-weapon is particularly useful in Destroyer Mode, due to enemies losing (almost) all of their Gun Level stun vulnerabilities in that mode, but is often rendered obsolete in other modes whenever Jason is using Gun Levels which stun a wide variety of enemies (such as Wave).

Dark Places[]

While not technically required to use in order to navigate dark areas, there are a number of them that Flash Bombs can light up.

Note: EX Characters, which are unable to use Jason's Flash Bombs, can instead utilize one of their own sub-weapons to illuminate these dark areas: Dragonsphere (Gunvolt), Angelic Grenade (Ekoro), Storm Puff (Shantae) or Ornate Plate (Shovel Knight).

Related Quotes[]

FLASH BOMB: This bomb emits a super bright light that stops enemies right in their tracks for a short time. While it provides a great chance to destroy enemies, it might be helpful in dark rooms or places where your surroundings are hard to see.
— Eve