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BMZ2 Gonbei
Even with just the two of us... Our ikki will continue. ...I won't let it end.
— Gonbei

Gonbei (subtitled The Legendary Takeyari Master) is an inhabitant of Planet Montoj and the pilot of NORA MA-05 Kuebiko, making his appearance in Blaster Master Zero 2. His support droid is Tae and his support animal is a dragonfly named Tappy.


Gonbei wears what looks to be a modified feudal samurai armor, with plates that cover most of his pectorals but otherwise leaves his abdomen exposed. He wears an overcoat with what appears to be fuzzy fur rimming the edges, and an ornate green pauldron on his right shoulder with a golden crown sticking out of it.

Plot Role[]


Gonbei was an ordinary farmer living his life on Planet Montoj. Suddenly, village life began to take a turn for the worse. The taxes rose to exorbitant levels. The crops suffered failure after failure each year. The fields were ravaged day in, day out by "unknown youkai" (which were actually mutants). Unable to simply give away what little they had to survive, Gonbei and other villagers met the governor in hopes of reducing the taxes. When the governor refused to even listen and threw them out, they formed an "ikki", an army of rebellious farmers. When they fought all the way to the governor's office, they found that he'd been replaced by the mutant named Zavira, a special mutant capable of taking over people and using them as a method to gain strength. Countless villagers were slaughtered without a way to fight back against the mutants. When Tae arrived with Kuebiko, things took a turn for the better, but the ikki continued to suffer casualties until Gonbei was the only one left.

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

Gonbei is minding his own business, tending his crops when Jason suddenly rolls in trampling all over them (which is unavoidable since one of the keys needed to reach Gonbei's arena is right in the middle of a field). Understandably indignant about the vegetable violation, Gonbei refuses to listen to diplomacy and instead starts attacking. Only after receiving a beatdown from Jason (and yielding the Shift-Up Attacker Blast Counter) does he get a transmission from Tae explaining that other MA pilots do in fact exist, and that he should really listen to what other people say. Upon peacefully resolving the misunderstanding and undergoing introductions, Gonbei explains that he's trying to defeat Zavira, but can't because Kuebiko's repairs require parts they don't immediately possess. Eve offers some of Gaia-SOPHIA's spare parts and her assistance, which are gratefully accepted. Gonbei then clears the bamboo spears that blocked the path up the mountain.

At Gonbei's hideout, he and Tae are grateful for the parts needed to fix up Kuebiko. He provides Jason with Kuebiko's maneuver data, allowing G-Sophia to execute the Recoil Jump. He also offers some advice on how to reach Zavira, and says he'll join up with Jason as soon as Kuebiko is ready.

After Jason seemingly destroys Zavira and gets his Access Key, Gonbei suddenly barges in via comms, warning Jason to get back to Sophia. Turns out, Zavira is only one part of a gigantic, literally mountainous mutant known as Gathervira. Battle soon unfolds, as Gonbei uses Kuebiko's cannon to keep Gathervira stunned while Jason enters the titan to destroy all the Zavira clones. Eventually, the giant mutant finally falls, and Gonbei briefly celebrates the finale of his ikki, though as Jason muses, his fight with the mutants is still a long ways from over. After an even briefer goodbye, Tae wastes no time complaining about the strain Gonbei's put on Kuebiko again, to his sheepish laughter.


Some time after the defeat of Zavira (or immediately after), Jason can visit Gonbei again at his hideout. He explains that the presence of mutants despite Zavira's destruction is due to an island out on the sea acting as a mutant nest of sorts. Gonbei would like to investigate, but Kuebiko needs to be upgraded for going out to sea, which requires 8 gold coins buried in the mountains by Gonbei's ancestors as "special parts." Since Kuebiko's already taken apart for maintenance and upgrades, it'd be a pain for them to go grab them only to have to disassemble Kuebiko again. When Jason returns with the coins, Gonbei gives him an Emblem of Kuebiko as thanks, though nobody present is exactly sure what the Emblem is for, so Eve simply holds onto it for analysis.


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 2.

True Ending[]

During the fight with Drolrevo, Gonbei (alongside Kanna and Stein) warp to Eve in their MAs to provide her with covering fire as she charges Andreia's Acceleration Blast. Gonbei and the other MA crews tell Eve that Leibniz stopped by each of their planets to tell them that the G-SOPHIA crew needed their help, and tells them how to use Emblems.

After Drolrevo is defeated, its true form, Drolrevo Mastro, appears. In one of Drolrevo Mastro chats, the other MA crews are busy holding back the mutants that Drolrevo Mastro has summoned.

As Jason finally destroys Drolrevo Mastro, Eve and Fred join Jason aboard G-SOPHIA. Everyone returns to real space, and the G-SOPHIA crew thanks the other pilots as they return to their respective worlds.

Blaster Master Zero 3[]


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

True Ending[]

During the time period between Blaster Master Zero 2 and the climax of Blaster Master Zero 3, the Kuebiko's Crew went to Atlantis. It implied that Gonbei has meet Kane Gardner during the Interstellar Union as Kane seems to recognize Gonbei.

He and Tae, along with the other Metal Attacker pilots, are summoned by Jason and Eve, who ask for their help in protecting Eve as she attempts to give birth to their children in a mutant cocoon. Gonbei and Tae are all too happy to help out. Gonbei was the first to go up against Kane and challenge him to a Top-Down battle with Kuebiko's Crew assisting him.

Defeated, Gonbei along with the Kuebiko's Crew retreated.

Boss Fight[]

Eve: His gear looks very different from yours...could he be...?

Jason: Whatever he is, I have to fight. But...what should I do against a human opponent? I only have experience fighting mutants...
Eve: The basics of combat shouldn't be any different... Try different Gun Levels to find his weakness, and don't forget to look for chances to counter-attack!
Jason: There might be an effective sub-weapon, but...I just...

Eve: Jason, I know you don't want to fight another human, but... Just hang in there for now! I'll try to find another way...!
— "Gonbei" Eve Chat

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

Gonbei, the boss of Dungeon-1 on Planet Montoj, can utilize a ranged attack and a melee attack while in combat with Jason or an EX Character:

  • When using his ranged attack, Gonbei will appear at the corner of the arena and throw out a shot-blocking field before hurling two sickles toward Jason, one of which goes off-screen briefly before returning from another direction. Upon catching this sickle, the boss will retreat off-screen to prepare another attack.
  • When using his melee attack, as indicated by the boss hefting his spear above his head before retreating off-screen, Gonbei will strafe around the edge of the arena, under the cover of its bushes, before rushing toward Jason spear-first after a short delay. Should he be forced to stop mid-rush, he can follow-up with a second thrust, if Jason is within range of his stopping point, before retreating off-screen to prepare a ranged attack.

At low health, Gonbei will throw three shot-blocking fields (instead of just one) during his ranged attack and will sometimes flash the screen with a field during his melee attack before repositioning and rushing out from a different location.

Gonbei becomes a Counter target during his spear rush and just before he throws shot-blocking fields on-screen, though the Counter timing on his spear rush is more generous. Successfully exploiting a Counter opportunity with Reflex Striker (or Twin Shredder/Instinct Flame if playing an EX Character) deals double damage and stops him in his tracks for 3 seconds by default; Jason can additionally use EX Charge, the boss's stun vulnerability, to extend the stun inflicted by R-Striker. If available, Proximity Mines should be laid before a spear rush for extra damage when Gonbei charges through them. (Absorber deals reduced damage to this boss but can still be used to harvest CP from Gonbei's sickles.)

If at least 40% of the farm is trampled just before this fight, the pilot is forced to fight powered-up Gonbei, who deals double damage with his attacks but otherwise behaves normally. In non-Nintendo versions of Blaster Master Zero 2, triggering Gonbei's power-up condition for the first time unlocks the "Dumb spud!" achievement while defeating powered-up Gonbei further unlocks "THE LEGENDARY TAKEYARI MASTER". Regardless of whether normal or powered-up Gonbei is defeated, a pilot-specific item will be awarded after the fight ends:

  • Shift-Up Attacker (Jason)
  • Anchor Nexus (Copen)
  • Rapid Thrust (Empress)

Blaster Master Zero 3[]


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

Gonbei's enemy code of "The Return of the Takeyari Master" isn't just for show. While his patterns are largely cribbed from his battle in BMZ2, they've been modified to be a little more tricky. For starters, the brief rustle of the cables lining the arena is a less obvious tell to the scattered leaves as he relocates for a spear lunge.

Once his first health bar is gone, Gonbei's support crew jumps in. Tappy will fly across the screen and leave trails that create lingering explosions a second later, boxing the pilot in as Gonbei lunges from the bushes. Tae and Kuebiko will also assist, firing a linear barrage that splits the arena in two before they strafe, causing the line to rotate as Gonbei keeps throwing sickles and bombs.



  • Gonbei is the cornerstone of Planet Montoj's being an extended reference to Sunsoft's 1985 arcade and Nintendo Famicom release Ikki:
    • His boss title, The Legendary Takeyari Master, is derived from its 2013 novel adaptation, subtitled "LEGEND OF TAKEYARI MASTER". Gonbei is himself named after the game's Player 1 character.
    • His boss attacks, consisting of a throwing sickle and a bamboo spear rush, are the Ikki player character's core attack methods. The spear attack was not present in the original arcade version, but introduced in the Famicom build and enhanced for 2006's Ikki Mobile.
    • Collecting 8 Gold Coins for his Emblem side quest is a callback to one of Ikki’s level clear conditions.
    • His boast in BMZ3 of having conquered Atlantis is a throwback to being rescued at the end of Mystery of Atlantis. It is unclear whether the Atlantis in question is the mythical subcontinent on Earth, or a Montoj or other interstellar analogue.
  • Prior to the v1.2 patch on April 1, 2019, Gonbei's name was misrendered in two different examples on his boss title card. The EN script used "Gonbey", while the JP script used "Gonbe". The Kuebiko team's tab on the Official Blaster Master Zero 2 Characters Page characterizes the former as a byproduct of Tae's accent, which is otherwise rendered in the tradition of using American Southerner drawl in place of a Kansai dialect.
  • Gonbei is the only MA pilot in the series that never fought against in his MA.