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Creates a high-energy sphere of light. The sphere can be damaged while charging. Press the SUB-WEAPON button once to charge, and press again to fire. The Gaia System and main cannon can supplement the charge.
— Full Accel Burst (Sub-Screen)

Full Accel Burst (also called Full Accel Blast, abbreviated as FA-Blast) is a sub-weapon for Gaia-SOPHIA in Blaster Master Zero 2. It is obtained after defeating Atom on Planet Divido.


Full Accel Burst requires Gaia-SOPHIA to have at least 100% SP before it can be activated (this threshold uses the default SP capacity and does not include capacity upgrades via SP Up item collection). Upon pressing the Sub-weapon button while this prerequisite is met, a sphere of light will appear over G-SOPHIA, tracking along with its movement to remain directly overhead while allowing the MA to perform all other actions normally. If left to charge to full by itself, the sphere will drain 101% SP over 10 seconds to reach its fully-charged state; however, it can be charged much faster, and at a much lower SP cost, by firing powered Main weapons (but not the shutdown-specific Normal Shot) into it or activating the Gaia System:

  • G-Crusher Shot/Auto-Cluster/Revol-Buster: 3% SP contribution (saves 0.3 seconds) per shot
  • 10%/25%/100% SP Falls: 3%/6%/10% SP contribution (saves 0.3/0.6/1.0 seconds)
  • Taking Damage: 5% SP contribution (saves 0.5 seconds) per damage instance

As the Gaia System diverts all harvested energy to Full Accel Burst during its charging sequence, it is not possible to gain any SP directly from the system for the duration (however, SP Capsules and Burn Spark impacts will still restore SP normally). If G-SOPHIA enters shutdown during this sequence (but not afterward), the energy sphere will lose charge, at the same rate at which it gained charge prior to the shutdown, for the duration; in exchange, SP can once again be generated normally with the Gaia System (as augmented by the shutdown-specific 2x SP gain multiplier), potentially allowing the current sphere to be salvaged if shutdown can be terminated before the charge fully dissipates.

Full Accel Burst's energy sphere transitions through three stages while actively charging, increasing in size with each stage, before reaching its fully-charged stage. If the sphere takes damage or makes contact with an enemy or hard rock during one of its charging stages, it will deal 6/5 G-Crusher Shot damage as contact damage (where applicable) and lose a stage, requiring another ~33% SP to be contributed in order to undo the loss of charge. While at full charge (or while supercharged), the sphere will still deal contact damage but will no longer lose stages.

After a Full Accel Burst energy sphere reaches full charge, SP is no longer consumed over time, but the Gaia System's basic SP generation mechanisms are still disabled until the sphere is supercharged using the same methods as during the initial charge:

Upon achieving the supercharged state, the Gaia System will no longer divert energy to Full Accel Burst and will once again be usable for normal SP generation. Main weapon shots will be absorbed without any effect by a supercharged energy sphere, preventing Gaia-SOPHIA from shooting diagonally or upward until the sphere is fired (or cancelled by disembarking from SOPHIA or going through a room transition, forfeiting all invested SP).

Activating the sub-weapon again with an energy sphere above G-SOPHIA, regardless of whether the MA has entered a shutdown, will fire the sphere forward as a slow-moving all-piercing projectile with damage based on current stage and charge. Full Accel Burst has an on-screen shot limit of 1 sphere, preventing a new sphere from being charged until the previous sphere has left the screen.

  • Low Charge: ~1.3x-~3x G-Crusher Shot damage
  • Mid Charge: ~3x-~5x G-Crusher Shot damage
  • High Charge: ~5x-~7x G-Crusher Shot damage
  • Full Charge: 10x G-Crusher Shot damage
  • Supercharge: 14x G-Crusher Shot damage

At full charge or supercharge, this weapon can cover over half the screen on firing, clear away cracked dimensional distortions on Planet Divido, and trigger either of two scripted one-shot kills (one of them referencing a similar scripted event in Blaster Master Zero). However, Full Accel Burst is unable to destroy blocks or hard rocks, even while supercharged.


  • Supercharged Full Accel Bursts take on unique aesthetic properties based on the current character:
    • While playing as Jason, supercharged Full Accel Bursts vaguely resemble a terrestrial planet with continents and oceans.
    • While playing as Copen, supercharged Full Accel Bursts resemble normal Lola.
    • While playing as Empress, supercharged Full Accel Bursts manifest the character's bonded dragon Atruum.
  • Full Accel Burst can be seen as an upgrade to the previous game's Acceleration Blast, covering many of that weapon's faults (requiring the firing Metal Attacker to remain stationary while charging, requiring a full charge to initiate the attack, and losing all charge upon damage from an enemy, SOPHIA Zero notwithstanding).

Related Quotes[]

"FULL ACCEL BLAST" unleashes a sphere of immense energy. It won't fire at all unless your SP is 100% full. Press the sub-weapon button once to consume SP and begin generating the energy sphere. You can move while charging it, but if an enemy comes into contact with the sphere, you'll lose a level of charge. SP will be consumed until it is fully charged. Firing the cannon into the sphere will help charge it, as will utilizing the Gaia System. Be careful not to shutdown while you're charging, though. While the sphere is deployed, press the SUB-WEAPON button to launch it.
— Eve