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Land mine that explodes to deploy an energy sphere. Place with the SUB-WEAPON button. Press and hold the SUB-WEAPON button to detonate all mines.
— Flash Sphere (Sub-Screen)

The Flash Sphere (abbreviated as F-Sphere) is a sub-weapon for Jason introduced in Blaster Master Zero 2. It is found on Planetoid B-1.


Activating Flash Sphere launches a small orb-like mine that passes through terrain and rubble, detonating only after traveling a set distance forward, on contact with an enemy or upon pressing the Sub-weapon button a second time. Upon detonation, it releases a lingering sphere of energy for 3 seconds that continually damages enemies on contact for ~3x G-Blaster damage per second. Only one Flash Sphere can be active at a time, and Jason can carry up to 6 spheres at once.

Land mine that explodes to deploy a lightning sphere. Place with the SUB-WEAPON button. Press and hold the SUB-WEAPON button to detonate all mines.
— Flash Striker (Sub-Screen)

A lightning-element variant, the Flash Striker (abbreviated as F-Striker), is found on Planetoid C-4. Nominally, it behaves similarly to the original and deals the same damage, though it travels to its maximum range much faster and shocks enemies it hits. Shocked enemies are stunned for an additional ~0.5 seconds on normal stuns (increased to 1 second on super-stuns, when both a normal stun and a weak-stun are inflicted in rapid succession) until the status effect wears off.

If Stinger is used to embed projectiles into one or more enemies while a lightning sphere is deployed, lightning arcs from the sphere to these projectiles and electrocutes their unfortunate hosts, akin to Gunvolt's Cerburus/Flashfield combo from the previous game's EX Character Mode. Enemies with 1/2/3+ embedded Stingers take 1x/3x/6x G-Blaster damage per second from the chain lightning synergy. While active, Flash Striker spheres imbue G-Blaster shots passing through them with the lightning element; additionally, having this elemental sub-weapon equipped increases the speed and piercing power of EX Charge's charged shot and causes it to electrify enemies it hits.

Like the other elemental sub-weapons, Flash Striker has half the ammo capacity of its forebear. Only one Flash Striker sphere can be active at a time; however, both Flash Sphere and Flash Striker can be active at the same time.


  • When describing Flash Striker and its synergy with Stinger, Eve will suddenly shout "Shred Storm! ...Wait. ...That's not right..." This is a reference to Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, where the character Copen has a special attack called Shred Storm.
    • This is also a nod to a similar occurrence in Blaster Master Zero, where Eve suddenly shouts "OVERSURGE! ...Wait...what...? ......Why did I say that...?" while talking about Gun Level 6: Striker, another lightning-based attack.
  • The combination of Stinger and Flash Striker can be considered a reference to Azure Striker Gunvolt in itself.

Related Quotes[]

After firing a "FLASH SPHERE", press the SUB-WEAPON button again to cause it to detonate. This will leave an energy sphere in its wake. It also penetrates terrain, so it's useful for attacking hard-to-reach enemies or ones that are mostly stationary.
— Eve
The "FLASH STRIKER" is a lightning-element sub-weapon. Press the SUB-WEAPON button again after firing to detonate it. It will leave sphere of electricity in place for a period of time. If used against enemies with a lightning weakness, they will be stunned for quite a while. It's quite a good combo with Gun Level 2, "STINGER". Shred Storm! ...Wait. ...That's not right...
— Eve