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GX680 is one of the first side-scrolling mutants that appears in almost all of the installments in the Blaster Master series, starting with MetaFight/Blaster Master.

Physical Appearance[]

GX680 resembles a bipedal creature with a glowing singular eye under a helmet-like structure around its body.


Blaster Master[]

GX680 appears in many areas, starting in Area 1; they come in two color variants, gray and red, with red being stronger in durability and generally more aggressive. They generally attack by walking towards Jason and firing bullets towards him; some fire one bullet, some fire three or four, and some don't seem to fire at all.

Blaster Master Zero[]

GX680 appears again in the same areas like in the old game, only differences are is that when they fire at Jason, they stop moving for a moment, before continuing their pursuit. The gray versions are now given the color green; red ones are still present, only having more health than the green ones normally. The green ones are the weakest top-down enemy in the game, with almost every weapon destroying it in one shot; Blaster and Flame take two, and Auto takes three.

In Destroyer Mode, the green GX680s are immune to all Gun types except Blaster and Wave, making them much more threatening. The red GX680s are immune to all Gun types except Blaster and Reflect, making them ironically easier to deal with than the green ones.

In her EX Character mode, Shantae has the Mutant Dance, allowing her to transform into a purple GX680 in top-down mode, allowing her to shoot energy projectiles that penetrate enemies, walls, and terrain, but having slower movement speed. She can have five projectiles out at a time.

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

GX680 returns once again, with new variants; the most common one is introduced on Planet Flosante and acts similarly to how it did before; when it notices the player, it will run up to them to get close before stopping and preparing to shoot. A purple variant is introduced on Planet Montoj, however, instead of directly chasing Jason, they will run to the nearest Sentry, if there are any around it. When close enough, the Sentry will extend its mouth out, turn gray, and transform into something else. The Orbit Sentry transforms into a spinning mutant; the Spread Sentry transforms into a large swarm of bugs that fly in the direction of the player. The blue variant first appears on Planet Montoj; these appear in groups and slowly wander around together before firing in unison.

All GX680s will have a marker above their heads before firing their projectiles, allowing the player to Blast Counter them, instantly defeating them.