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Gaia Sophia SV

Gaia-SOPHIA SV (stylized: "G-SOPHIA SV" or "GAIA-SOPHIA SV") is the core playable battle tank of Blaster Master Zero 3. It is an upgraded version of the original Gaia-SOPHIA, built using parts from the lost Andreia.

On top of boasting the same mobility and firepower of the original Gaia-Sophia, it has an improved SP system, which can power two systems at once. SP is once again charged via the Gaia System.

It is designated with the model number EARTH MA-001 SV GAIA-SOPHIA SV. The'SV' stands for 'Supreme Vehicle'.


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.


After the events of Blaster Master Zero 2, Jason and Eve repaired and improved Gaia-Sophia using parts from the lost Metal Attacker Andreia, which had saved their lives during the final battle against Drolrevo.

Gaia-Sophia SV is capable of many of the same abilities and firepower as the original version. The biggest change is the addition of two SP meters instead of one. The Orange meter powers Cannon shots and weapons, while the Blue meter powers Sub-Weapons and Abilities. This allows the player to use more powerful weapons without sacrificing mobility or vice versa. As before, SP is generated via the Gaia System.

As Gaia-Sophia SV ranges out without maintenance, sparks and electric crackles become more and more pronounced as additions to its side-scrolling sprites. During the final battle with Bloodstained Planade-G, Gaia-Sophia SV is pushed to its limits and eventually shuts down, forcing Jason to confront the final boss on foot.

Gaia System[]

The Gaia System functions much like its previous iteration: SP is restored proportionate to the height fallen, and is also restored from taking damage. However, energy is now distributed into two SP bars: orange and blue. The orange meter powers alternate cannon shots, while the blue meter is used for mobility and sub-weapons. Thus, offensively the tank is more efficient than ever. Additionally, the consequences of an energy shutdown are split: depleting the orange meter results in weakened shots, while depleting the blue meter results in diminished defense. It is crucial, however, to avoid a total shutdown (caused by depleting both the orange and blue meters at once) since it leaves the tank vulnerable to being destroyed in a single blow.


At the beginning of the game, Gaia-Sophia SV is stripped of most of its mobility upgrades. New and returning abilities are discovered throughout the game, and may be toggled on and off in the Maneuver section of the MA's Weapon Select Screen.

  • Hover: The original Hover function installed on Gaia-SOPHIA returns, providing sustained flight in side view areas at the cost of continual SP burn. The ability is given to Jason by Kane after their confrontation in Area 1.
  • Dive Gear: The Dive Gear is installed by default, and allows Gaia Sophia SV to travel easily through bodies of water or deep space. Operating within fluids does not cost SP, but care must be taken to avoid energy overuse, as making contact with a traversable fluid often dampens any fall velocity that would recharge the Gaia System.
  • Recoil Jump: Installed by default, this allows Gaia-SOPHIA to hug and jump off walls without consuming SP.
  • Multi Leg: Converts Gaia-Sophia SV's wheels into mechanical spider legs, allowing the tank to walk on surfaces and terrain which would otherwise damage it. Using Multi Leg also stops certain Mutants from attacking it.
  • Wall Drive: Allows Gaia-Sophia SV to grip and drive up vertical walls. Unlike in Blaster Master Zero, this ability now consumes SP from the Blue meter.
  • Counter Barrier: A barrier that nullifies dimensional distortions, allowing Gaia-Sophia SV to move through them as if they are bodies of water.


The game begins with Gaia-Sophia SV stripped of many of its previous armaments, but new weapons are discovered throughout the game.


  • G-Crusher Shot: The default main cannon of Gaia-SOPHIA SV. Does not consume SP but is disabled during a shutdown.
  • G-Crusher Shot Plus: A more powerful version of the default cannon. Consumes SP.
  • Anti-SF Ammo: A powerful and fast shot which can penetrate terrain. Consumes SP. Is especially effective against mechanical enemies, such as the drones used by the Sophia Force.
  • Rain Cluster Fires cluster bombs which travel in an arc, and ignite when they collide with terrain and enemies. Consumes SP. Can destroy certain blocks. This weapon is more effective against biological and mutant enemies than against mechanical enemies.


  • Warhead Missiles: Default Sub-weapon. Is seemingly unchanged from the previous game.
  • Homing Laser: Fires 6 lasers which track enemies. Holding down the fire button locks on up to six targets. Leibniz took this ability from the wrecked Garuda and installed it on Gaia-Sophia SV during his attempt to steal it for himself.
  • Ignition Spark: Launches a plug into the ground or walls which sends electricity across the surface while deploying a shield that blocks enemy shots. The electric shocks can light up darkened areas and power up certain doors. Activating the ability immediately after landing and activating the Gaia System makes it more powerful.
  • Aqua Shift: Similar to the Burn Spark and Spark Tackle, this ability boosts Gaia-Sophia SV forward at great speed while providing temporary invincibility, this time with a water effect. Certain walls and fences can be passed through using this ability. The ability was granted to Jason by Jennifer Gardner, who explains she derived it from a still in development Metal Attacker named Andreia...
  • Phantom Solid: Creates a wall or platform of blocks (Up to 5 blocks wide) which only the MA can interact with. Once a wall or platform is set, the MA can jump onto it, or use it to Wall Drive up to openings in ceilings.
  • Final Accel Burst: Channels a tremendous amount of SP to fire a massive projectile that strikes the planet, and causes massive damage.