Fred was Jason's pet frog from the first Blaster Master. At first an ordinary frog, Fred grew to enormous proportions upon coming into contact with radioactive chest and then led Jason on a chase throughout the underworld. Jason was forced to kill his pet frog not once, but twice, during his journey. Despite Fred's "deaths," he escapes the underworld unscathed along with Jason.

Even though Fred is one of the catalysts for the events of the series, he would not be seen or mentioned in any subsequent adventure until receiving a heavy revamp in the Blaster Master Zero duology.

Fred serves as the boss of Area 4.

In BattleEdit

BM Boss4
Battle with Fred


Area 4



Pause Trick



Fred has a few different attacks, and he follows a pattern:

  1. Three hops
  2. Lashes out his tongue
  3. Two hops
  4. Spits out three pairs of small fireballs
  5. Three hops
  6. Spits out one large fireball, in the direction of Jason
  7. Repeats cycle

He's only vulnerable when his mouth is open. Grenades are the most effective against Fred, if the player doesn't have a powerful Gun.

Other AppearancesEdit

Worlds of Power: Blaster MasterEdit

Although Jason does encounter a hologram-frog at the end of Area 4, it's simply the image of another bullfrog, not actually Fred (whom he would encounter later).

Blaster Master: Enemy BelowEdit

A functionally identical frog boss simply named Poisonous Frog guards the Hover Pack at the end of Area 3.

Blaster Master ZeroEdit

Fred appears in Blaster Master Zero and is again the catalyst of events. Instead of being a normal frog, however, it's a drone sent by SOPHIA III to investigate mutant infested planets. When it arrives on Earth, it takes the form of a frog-like animal and is discovered by Jason Frudnick. Jason keeps Fred as a pet, but it eventually escapes, and travels through a self-generated wormhole to SOPHIA III. Jason follows it, and discovers SOPHIA III for himself. Jason follows Fred's signal and eventually recovers him. Later, Fred leads Jason to Sophia Zero.

Blaster Master Zero 2Edit

Fred carries on as a member of Gaia-SOPHIA's crew, now sporting a silvery skin. His ability to generate wormholes is now a Menu function, safely recalling Jason to the tank's position if he gets stuck in side-scrolling mode. Fred will also hop out from Jason's person and open a quick-return wormhole out of top-down dungeons upon picking up the upgrade item contained within.

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